For those who seek to join our cause, state your intent (( Applications and Character Introductions ))

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Grim Application For Chiaze

How did you hear about The Grim? Do you know anyone in The Grim?
- I have one contact currently in supplicant status in the ranks of Grim, Kuros. He has encouraged me to reach out and become more involved with the community.

Tell us about your role playing experience. In WoW? Elsewhere? Do you consider yourself a heavy RPer? What does that mean to you?
- This is my first time playing WoW on a server owned by Blizzard. RP on WoW isn't where my experience lies, but I would consider myself experienced. I've been part of various RP communities for 15 years in many formats: Pen and paper, voice, LARP, short and long novel writing. As far as what heavy RP means to myself I would say that staying in character, with as few immersion interruptions as possible, would constitute this.

I would consider myself a rusty heavy RPer.

What is your history in World of Warcraft? Have you been part of any other guilds? If so, tell us about your experiences with them.
- I have played on private classic servers prior, however not with a guild. These experiences were limited to under level 40 grinding with a small group of friends. I was reluctant to start playing WoW this time, I must admit. Kuros has been very adamant that having a guild means all the difference for a wonderful experience. I hope to see what he means with Grim.

Are you applying on an alt (non-main) character? If so, what are you looking for here that you are not getting from your main character? If you are feeling honest or adventurous, please let us know who your main is.
- I am applying on my main character. Druid life <3

What are your expectations for your character after joining The Grim? What aspect of the game do you wish to focus on (raiding, mythic plus, organized PvP, achievements)?
- I honestly don't know what to expect. I would like to enjoy playing WoW with a community with passion and dependability. Past this, the experience I am expecting has no preconstructed parameters. I have heard wonderful things about this guild and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to explore the community and what we might mutually gain together.

What is your PvE (player-versus-environment) experience in World of Warcraft? What classes and roles do you enjoy the most in a raid environment?
- Druid. Druid for days. The first private server I played on it was the first class I tried and I fell in love with it. It might not be the best in every role, but it can occupy any role. Something about the

versatility of that class speaks to me. I also very much enjoy the nature magic aspect of the class. I have very little experience with other classes. I have a rogue alt that I have been playing with a bit that I have enjoyed and the warlock seems interesting. As far as the raid environment, I have never been a part of that portion of the game's content.

What is your PvP (player-versus-player) experience in World of Warcraft? What classes and roles do you enjoy the most in a PvP environment?
- Nil. I have very little PvP experience in WoW. That is not to say that I do not have any pvp experience with other games, however I am very inexperienced with this PvP environment. I do enjoy that I can root people

with my druid and that I can shape shift out of almost anything. <3

What days/times do you typically play this character?
- I don't have a strict schedule on when I play. I play when I have the time to, honestly. Currently I have either time late at night or mid morning.

Are you prepared to check these forums or our Discord at least a few times a week? (It is The Grim's primary means of communication.)
- That seems like a reasonable request. I usually have discord up while I am home and online and it would be simple to pull up the site to check on things and communicate.

What race and class is this character? Why did you choose this race and class?
- Tauren, Druid. I picked the class more so than the race. Druid is a weeeeeeeee bit limited on that aspect. I do think Tauren are an interesting race and other than undead, I'm not sure that I would have picked any differently had I had the option.

Have you read the Mandate? Can your character live by it?
- Yes.

Does your character's name fall within the guidelines listed at the beginning of this application? (Please note, if your name does not fall within our guidelines and you do not want to do a name change, you are more than welcome to apply under a different character.)
- After a name change from Lacticia, I believe it does.

Do you have any questions or anything further to add?
- I do have a...ah, somewhat simple question. Would my inexperience cause issue with becoming a part of the Grim?

<Insert Letter of Intent here>

To The Grim Inquisitor,

I tire of wandering the fields with these meddlesome alliance mucking about. The Horde seems to be tied up in its politics while the Earth Mother puts up with insufferable dwarven and gnomish machinery, polluting the land. I would seek a clan to call home that could help me cleanse the world of these vile vermin. May the eternal sun shine on our efforts, and bear down on our enemies.
Chiaze of the Cenarion Circle
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(( We still need to try to coordinate a name reporting for you. Feel free to pester us if we forget ))
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Re: Chiaze

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