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Ellsbeth Moran

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Full Name: Ellsbeth Moran
Titles or Nicknames: Ells
Age: 37 before she died - 2 years as Scourge in Plaguelands (in the water surrounding Stratholme) - And newly resurrected
Race: Forsaken
Gender: Woman
Hair: A wig in the "My name is Karen and I want your manager!" style - made of purple-dyed wool that has been expertly backcombed to give the appearance of real hair. It hangs limply when wet.
Eyes: Empty sockets
Height: 5'4" full extended. 4'10" hovered over and bent all back.
Weight: Impolite to ask a corpse that. Some of the flesh hasn't been properly replaced!
Notable Physical Features: Metallic jaw replacement. It creaks and she works on keeping it rust free. Bony fingers without much flesh on them.

Place of residence: Brill
Place of Birth: Newly resurrected in Brill. Originally came from the city of Lordaeron and was converted by that s-o-b Arthas.
Known Relatives: None exist. Or they haven't resurrected yet.

Religion/Philosophy: Cult of Sylvanas - Dark Lady watch over us. She is not a devout religious leader as she prefers to walk amongst the rabble and preach through common prayer and blessing. She is terrible at sermons. Mostly she fishes and supports the church through oil donations.

Occupation: Priestess
Guild Rank:
Known Associates: Regzul - Bevial - Amaurn
Known Nemesis: Customer service associates especially vendors. She hates greedy vendors and is always asking them for their manager.

Special Skills: Fishing. Healing. Blessing. Getting what people are saying incorrect.
Positive Personality Traits: She will give away everything to someone else who needs it.
Negative Personality Traits: She will give away everything to someone else who needs it. Even if you needed it first.

History Before The Grim:

As a human in Lordaeron she was a low ranking member of the Church of the Holy Light. Was more of a layperson rather than a cleric with them. She really did nothing of note and mostly wasted her time in her life griping about the cost of bread, complaining about the government, and correcting people's grammar. She was insufferable and it's hard to believe anyone missed her when the entire city was turned into ambling corpses without any purpose.

As a scourge she was placed in battles that involved going into wet climates and underwater. As a result her body is rather bloated still and carnivorous fish had eaten most of her that was not covered in tattered cloth. She has no eyes. No flesh on her hands. No skin covering her bony toes.

History In The Grim:

Newly resurrected, she's been with The Grim for a little while. A minor character in a major play. But she swears almost religiously to the Mandate.

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