A message in a bottle (Tohrin Stormweaver)

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A message in a bottle (Tohrin Stormweaver)

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*A bottle is delivered by a goblin who seems to be loving his pretty penny and a new personal world enlarger?

inside the bottle is a parchment there is some demon blood on it.

It opens to reveal an intricately written letter.*

"I am Tohrin Stormweaver, skypirate who does anything to help our people survive.

I was contacted by one Duhallean, In order to procure certain lost things for your guild from the alliance.

He said that you were looking for people for a more permanent contract.

Enclosed I have the blood splatter of 60 different demons confirmed dead on this letter. I'm sure your magicians can confirm it.

If that is enough of a tithe for my consideration in joining please send a spirit or eagle my way I'm currently braving a storm in the Blasted lands.


Tohrin Stormweaver"
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