These are the biographies of The Grim members.
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Full Name: Zolotai
Age: 22
Race: Zandalari
Gender: Female
Height: Average
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Spirit Blue
Notable Physical Features: Zolotai wears a large lip ring in her lower lip, large hollow gold earrings in the lobes, and has mirrored spotted markings on the left and right side of her forehead. You can also see spotted markings across her shoulders.

Place of residence: Dazar'alor
Place of Birth: Zandalar
Known Relatives: Mother lives in rural western coast.

Religion/Philosophy: A follower of Rezan.

Occupation: Former Rezan prelate in training.
Guild Rank: Supplicant
Known Associates: none
Known Nemesis: blood trolls, Alliance

Special Skills: Though she has lost her connection to Rezan, she is still able to wield the Light, whether for mending, protection, or for killing foes.
Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, friendly, good sense of humor, disciplined.
Negative Personality Traits: Can oscillate between anger and depression.

History Before The Grim: She was in training to become a prelate for Rezan when the Horde came to Zandalar. She took Zul's betrayal very hard, and the Alliance attack on Dazar'alor has forced her to re-evaluate everything she had been taught about living in peace with other cultures.

History In The Grim: TBD
Grobbulus Grim: Tisk
WRA Grim: Duskheron Zolotai

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