Oubold's Trial of Combat

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Oubold's Trial of Combat

Unread post by Oubold » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:01 am

Oubold sat at the small table in his bedroom. He looked out the window rather than the empty page before him. He watched as citizens of the Horde went about there business in the semi-gloom that reigned here just before The Drag emptied into the Valley of Wisdom. He let out sigh and turned his attention to the parchment. He held a sharpened piece of coal in his right hand and tapped the table top with the thumb of his left hand as he thought, brow furrowed. After long moment, he began;

Hi Inquiziter

I rite to report my tril of kombat. With a smol hand of Regzal elsbith and I we ventered into Razerfen Crawl. Regzal is very adapt at the dutes of vangard. Elsbith is a good prest. I used my axe to inflikt much pain on are enemes and chased down any that thaut to run. Many quilboars died. I was able to aqwire the last ingreedeant i needed for Thor'grim Firgaz to kraft a set of armer for me.

It was an honer to fight with two hile skiled Grim.

I hop this report is to yor satisfacton.

Suplicant Oubold

Setting the charcoal pencil down, Oubold gave the report a read and let out a long sigh. He scatched his chin, leaving dark smudges behind. His lips curled into a sneer as he hastily, even angrily, folded the note. Tearing it slightly and crumpling it a bit, he stuffed it into an envelope marked only with the symbol of the Grim.
"Boldra!" he called over his shoulder. A young female orc hurried into the room and stood a few feet from where Oubold sat. He help up the envelope. "Take this letter to the Grim." He gave the order while looking out the window.
"Yes father", the young woman answered. She took the letter and exited just as quickly as she entered.
Oubold glanced over his shoulder to watch his daughter's retreat and sighed heavily, having an idea of what was to come next.

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Re: Oubold's Trial of Combat

Unread post by Duskheron » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:21 pm

Tisk gathers the stack of over-due paperwork.

Oubold had already received his promotion, but paperwork had not yet been filed away.
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