A letter sealed within a hardened leather case.

For those who seek to join our cause, state your intent (( Applicant Character Introductions ))

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A letter sealed within a hardened leather case.

Unread post by Siviress » Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:25 pm

Received through the mail, is a dark brown, cylindrical waterproofed leather case, that contains a rolled up letter:

"To the representative of The Grim responsible for recruitment,

Your reputation preceeds you, and the determination your members have shown to bring a true end to this war has sparked my interest. I'm no one of significance, just someone who tracks down and eliminates certain problems for the Horde. All I ask from you is an opportunity to fight the -real- fight alongside you, in these uncertain times. If not, then I I'll continue this struggle alone. On the other side of this letter is stated where to send a response.

With respect, and for the Horde,

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Re: A letter sealed within a hardened leather case.

Unread post by Riana » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:23 pm

Having opened up one to many slimy letters recently Riana looked at the leather case on her desk with apprehension. Fully prepared to have some ooze spill out over her desk she opened it up over her waste bin. Once open she was happy to find a proper letter. She scanned it over a moment before scrawling out a reply.

It pleases me to see that there still are those not pretending the war is over. I am curious to see what skills you have and how they might further the Mandate.

Seek me out tonight on the gates of Orgrimmar so we might talk more.

Riana Bloodfang
High Inquisitor of the Grim
WrA Grim: Riana, Feyde
Grobbulus Grim: Reaver

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