A scarred letter in a bottle (Vukin)

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A scarred letter in a bottle (Vukin)

Unread post by Vukin »

You're walking through the dunes of Vol'dun.
You hear a strange noise and suddenly there's a flash of purple light, followed by a magic circle and, finally, something drops on the ground.
It's a glass bottle, filled with smoke. When opened, the smoke scattered, revealing two thin pieces of parchment and a little chunk of charcoal. One of the parchments was smouldering, but still possible to see the ink. When unfolded, it revealed a message:
Hi there!

I saw you passing by, killing that big guy. You're strong!
Do you do this often? Can I do it with you? We can put them on FIRE!
I would love that! I can show you a lot of cool things! Did you know I can teleport anywhere? We could burn the whole world!! I mean, I could spare your home if you don't like it.
My family didn't like it much when I burned our caravan. They are so stupid. It looked so much better!
We can burn other things if you're up to.. even other big guys! They smell much better if you transform them into a pig first. I like pigs. Sheep too. Hmmm. Im hungry.
Maybe we can find anothe big guy. Do you like pork?

- Vukin
You feel like you're being watched.
You seek the other piece of parchment. It's blank. The charcoal makes sense now.
Maybe this one called Vukin is expecting a reply and it's watching from a place nerby.
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Re: A scarred letter in a bottle (Vukin)

Unread post by Syreenna »

Lirsha stopped in her tracks when a bottle landed in the sand right in front of her. Thunder, her wolf, growled and sniffed it suspiciously. He snorted at the charred scent, and the orc huntress picked it up.

She looked both amused and concerned as she read the letter. "I'm not sure this person is all there," she mused to Thunder as she tapped the side of her head.

After some consideration, she used the charcoal and blank piece of parchment to write a reply.

Throm'ka Vukin,

For more killing companions, you should seek out the Grim known as Syreenna Shadowblade. She can often be found at the end of the day in Dazar'alor, in the meat roasting room of the great pyramid.


She corked the bottle again, and, with a shrug, she tossed it over her shoulder as she and Thunder continued tracking their quarry.
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