A grimy wet note.

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A grimy wet note.

Unread post by Zelby » Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:53 am

A shadowy, short, slimy, Pirate hatted figure covered in sea growths slumps late at night to the postbox outside the grim hall. The Small creature with a giggle slams a Grimy note running in black ink into the box. Then slumps off back into the water of a near by rain puddle vanishing into fog.

The message when it will be read will be all smudged. But the ink isn't the point the magic in it is. When unfolded, an image of magic will appear of the long missing Zelby Cogwax, Builder of Khorvis hand, and the schematics to prove it follow the image of the goblin. The image then will fade into a few words.

~ ' I will be waiting, to greet you in the deeps. Where N'zoth never sleeps'

(After a long absence I have returned! Just like I always said I would. Anytime I am online is good for me for a interview if needed.)
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Re: A grimy wet note.

Unread post by Riana » Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:31 am

Riana comes into her newly acquired office to find a soggy letter delivered to her desk. Frowning she opened up the note, careful not to touch it to much wanting to avoid getting her fingers slimy.

"How the fel am I suppose to reply to this? Is this what Qabian had to deal with all the time. Cryptic letters with way of replying. Guess I might spot them in Nazjatar."

Just to be sure she puts another note outside of the Inquisition office next to the notice about the Inquisition location.
Anyone who knows of or can get a hold of some goblin named Zelby Cogwax come see me.
- Riana Bloodfang
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