Simple Letter

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Simple Letter

Unread post by Nizzie » Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:43 am

Within a nondescript, sealed envelope, a message is hastily scrawled on Steamwheedle stationery:

To The Grim,

Hiya! My name's Nizzie and I'm a bruiser for Gazlowe in Ratchet. Every day I get to play babysitter for Alliance mercenaries on their way from the docks to the battlefield. They're ugly, they're stuck-up, and frankly, I've wanted to put every one of them in the ground since the day I took this job. We take their coin and they go and torch a village. The boss says being neutral is good for business, but I think he forgot everything the Horde has done for him.

Anyway, my contract is almost up, and I've got a lot of gnome-bashing to catch up on! I asked around, and everyone says you guys are the best. I've got my own armor and my own whackers. How's that work for you? Write back!

Nizzie Stiffwidget

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Re: Simple Letter

Unread post by Khorvis » Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:48 am

Setting aside his blades and faceguard, Khorvis tucked in to a frothy blood beer. The din of The Royal Meat Rack masked the messy sounds smacking from the orc's poor table manners, and quickly he was pacified, sipping on a second round. Reaching down into his boot, Khorvis tugged free a now-rumpled and stained sheet of Steamwheedle stationery. He brushed aside a few stray blood ticks, read the contents, and went about penning a response punctuated by grunts and belches.

Aspirant Stiffwidget,

Your deadend job with Gazlowe, useful as he has been to the Horde, does fill me with little interest. Break your contract immediately and seek out the Inquisition of The Grim. You will find the new tasks set to you much more challenging than mucking out Ratchet's bilges. There do be gnomes aplenty in need of cranial rearrangement. Bring your largest mace.

Inquisitor Bloodstar

(( I am available to meet with and conduct an IC interview tonight,tomorrow during the day (sometime between 11am EST and 3pm EST ?) or it can be done Friday evening at the Grim Inquisition meeting (9pm EST, 6pm server) ))

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