Onata Plainshot

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Onata Plainshot

Unread post by Riplie » Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:47 am

Full Name: Onata Plainshot
Age: Around 40 years
Race: Shu'Halo/Tauren
Gender: Female
Hair: Black, worn in 2 braids to the front
Eyes: Light brown
Height: 315lbs
Weight: Just shy of 7 feet
Notable Physical Features: Nothing stands out greatly as Onata is lacking scars, or anything that stands out.

Place of residence: Her home east of Thunder Bluff is over run, Onata is currently a nomad.
Place of Birth: Born on the plains of the Barrens during a hunt, no specific city

Religion/Philosophy: She respects the Shaman, and their gifts to speak to the Earth Mother

Occupation: Leather worker; Beast Tamer

Positive Personality Traits: Onata is short with her words and to the point.

Negative Personality Traits: Vindictive

History Before The Grim:
Born on the plains during a hunt, her early life consisted of being around beasts and the thrill of tracking game. She carried that on as she matured and has lost touch of anyone from her past. Learning of the Hordes help to secure their freedom, she fights loyally for those who saved her race.

History In The Grim:
Reliable at range, and with loyal beasts, Onata is frequently called upon to take out enemies of the Grim.

((Overall WIP still))

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