Oubold Frostfang

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Oubold Frostfang

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Full Name: Oubold Frostfang
Titles or Nicknames: Gnomekicker
Age: 42
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 375lbs
Notable Physical Features: Heavily battle-scarred. Kill mark tattoos on his back and arms.

Place of residence: Orgimmar
Place of Birth: Draenor
Known Relatives: None he has yet made known.

Religion/Philosophy: Lok'tar Ogar!

Occupation: Warrior
Guild Rank: Supplicant
Known Associates: None
Known Nemesis: None

Special Skills: Indomitable will
Positive Personality Traits: Would gladly lay down his life if it meant ultimate victory for the Horde.
Negative Personality Traits: Would gladly allow the weak to perish if he feels they are no use to the Horde.

History Before The Grim: Oubold was a fine warrior and hunter, respected among his clan. He was a free spirit, taking great joy in whatever he did, be it spilling the blood of his enemies, or hunting the beasts that roamed Frostfire Ridge. There was talk that, even at the young age of 16, Durotan had high expectations for him. He was growing into a proud and powerful orc with eyes for a high position among the Frostwolves, but all that changed when Gul'dan came to Nagrand, offering power beyond their wildest dreams. Oubold was incredulous that Durotan would refuse such a gift, but in time came to see the wisdom in his chieftains resolve. Frostwolves did not need demon blood to be strong. Their traditions are what make them orcs.
Oubold followed Durotan to the ends of Draenor and back, and then, to Azaroth. He remained a dutiful orc, following the old ways under Drek'Thar after the assassination of Durotan and Draka, in the Alterac Mountains. All the while a small burning seed of hatred grew within him. He came to despise weakness and those unwilling or unable to help themselves. Oubold hated that the orcs of the Horde had so readily abandoned the old ways for the promise of power. When Thrall found the clan and learned the way of the spirits, Oubold could sense his growing power, and when Thrall began his crusade to free the orcs from thier demonic corruption and return them to the old ways, he could help but get caught up.
Following the third war and the founding of Durotar, Oubold chose to stay with the new Horde and Warchief Thrall rather than return with most of the clan to the Alterac Mountains. The seething hatred that still burned in the pit of his being had a new focus: the alliance. For reasons unknown, he developed a particular loathing for gnomes, even going so far as to have kill marks tattooed on his body for each one he's ended. This led to him earning the moniker "Gnomekicker".

History In The Grim: This has yet to be written.

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