These are the biographies of The Grim members.

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Full Name: Belsarius Dawnspire
Titles or Nicknames: Bels
Age: Mid to late 30's, its hard to tell as he is Forsaken
Race: Forsaken – Blood Elf
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2” at full height, he slouches a lot
Weight: 120 pounds
Notable Physical Features: Emaciated, stoops a lot, stands straight in the presence of those he considers his equals.

Place of residence: The Crossroads Inn
Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas
Known Relatives: none known to The Grim

Religion/Philosophy: Clothes make a Elf and he loves hats. He however is Forsaken and his clothes tend to rot, it is unknow why this happens but it fills him with a deep sadness.

Occupation: Gathering of Leathers and Ores
Guild Rank: Minion
Known Associates: No one yet
Known Nemesis: The Lich King, and other Scourge

Special Skills:

Personality Type: INTJ - The Mastermind
(Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging)

Friendliness: Mean
Honesty: Truthful
Assertiveness: Shy
Confidence / Ego: Easily exploited
Agreeableness: Superficially charming
Manners: Impolite
Discipline: Risk-taker
Rebelliousness: Rebellious (if they can't live the way they feel is right)
Emotional capacity: Vengeful
Intelligence: Highly observant
Positivity: Emotional
Activeness / Lifestyle: Pro-active
Current emotional state: Blue

History Before The Grim:
Born in Quel'Thalas to The Dawnspire family, he was a mid level scion of the family, he practiced magic and was a scout during the 3rd War. He was captured behind enemy lines and was killed and made into a Scourge by the Death Knights attached to the Lich Kings forces. He was eventually freed from bondage/slavery by his family.

History In The Grim:
He is still feeling out his place in The Grim, trying not to say too many inane things, however he still has concerns that he may be going insane from his time in the Scourge.

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