A Squire's First Task

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A Squire's First Task

Unread post by Ulrezaj » Tue May 14, 2019 2:58 pm

A letter posted on the Guild Hall for Supplicant Ashalivastus Stillmoon

Good evening, Supplicant Lord Death Knight:

I be here to greet you on your first successful passin' of the Inquisition. It be a great honor to serve the Grim, few make it, but all start thinkin' they be worthy.

This task be designed to make you know your place and hopefully stave off any egotistical power drives you got goin' in your head. Maybe in Silvermoon you be a lord, but in the field you are only just a peon to be slaughtered by our enemies for recklessness. Worst yet, some who believe they be worthy voluntarily leap to the top, boastin' of their power and might, and then abandon the Mandate altogether when they find out the Grim does not give them fame and prosperity for how great they think they be. In this Order, you will be rewarded for only what you deserve, not for what you think you deserve. We are the Grim, not the Happy.

Your newfound purpose in life be peace, not pleasure, so put the death of our aggressors first at all costs. Live for it. Train for it. Die for it if need be, but ideally, in battle, we'd rather ya keep your eyes open and run to live another day so you can continue service.

Dwell on this.

This be a slow path—a dark path. You got to have the right mind for it. It has to be strengthened by your drive and molded by your fellow Grim. Everythin' you do should depend on other Grim as much as possible. This be how you will gain respect with us. From this day forth, no task will be too small for you, because with us you will start at the bottom until we respect your power. This may require months of bein' driven hard, or it may never come. It will all depend on your will and ability to grow.

Now then, I wish to set you on your first objective. I got a crate of Inanimate Hakkari Bijous waitin' at a certain place called Grom'gol.

Do you know what that is? Hakkari Bijous were the most important reagent in summonin' the GREAT AND POWERFUL MIGHTLY LOA, HAKKAR! But do not worry, they not be good for that no more, that's why they be called "inanimate." I found a nifty pack of Zandalari who used to collect bijous on Yojamba Isle and siphon the magic right outta dem. The store be called the "Yojamba Exchange." They gave me a package to take as souvenirs, then I brought them across the sea to Grom'gol immediately, paintin' them orange in homage to my own Farraki Tribe. Orange be the blend of red and yellow. Hot colors of fury, ambition, and vitality. Better yet, the bijous have twin-headed snakes on them. This represents the cunnin' of the serpent and the cold-blood all Grim need to possess to be strong. But like a snake, the Grim works best when passions run hot.

These be yours, for now. This shall be where your first task comes into play. I need you to enter the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows, scope it out, get a feel for what sorta threats be there. Report back to me. Find a good place deep in the temple and leave these bijous in the dark halls to mark your path and find your way back. Report to me what you find and inform me if you discover any absent places where no threats lurk.

Second. We'll be puttin' together a... managerie of sorts there. As well as a lab. While you do this search, think of little companion pets that could be used to test play with a Saurid. If you don't know what a saurid be, go to Zandalar. There be little baby raptor-like things worshipped by lowborn Zandalari all over the place. Silly, huh?

Well. Don't underestimate 'em. I certainly won't here in the next few months.

-Ul'rezaj, Harbinger of Terror

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