For those who seek to join our cause, state your intent (( Applications and Character Introductions ))

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Unread post by Duskheron » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:33 am

via Discord:

1. Is this application for Retail or Classic?

2. How did you hear about The Grim? Do you know anyone in The Grim?
Sifxii and some other people i knew joined

3. Tell us about your role playing or other story-telling experience. New role players are welcome!
I don't have much but rollplaying is cool

4. What aspect of the game most interests you (RP, PVE, PVP, etc)?
I like PVE and PVP cuz there is nothing better than killing enemies with friends
5. What days/times do you typically play this character?

I was traveling one day when I saw members of your guild hunting down alliance like the pigs they are and ever since that day I wanted to join The Grim. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the alliance being put back in there place and would love nothing more than to join you in the hunt.

Grobbulus Grim: Tisk
WRA Grim: Duskheron Zolotai

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