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Unread post by Locutus » Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:29 am

Full Name: Locutus (birth name unknown)

Age: late 30s at death; Undead for several years.

Race: Forsaken

Gender: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: None, but faint pinpricks of green flicker deep within his hollowed sockets

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 150lbs without modifications

Notable Physical Features: There seem to be several empty mountings bolted into his person in various places.

Place of residence: The Undercity

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unknown

Religion/Philosophy: Forge your own destiny.

Occupation: Assassin

Guild Rank: Supplicant

Known Associates: None

Known Nemesis: The Alliance, particularly humans.

Special Skills: Engineering hobbyist. Anatomist. Homicide.

Positive Personality Traits: Highly inquisitive. Eloquent, charming, and always has a cheerful attitude. Eager to help those with a shared mission in any way he can.

Negative Personality Traits: A true sociopath with a complete lack of empathy.

History Before The Grim: He remembers nothing of his previous life besides flashes of broken and jumbled images. For quite some time after being "raised", he was just another mindless ghoul stalking the Tirisfal countryside, driven by nothing but hunger and rage. There came a day when, during a meal, he caught sight of a book on his unfortunate victim's ravaged body; it stirred within him the first steps towards true conciousness. He took it, surprised at both his ability to grasp its words and also this strange, newfound cognition. Suddenly aware of his surroundings, he slowly found his way to the Undercity.

He read everything he could find in an effort to understand his existence, and along the way discovered certain talents that soon proved quite useful in the conflict against the Alli scum.

History In The Grim: After hearing about the Grim's efforts to ensure peace for the Horde, he sought them out for acceptance into their ranks. Now a Supplicant among their esteemed forces, it is with them where he believes his true purpose lies.

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