Trial of Combat: Locutus

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Trial of Combat: Locutus

Unread post by Locutus » Tue Oct 01, 2019 9:53 pm

Locutus entered his quarters wearing a ghastly smile and closed the door behind him. Quickly, yet still with care, he removed his armor and weapons and then placed them on one of the table tops to be cleaned later. Normally he would have began his evening errands immediately upon returning, but he wanted to take account of the night's events while they were still fresh in his mind. The Forsaken moved towards an old wooden desk and hummed as he shuffled through its drawers, until he found a stack of parchment and an ink pen set. He set everything in order, took his seat, and turned to speak over his shoulder in his usual raspy, pleasant tone.

"I beg your pardon for my rudeness this evening, my friend. Normally I look forward to our interactions as much as you do, but tonight I have business that demands immediate consideration. Do not fret; I assure you once I am finished here, we can begin our usual routine. I won't leave you in the dark for long."

The human corpse sat in silence behind him, one arm still strapped to the bulky chair. The other ended surgically at the elbow. Its mouth hung frozen open in a silent scream below its empty eye sockets, and its chest had been split open in a thoracotomy, with ribs outstretching like skeletal wings. Several flies buzzed lazily around the body and on a tray of grisly instruments sitting on a nearby counter. Blood pooled below the chair in various stages of drying.

Locutus stared at the morbid tableau for a long moment, and then chuckled. "As always, your patience is very much appreciated. Now, if you will excuse me." He turned his attention to the blank papers before him. Grabbing the quill in one hand and stroking his chin with the other, he briefly pondered how best to proceed before beginning to write in elegant, spidery script. Throughout it all, he had never stopped smiling.

"Pursuant to the Supplicant Handbook, I, Locutus, hereby submit an accounting of my Trial of Combat for consideration amongst the Grim.

Following my first attendance of our meetings and introduction to the Grim, the Inquisitor Reaver recruited several of us to track down and slay any Alliance scum attempting to gain access to the Scarlet Monastery grounds. Their motives for such a mission can only be assumed; perhaps the leadership of the Alliance also holds concern for the zealotry of the Scarlet fools. Regardless, any Alliance presence on Horde lands is an affront that must be met with swift and merciless reprisal. I am happy to report that so it was on this night.

After several successful skirmishes, many of our compatriots left to fulfill other obligations equally important to the cause. My own duties elsewhere having been finished, I elected to stay behind a while longer. So it came to pass that Reaver and I were able to hunt down and dispatch even more Alli intruders. During this time we discussed the merits of our respective craft- how those skills learned in the path of shadow could be combined to overcome even greater obstacles. "Tricks of the trade," if you will. There were more than one Alli who fell to our swords this day before even realizing they were under attack; even then there were some who knew all too well their fate, yet were slain before ever having a chance to raise their blades in defense. Those skilled in the arts of magic were dead before the whisper of a spell could escape their lips. Using cunning and deceit, we managed to successfully line the road leading to the Monastery with the corpses of our enemies, where they shall hopefully serve as a warning to any others who dare risk the wrath of the Grim. Tirisfal was made safer for the Horde as a direct result of our actions, and that is a victory by any definition.

And so it was that I left this evening with much hope for the future. Having worked alone for so long, it was a great joy to find myself in the company of those with a shared purpose. And while I believe I still have much to learn (for there is always much to learn, no matter the endeavor), it is encouraging to think that I now find myself sharing the same path with others of similar mind and vision: Peace through Annihilation.

After all, what is better than a knife in the dark, but several?

Suffer Well,

The Forsaken put down his pen and furrowed his brow as he read and reread his report. Here and there he changed a word or two, and ended up editing the entire paper several times before finally rewriting a final version in his finest handwriting. Smiling, he turned his chair around to face the body of the human, holding his letter in the air triumphantly.

"Well! I think that should do. My apologies for keeping you waiting, but this was business most pressing. And both of us know that once we get started, well..." He set the paper back down on the desk and scooted his chair forward, gesturing at the ravaged remains. "Time flies, as they say."

He stood tall and stretched his arms, then reached for a scalpel off of the tray. "Now then- where did we last leave off?" He looked the body up and down, examining it from several angles, but after a while he began to frown. "Oh dear." He sighed and then sat back down in his chair, moving it even closer to the other. Taking the remaining hand in his, he leaned in and stared at the contorted face, empty eyesockets mirroring empty eyesockets.

"My friend, I am afraid I have some troubling news. You see, while I have most thoroughly enjoyed your company over these past few weeks-" he held a hand up, politely pausing the other. "No, please; allow me to finish." He reached for the other's hand once more and held it gently. "As I was saying, while it has been has been an absolute joy being your host, it appears that there is nothing more we can teach each other. And I would simply hate to waste your time unnecessarily." He paused, as though reading the other's expression.

The dead human remained silent and still. The flies swirled about undeterred.

Locutus nodded. "I understand. Well, then, let us not lament in parting, but instead cherish the memories made, yes? I shall make travel arrangements for you immediately." He patted the cold hand and then stood, turning towards the counter. He grabbed a bloody hacksaw and a large burlap sack, then moved back towards the secured corpse. The Forsaken, instruments in hand, leaned on the other's slumped shoulders and lowered his head next to the other, whispering confidentially into its ear.

"Oh, and one last thing before you depart. I hope you do not take this the wrong way, because I truly did enjoy our time together. But sometimes, my friend, I am afraid you have a tendency to talk too much." The faint pinpricks of green flickering within his sockets darted towards the human before Locutus burst out with a dry, wheezing laughter. He clapped the body on the shoulder, shook his head, and then prompty began to decapitate it with the saw, humming all the while.

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Re: Trial of Combat: Locutus

Unread post by Duskheron » Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:51 am

Tisk scribbles a note on top of the report:
Accepted and task logged as completed. You will find further information about the next trial in the guildhall.
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