A crumbled ball of paper appears before you

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A crumbled ball of paper appears before you

Unread post by Dustfingur » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:38 am

Laying on the desk with a candle in the room causing the disfigured shadow to dance in the light. You find a ball of paper crumbled and slightly torn, as if it had been in someone's pocket for a few days. You begin to unravel it, beginning to realize that what had laid before you was in fact a letter. A slightly smudged, crudely worded letter.

To da person dis be reachin,

I be seekin an audience wit who be willin ta speak wit me. Dey be sayin the war be ova but I be hearin whispas. Whispas dat dere be a group dat be tinkin like I do. Da war neva be ova. Da alliance and da horde will neva make peace. I be no frend ta dem and I tink we be havin dat in common.

If ya agree ta speak wit me, leave a tuft of hair wit da keepa in Ogrimma. I come find ya if ya be willin.

To whomever reads this,

I'm seeking an audience with someone willing to speak with me. There's talk the war is over but I've been hearing whispers. The whispers tell me of a group that thinks like I do. The war will never be over. The alliance and horde will never make peace. I'm not a friend to them and I think we have that in common.

If you agree to speak with me, leave a tuft of hair with the innkeeper in Ogrimmar. I'll come find you if you are willing.


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Re: A crumbled ball of paper appears before you

Unread post by Syreenna » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:03 am

Syreenna read the letter, annoyed again with being saddled with this job of so much paperwork. Her irritation eased, however, when she started reading. It seemed to be written by a troll. She raised a brow at the request at the end of the letter, before writing a response.


Meet me Wednesday evening on the empty ship in Bladefist Bay, just outside of Orgrimmar. You are correct. The war is not over. There is always someone to fight.

Syreenna Shadowblade
Irredeemable of The Grim
"Ayidda!" she called. Then she grinned and added another note to her response while she waited.

P.S. Bring me a present.
A young Darkspear woman appeared in the doorway, and Syreenna waved her inside. With a bony gloved hand, she reached up and yanked a small lock of reddish gold hair from the troll and held it out to her along with the letter, now sealed.

"Take these to Gravy at the Wyvern's Tail. Tell him it's from me." She grinned wickedly. There was more than one inn in Orgrimmar, but the Wyvern's Tail was the most popular.

"Yeah, mon," Ayidda said, rubbing her head where a bit of hair was now missing. Syreenna waved her away and turned her attention to the next bit of mail.
The Shadowblade

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