Trial of Combat: Cesslynn Suntouch

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Trial of Combat: Cesslynn Suntouch

Unread post by Cesslynn » Fri May 24, 2019 5:25 pm

The last weeks have been very busy, but I believe that my silence have allowed for the building of a massive resume for my Trial of Combat. Henceforth I present my recent exploits, lit by the grace of the furious Summer Sun.

In the name of the respectable Nathanos Blightcaller I have butchered Alliance from Kul Tiras to Darkshore, striking at key locations and assisting with the war effort. I am happy to report that the sight of a blood elf still has the Alliance shivering in their boots. There were things of a more graverobbing nature that were requested of me, but what can you do? Forsaken must Forsaken. My armor reeks of kaldorei blood.

Alongside my fellow Grims I have done battle at the Zandalar Empire and the Admiralty of Kul'Tiras, striking first at the capitol of Boralus. Although my time in Shadowmoon Valley has not done me any favors, I can take not once was I dead weight or put Grims in harms way due to incompetency. I am well aware that the sole reason why I was not beaten and broken by the end of it all was due to Lady Canaie's and Ser Turakh's healing skills. In Boralus we took an Alliance ship and in Zandalar we faced fierce opposition in Atal'Gral.

As a footnote, those turtle creatures of Atal'Gral are my new least favorite exotics from the world outside Quel'thalas.

Other than that, I have been spilling Alliance blood all over the world. Me and Ser Turakh felled a Warlock trying to harness the remnants of the Lich King energies in Icecrown Citadel, as well as a kaldorei druid spying on Zandalar from afar, certainly planning something nefarious. I was part of a violent skirmish in Zandalar last night as well, and managed to kill a few other, faceless foes in Boralus and once in Mount Hyjal.

All in all, despite my diminished self, the Eternal Sun still shines upon me, I have yet to be caught redhanded by the Alliance. I have done my part in taking them out whenever I find them, as sin'dorei blades never truly dull. If my Grim believes there is more to be proven still, I shall do my best to prove my worth.

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Re: Trial of Combat: Cesslynn Suntouch

Unread post by Qabian » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:25 pm

Qabian had read the report weeks ago, but had put it aside, unconcerned with either her progress or anything else about her. It was almost refreshing, really. When he'd seen the name on her original letter, he'd been filled with dread, but there was something about those he knew before, even those he hated before, that was curiously settling, as though a confirmation that his recent choices hadn't been as terrible as they often seemed.

And her determination to make her Sacrifice one that would appease Syreenna was good enough for him not to feel the need to question further.

When he finally did put his signature in the margins, he wrote simply, "Good," before adding the report to the others.
"While our enemies remain, peace is not victory." ~Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner

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