A Druids Sacrafice

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A Druids Sacrafice

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I am Tlvdatsi Runetotem and I am a Druid of The Runetotem Clan.

I grew up wandering the plans of Mulgore, hunting, camping, fishing, trapping and skinning wild game. My family was large and I had many relatives living nearby.

I was raised to revere the Earthmother, she who created the land, the animals, and not the least the Shu’halo, the Tauren were born from the shadows her arms made upon the golden plains she created.

Our story is not all light and glory because my people’s fell prey to dark whispers and turned to war and deceit. So sad was the Earthmother to see our failings that she tore her eyes from herself and set them to the heavens so she would not see what we had become. We had lost our way and we eventually lost our homes, no longer did we have a mother to watch over us, a warm fire to keep out the darkness, a place to call home.

My people at one time were Druids, Masters of the Forms, protectors of the Land, but we lost everything but each other turning to the Dark. We were savages, living day to day, season to season, following the herds of Kodo and living as best as we could cut off from the Earthmother.

We nothing but an endless cycle or birth and death, war and peace, year after year, hounded almost to extinction by the Centaur, we were on the brink of annihilation until the great Chieftain Caine Bloodhoof met and befriended the Orc Warchief Thrall.

We were helped, given new lands, support, allies, and we grew stronger.

Into this time I was born and was taught to be calm and peaceful, only to strike when all other avenues had been exhausted, to honor my foes, those who weren’t the hated Centaur anyway, to be calm in victory and allow the foes to surrender, to go and live, the way the Earthmother intended for us all.

After battle and seeing my family grow smaller and more battered, that Darkness that The Earthmother sensed in my people at the beginning of time had made its way into me. I felt that there could be no peace, no mutual understanding, no end to the War with the Alliance. I despaired, my mind said peace could be obtained, we could live side by side with the Dwarves, Humans, and Gnomes. My heart said this could not be. I spoke to shamans of my tribe, the ones of the Orcs, sought the deep wisdoms of the Island people, I sought dreams from the Loa.

All said that perhaps I was too young to understand that someday we may have to compromise, to join the pinks, the grubby earth rapers, the small demented children. I was counseled to bide my time and to join the war, to seek my answers in the teachings and words of my elders.

And then I ran across The Grim in Brill. I listened to them speak, to their solutions to the invaders of our lands. Inside of me are two wolves, and I had fed each, the good and the evil one.

I Tlvdatsi Runetotem now sacrifice the Wolf of Good, I feed only the Wolf of Evil. For as my Grim brothers and sisters have taught me, there can only be one real end to this war.

Peace Through Annihilation!
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Re: A Druids Sacrafice

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Speak to me about this report.

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