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Belsarius's Musings

Unread post by TlvDatsi » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:34 am

Belsarius sat and pondered what to do, his older siblings and cousins had rescued him from the scourge, and he was torn.

He began life as an elf, a mage wielding the powers of creation, destruction, and the feeling was how the gods must feel. Then there was the war, As a scion of House Dawnspire he was raised to do his duty.,To support the nation.

He still had not grown accustomed to draining the life from creatures and plants around himself, he felt like an imposter playing at being a mage.

But the Clarion call of war raced towards Dalaran and he must heed its call.

Falling there, which is a story all on its own, he knew nothing except the will of The Lich King and the hunger for the flesh of the living.

Waking from that bleak blackness to see his family both living and forsaken had reenergized the Mage, the power would not come to him, But there were those dark words and thoughts in his mind

Power, power could be his again. Just the power of creation was stripped from his heart and mind.

Now, dark thoughts

Dark desires

The power of demonic hellfire was his to command if only

What use is a soul for one like himself?

Killed, raised, and broken by The Lich King

Belsarius The Blood Elf was not to be.

Belsarius the Mage no longer fit his temperament or desires.

Belsarius the Forsaken Warlock, Slayer of the Scourge only felt a burning hope where goodness used to live.

He knew, could taste the rightness that was his new family motto.
Peace through Annihilation!

He gathered his supplies and summoned one of his Demons to walk by his side
Almost tripping over a large feline, he cursed and walked into the sunshine out of the Guildhall

"I need a new hat"

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