Sunken Temple Assignment by Ashalivastus Stillmoon

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Sunken Temple Assignment by Ashalivastus Stillmoon

Unread post by Ashalivastuss » Thu May 30, 2019 6:27 pm

A damp air swept across my face amidst a foggy landscape, before me lay the great sunken temple. I reread my orders, "Search the temple and report back", An insects task I grumbled. I looked about my companions. my shambling skeleton of a minion and my ashmaw bearcub Ashpaw. I brazenly entered the temple, crossing beneath the water to arise in the murky room. I set about entering the temples lower areas laying down figurine to guide my back in case I needed a quick escape. Soon heard the sounds of my first foe.
Before me were 3 undead trolls, and though they attacked furiously my martial prowness overcame them after a few brief exchanges of blows. I gathered myself and set about deeper into the sanctum I set my eyes across a true enemy. The wind hissed as an enormous axe swung for my head, I dropped last second rolling out of the way as the axe embedded itself into the stone wall. I gazed up and saw a giant dire troll before me, now here was a foe worthy of my skill. Across the room a half dozen smaller undead trolls rushed out, I ordered my minion to delay them while I sized up my foe, He was tribally marked and easily three times larger than a regular troll. In an arrogant display I charged him assuming him slow with his size. The mistake proved costly, with unnatural speed and strength of what I now assume to be voodoo magic he grabbed my blade in the air and ripped it from my grasp throwing me ten feet away. As I rose bruised and enraged that such a pathetic race had the audacity to attack me a stray troll from the group my minion was dealing with rushed me, though I struck him down with a blast of unholy power. These few seconds gave the dire troll the time he need to close the gap though, and as I turned relishing the death of a lesser being I heard the sickening crunch of plate being and bones crunching. My face turned to shock...looking down I saw the grim reality, the dire trolls axe was sunk nearly six inches into my ribcage, blood oozed from the wound and all I saw as darkness crept over my vision was the trolls smiling face.
Cold wind racked me, my eyes struggled open and beheld the frozen landscape before me, Northrend. A day from my past, when I had broken free of the Lich Kings grasp and set about north with a handful of Death Knights in search of revenge. Though nothing ever goes as planned. Two vyrkul dragged me amidst the remnants of a small skirmish, my six Death Knight companions lay dead amidst a score of vyrkul bodies. So close I had thought as the two dragged before a third who was holding an axe still wet and slick with a brothers blood. I gaze into my executioners eyes with seething hatred, at them, the Lich King, and my own weakness. And then...the first vyrkul sagged to the floor as if the worlds weight had become too much to bear, the other two fell down soon after arrows sticking out of them, expressions of shocked on their faces. My vision blurred as I struggled to take in the scene before me, and then I saw...her. Cloaked and hooded in purple with silver hair steaming out and eyes, eyes of death. Flanked on either side by dark rangers I saw before my Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen. "So tired already little Knight, and we haven't even made it to Icecrown yet. How disappointing, I had heard such tall tales of the Death Knight. And yet it seems a few dozen vyrkul have bested you." Her eyes softened for but a moment as she kneeled down, "Follow me and I will give you the vengeance we all desire and a purpose, Now rise my Knight"
Rise, rise, rise...RISE! My vision snapped back to reality as the troll pulled his axe free my gore drenched armor and hefted it overhead. And just then a small blur of white rushed from behind and sunk his teeth into the trolls ankle...Ashpaw the cub was snarling as he bit. The troll snarled as he turned and in that brief second I summoned all of my unholy strength and death gripped my rune blade which had been earlier torn from my grasp back into my hand. I jumped up with it and found purchase on the trolls throat, crimson sprayed my face as a look of surprise took his. He let out a gurgle and sank to the floor. I siphoned was life I could from him to heal what I could and turned and helped my minion finish off the last few trolls and gathered myself. I had to get out, my wound was extracting a terrible toll. I heard trolls in the distance and grabbed my cub and ran following the figurines left behind.
I was so close, the trolls footsteps grew ever louder as the water and exit came into my view. I jumped in but my strength had waned much and I made it a mere 20ft before my plate armor began to pull me down. As I hit the bottom I almost smiled, was here where I was to die in some filthy troll temple. I felt bony hands grab me as I resigned myself to my fate.
I awoke on the coast my skeleton minion standing above me, so thats what I felt. I struggled up clutching my wound which and stopped bleeding and set about back to the barracks. On my way I filled out my report.
To whom it may concern,
Sunken Temple hosts a variety of dangerous troll denziens, advise an experienced group accompanied by a healer as their voodoo magic houses some concern. Also advise burning the bodies to avoid possible reanimation.
Signed Lord Ashalivastus Stillmoon

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Re: Sunken Temple Assignment by Ashalivastus Stillmoon

Unread post by Qabian » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:38 pm

Qabian stared at the paper as he finished reading the report, not entirely certain what to make of it. In the end, he simply wrote his initials in the corner and added the report to the others, before writing a letter to the author.

I am not entirely certain what Ul'rezaj has planned for you. Do not let him get you killed with any permanence.

Ul'rezaj is not technically himself an Inquisitor, so whatever task he has you doing for him is likely to be unorthodox. However, for the moment, I suggest you continue your work for him. He implied at the recent Inquisition that there was more he wanted from you.

If you feel his expectations are not aligning with yours, let me know, and perhaps we will put you back on a more conventional path.

Peace through Annihilation,
"While our enemies remain, peace is not victory." ~Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner

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Re: Sunken Temple Assignment by Ashalivastus Stillmoon

Unread post by Ulrezaj » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:57 pm

Ul'rezaj saw Qabian's note hurried to make a counter-note.

Supplicant Ash Stillmoon,

It pleases me that you have suffered injury for the Mandate. I hope you have learned a powerful lesson that no good deed goes without some measure of pain and sacrifice. This bodes well for your future in comin' trials.

However, as our Glorious High Inquisitor mentioned, there's work yet to be done. While it was good that you ventured to the place you were required to go, that was all I saw from your letter. Now then, I sent you bijous, that you might create a reliable path to the menagerie which will be used. I saw no such thing in your report. Followin' directions will be chiefly important with the Grim. That is why I will further your trainin'.

Qabian fears for your health and well-bein', givin' you a way out to take the easy path. Are you that kinda blood elf? I gotta say I've seen many who are. It does not end well for them. While Qabian says my methods be unorthodox, he cites no such example. This is because my methods be orthodox through-and-through, I was trained by the best durin' my trials. My only wish in life is to pass my example to you, that you might bask in the glory that is the Warbringer and truly be worthy of the title.

I encourage you to continue trainin' under me until I permit you to proceed to your next trial.

-Ul'rezaj, Harbinger of Terror

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