For those who seek to join our cause, state your intent (( Applications and Character Introductions ))

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Unread post by Regnanetah » Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:05 am

from discord
Grim Application For Sketchyzeros (classic)

1. How did you hear about The Grim? Do you know anyone in The Grim? Clover, met her in a random dungeon

2. Tell us about your role playing or other story-telling experience. New role players are welcome! I've roleplayed a little but am semi new to it

3. What aspect of the game most interests you (RP, PVE, PVP, etc)? PVP with some PVE

4. What days/times do you typically play this character? Night time. I work 3rd shift. My days off are Monday and Tuesday Night

<Insert Letter of Intent here. This is your character’s IC introduction to The Grim and method of communicating their interest in joining. This will give us a lead into initiating RP with you.>
Haven't really started my IC profile. It will be a work in progress with a roleplaying addon

I'm willing to get my name changed if need be, but if so, would rather have my name reported so I get it for free

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