A Grim's night out

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A Grim's night out

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I was working in the Thousand Needles hunting Grenka Bloodscreech for Dorn Plainstalker and heard the call go out for Attunement in the guild hall. Neat devices by the way, the little pins we use to be able to hear one another, I wonder how many times these sounds have given away a sneaking rogue or cat to it’s prey?

I had asked the Mage Cizyx for his assistance in the matter since the Harpy was covered up by her sisters and was hard for myself and the Orc Shaman Gulvien to get to. Cizyx of course came in and froze everything in place, it was truly awe inspiring to see him at work. As Gulvien and I were preparing to run back to the Flightmaster for this area the Magus summoned up a huge portal and pointed to the shimmering portal and said “Thunder Bluff”

Arriving there I walked up to the top of the mesa and saw Inquisitor Tisk, always so stoically quiet and observant. I offered to help create the communications network that I had seen others do at our meetings. This seemed like an excellent use of my time and skills as the Elder Grim were needed to communicate with the other leaders we were going to be meeting later that day.

When everyone arrived we headed over to Bloodhoof Village to the latest “gathering” of the Horde Clans. I say gathering, because aside from these times, not many of the other races of the Horde seem to venture to my people’s village here on the outskirts of our protected valley in Mulgore.

Usually some big Chieftain of some tribe, clan, or groupings seems to find our lovely village I guess picturesque enough to want to bring together everyone and instill a sense of community or brotherhood. Bringing bloodthirsty killers and hunters to a place of peace and tranquility seems like it should work, but they never bring in the Tauren Shamans and Druids to ritually cleanse the place and set up barriers to the aggressive passions such meetings bring, so it always turns into some sort of yelling match between this group or that group while my fellow Grim stand and watch quietly, for Grim is not flashy, nor do we posture and hurl insults, we act, we do not react.

It seems one of the Tribes follows the false Warchief Rend, well whatever, if they are willing to fight and die against the Alliance they could follow a murloc, what was the point of political gesturing when there were so many Alliance to stalk and slay? Could we not end one war before fighting amongst ourselves? If there were any spies hidden in our midst and I am sure there must have been some, the Alliance and its leaders were laughing at Horde fighting Horde.

I'm sure the speeches were inspiring, I mean they talked long enough, but The Grim was not there for pretty words or flowery speeches, we were there for more arms against the Alliance. A strong look and a nod was all we needed and we could run to war. But talk talk talk, it's why the Alliance scum still walk upon Azeroth.

Don’t get me started with how rude the Trolls were, speaking their jibber jabber madness, spitting everywhere and just acting the fool. In fact I pity the fools. Inquisitor Tisk is a Troll and she doesn’t dance around like a hooting monkey just down from the trees. I get it really I do the rituals of the Loa probably involves a lot of drug use, drinking and dancing, but there is a time and place for that and the middle of Tauren lands is not time for them. We Tauren do not go to their houses and ask “Pardon me, would you like a nice cup of mushroom tea and a good sweat before we go fishing?” or whatever it is they do in their hot and steaming jungles. Listen I know the Earthmother loves all of her children and the Trolls are just as much her children as we are, but it’s so hot down there in the isles, so cloying, so steamy, I tell you now that it makes my fur curl and I do not like it.

Well, back to the story, after what seemed an age but was probably only a few hours “WE” and by we I mean the leadership of whomever they were, I think “Signal Fire” was what they called themselves, who knows what these flash in the pan groups call themselves? I follow The Grim and so far our talks have been straight and to the point. Speaking of points the last direction this “Stan” gave was “We are raiding Theramoore” no other information was given. No place to meet, no magical or other ways to communicate, but “Theramoore”. Good start. As the rest of the “Horde” headed off like a pack of unruly school children towards the very concise battle plan of “Theramoore”, The Grim stayed together, mostly and we fought and died together. I myself was brought back twice and returned to the Fray, it was a pleasant experience. Again Magus Cizyx saved my bacon by summoning a portal. A forsaken of few words, just a portal and the shimmering images of the Valley of Spirit was inside.

What I learned was that others while useful to the cause of our war, were not Grim, they did not seem to have the foresight to stay together, to fight together, to bleed together, there were just unorganized masses of flesh throwing themselves against a wall of metal and stone. We did kill Jania Proudmoore, but she too has priests and healers, I’m sure she was brought back to her regal life as soon as we left, if that was even her.

I am proud of my friends and family, the leadership of Tisk, Reaver, and The Gravedigger. I learned what it meant to be Grim that day and I stand in the shadows of the giant;s who stand so tall before me. But the Shadows is where a Cat can prowl, can strike from, in these shadows I will grow and I will bleed our enemies until none are left.

I am Tlvdatsi Runetotem

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Re: A Grim's night out

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Thank you for your report. Your trial of combat is considered completed.

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