Neevah Leafeyes

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Neevah Leafeyes

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Full Name: Neevah Leafeyes
Titles or Nicknames: None
Age: Roughly mid-twenties
Race: Tauren
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 7' 9”
Weight: 632 lb
Notable Physical Features: A bit shorter than most Tauren females but she is stocky

Place of residence: Wherever the Grim goes

Place of Birth: The Lower Wilds, Feralas

Known Relatives: Father, Mother, older Sister, but she has never revealed their names

Religion/Philosophy: Druidism

Occupation: Druid, Miner, Herbalist- Her affinity to the Earthmother allows her to gather Her gifts, so that they might be put to use towards the Grim's war efforts

Guild Rank: Previously a Minion to Ruuki, now a Supplicant in her own right

Known Associates: Ruuki, who brought her to the Grim in the first place; It helps to make friends with the local crafters in each city, learning everything she can from them about the special properties of the metals and herbs she can find. This lets her find the best the Earthmother has created, to better prepare the Grim to carry out the Mandate.

Known Nemesis: Sylvanas Windrunner

Special Skills: Keen eyesight, deft touch, innate sense of balance in nature, sharp reflexes

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal to a fault, happy to help where she is needed, makes jokes at times (usually bad ones)

Negative Personality Traits: Now, distrusts non-Grim, especially Forsaken to whom she is nearly downright hostile. The only exception is Supplicants who happen to be Forsaken. Otherwise, she has begun to keep to herself outside the presence of other Grim, wary of the motives of others.

History Before The Grim: Neevah grew up in the Lower Wilds of Feralas, the land of her birth and where a small settlement of Tauren had claimed the land in order to grow without intruding on Mulgore or Thousand Needles. Her father was a Shaman, and he dispensed wisdom as well as healing to the Tauren that had followed him to their new home. Her mother was an herbalist, farming Golden Sansam and Sungrass for their own needs, and trading for other goods in Thunderbluff. Neevah's older sister, who outranked her by several years, mined her own ore and gems and worked them into tools and jewelry, often receiving commission work due to her talent. It was from all of them that she found her calling as a Druid. When she had learned all they could teach her, she set out from the thick canopies of Feralas to explore the world, wanting to fulfill the need inside of her to learn and help others of the Horde. It was in Orgrimmar that Ruuki found her, and sponsored her into the Grim.

History In The Grim: Neevah has proven to be a quick study, honing her healing talents under the guidance of the more experienced in the Grim. She was also flexible, showing no signs of slowing or confusion when she needed to switch on the fly between her healing spellwork and her damage-dealing ways under the lights of An'she and Mu'sha. Reliable, hungry for more and wanting to carry out the Mandate, she had answered the call to arms without fail- until she'd suddenly disappeared. Months later she returned, hardly recognizable save for the scrap of cloth she clutched tight in her hand, as though her life depended on it.

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