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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen turned his head away from Slys'Thok, unable to contemplate
her unending power. "The Third Dark..." He whispered to himself.
"By the Great Old Ones, it is her..." Lupen, truely for the
second time in his life, he was afraid.


Ashagga gulped, tightened her hands on her swords, and faded into
the shadows. That... she'd never felt true evil before. She was
one of the Grim, and they were mortal evil. She knew this,
relished it, relished the sheer hedonistic abandon she felt when
she indulged her sadistic whims... but THIS... this was something
altogether worse, altogether more powerful.

Her throat was dry, her palms were sweaty, and her knees were
shaking. She wanted to run. To the Nether with the Grim... she
wanted to hide.

Gritting her teeth, she steeled herself. No. This was the reason
they were here, this evil, and either it was trapping Warneshi or
using him. This monstrous thing was the key to saving her fellow
Grim. Lupen knew what he was doing.

As for Ashagga, well, she was a rogue. A rogue knows how to wait
for the best time to act.


"Surprises abound, and mistakes made," he thought to himself.

"I present Slys'Thok. Her power is great, and would make an added
addition to your armies. Would you take her as payment for my
debt to your master?"

From the shadows behind the Forsaken, a humanoid figure walks
forward. He stands as high as a human, but does not share the
same features. Long ears, and greyish skin, the being also seemed
to feature a tail.

"We will see what my master says, Scourge. He is particular on
who he recruits." It waves its hand in the air and falls back
into the shadow.

The ground rumbles as a large being comes into view, towering
over the Forsaken. The beast looks like a dragon with imposing
wings, but something is different about this one.

The Forsaken stands up straight. "Slys'Thok is yours." "The rest
are to be subdued," he shouts.

The air is filled with the sounds of shouting in Common and other
tongues, and the sky begins to glow red.


Lupen immediately yelled toward his comrades, "Ambush, Grims!
Dismount and defend yourselfs!" He grabbed Warneshi's blade and
placed it upon his back. The Dread Mage frantically scanned the
area. One massive demon, seemingly that of a Doomguard, a massive
one. Lupen dug his right hand into his Felcloth Pouch and grabbed
a single soul, that of a Gnome. The gnome visage inside of the
shard was crying, its face stained with blood and tears, her
clothes torn, her body beaten. Lupen grinned as he engulfed the
shard with seething flames. "Come." He growled defiantly at the

The seconds between the flame leaving his hand and reaching the
monster seemed like an eternity. Lupen contemplated Pincus'
actions. "A deal with the Devils..." the Warlock thought. Any
other being would be revolted at this act of unspeakable evil,
dealing with something this sinister, possibly even the Burning
Legion. Warlocks understood, they were not like the others. Many
Warlocks tap the Nether's power, some even wish to be one with
it... Lupen was among them. To call forth the troops of the
Legion, to be one with the Twisting Nether... A Nightmarish
vision of Paradise.


Slys'Thok watched the shadowy form step forward and then retreat
again, she smiled as the sky's turned red and the draconic form
took flight. She watched, and she smiled, always smiling. Turning
her head back to face Pincus she laughed lightly and before the
undead could act, he throat was held in her hand, and she
embraced him from behind. Holding him close Slys'Thok whispered
so lightly into Pincus's ear, like a mother scolding a child.

"Little one, you think to summon powers beyond me? Look at them,
with their dragons and red sky's; have you yet learned that true
power can only be felt, never beheld."

Cooing into his ear Slys'Thok tightened her grip on his throat
and kissed his neck before she spoke again.

"Such a delicacy your power would be. So easy to drain, you would
like that wouldn't you; to be one with my power. I have watched
you Dorian, through your trials and tribulations, through your
dealings with powers vast and undending. You think to insult me
by calling forth those powers? Foolish one, do you not know the
ones you call master are the same that I do as well? They hold no
love or caring for you little undead. I am a Legion commander,
you are nothing without the power we bless you with."

Laughing softly, Slys'Thok turned Pincus's face towards her own.
Running a finger down the side of his face she took him close and
kissed him. The world seemed to slow, the demons truning their
heads towards the influx in power. No one understood what was
occuring, but to Pincus it did not matter. Pincus was in a
nirvana or power, corruption, and malice. Taking her lips away
from his Slys'Thok narrowed her eyes and gave Pincus one last
quant smile, and a few soft words.

"Taste it Lord Dorian real power untapped and all enveloping. It
will be yours when I return with my full power to this world."

Drawing Pincus into a very close embrace, Slys'Thok almost let
their bodies become one.

"I promise you far more should my son return. How long has it
been since you felt what it was to be with a women? How long Lord
Dorian? Your undead state will hold no barriers, for I can
restore...choice areas. Help my son and you will know what it is
to be Lord to a Lady who's power is endless. If my son shoudl
fail, then not even your friends will save you, they will watch
and enjoy as I show you what the nether does to

With her words spoken, and one last kiss to Pincus's cheek, she
dismounted and walked slowly towards where she had emerged. She
smiled at the assembled beings, all seemed to stop and watch her,
as if she was the only the reason to be in this place. Lifting
her eyes up to the sky, she spoke soft words that seemed to echo
across the realms of Azeroth, rattling all the being, giving them
that sensation that something...was coming.

"Faire well all you beings of this world, for I have tasted it's
air and walked it's earth. Soon I will return, far greater then I
am now, very soon. Do not harm the troll that lays asleep, and
not his allies. Return to the nether allies of Pincus, he will
have no need of you."

The world itself seemed to darken as she dissappeared from view,
born of darkness and swalloed by it. The scene was left quiet,
the world hung in balance just waiting for someone to break the


Bloodshine, Witch Doctor and Council to the Sandfury Empire known
to Warneshi’s father in days past, felt the darkness of Slys’Thok
hit the land of Azeroth. The weight of the demon goddess’s evil
was heavier than the largest mountain, and cast its shadow a
thousand times further. She had been following the events with
Warneshi since his disappearance, desperate to discern a way to
bring the King back whole.

Zuruzuru, patron to House Sandshadow and her late daughter’s
partner, faithfully kept pace with Lupen and his allies,
following the strange events that led up to the point of
Slys’Thok’s taunting control of the warlock Pincus. His talents
as a rogue kept him safe and silent amongst the Grims and allies
present, save for Slys’Thok, who had been well aware of his
presence. The others, even keen Lupen, had not been aware of his
presence as he tailed them. Zuruzuru contacted Bloodshine through
the stone she had given him, noting their location. The old
shaman was on her way in an instant, and arrived as Slys’Thok
disappeared. Although Bloodshine stayed a good distance from the
group, the old troll’s eyes met the beautiful orbs of the goddess
for just a moment as the figure of Slys’Thok darkened back into
the shadows from whence she came. Bloodshine’s heart sank. She
would be hard pressed to do what it was she came here to do.

As Zuru remained hidden and blended within his surroundings, his
eyes widened. Since the start of this he had remained silent and
obedient to Bloodshine’s direction despite the dark stories
Lilliana had told him of Warneshi’s past, and the tale of
Slys’Thok. His eyes were dark red slits of hatred as Slys’Thok
spoke, despite the desire he felt for the female troll that had
materialized before them. As her form left this world, Zuru’s
taloned hands went to his daggers. The silence nearly broke them
all, and the rogue opened his mouth…


Syreena heard Lupen's order to dismount and defend herself, so
she slid from Bones' back and into the shadows, moving away from
the skeletal horse. She saw Pincus and Warneshi's mother, but she
focused on the demon that Lupen was attacking. Silently, she
remained in the shadows a few yards from Lupen's side, slowly
edging closer to the demon with her daggers at the ready.

She was troubled and confused by Slys'Thok's appearance. The
demon, however, should be nothing more than a minor problem with
Pincus and Lupen here to control it. But who had setup the ambush
that Lupen announced? And who had Pincus ordered the demon to
subdue? The thought that other Grims might actually try to stop
Lupen's group from reaching their goal had never crossed her

The little rogue was relieved when Slys'Thok moved away from
Pincus. Now the Irredeemable could help them deal with the demon,
so they could get on with the task of bringing back Warneshi.


As if some phantom from the realms of Spirit, Zuru walked from
nowhere to stand amongst his associates in the Grim. His eyes
burned a smoldering red as he cast a disapproving look to those
around. Since Lilliana's passing, few had seen the rogue, but
those that had known him saw none of the raucous, swashbuckling
pirate in the scarlet gaze of the troll before them. Zuru pulled
his mask down from his face with a quick jerk, pulled a dagger
from its sheath and tossed it into the ground where Slys'Thok had
dematerialized. The rogue snorted and spat in disgust.

"So this is the Grim, eh? What's so Grim about a bunch a'
layabouts who sit around and soil their loinclothes at the sight
of a demon?" The rogue smirked mockingly at the assembly around
him. "I make no claim t' understand half a' what happened here,
but when somethin' needs killin', I know it. I also know that I
swore my blade to the aid of the Grim, and in that time I seen
two fall under all a' our watches. 'Lest ya all forgot about
Lilliana. Rest assured....I didn't."

The rogue stepped to where he had plunged his weapon into the
earth and retrieved it, sliding it harshly back into its holster.
The demoness' presence still lingered in the air, bleak and
malevolent, but Zuru's heart had grown cold to such things as
fear. Only one thing mattered to him now; the troll that once
chased dreams now only chased ghosts. "I've said enough. My
daggers will stand with the fool brave enough t' get the Old King
back, even if we have t' cross a thousand hells t' do it. Any who
aren't behind the notion....if ya ain't got 'em already, grow
yerselves some teats and become wet nurses." Zuru looked again to
the crowd, his eyes lingering on Lupen for a moment before
settling an accusing gaze upon Pincus. "Cowards," said the troll
as he stalked away, the word dripping like acid from his tongue.


Warneshi watched the moments that his mother once again touched
Azeroth; fear, and despair echoed across the realm that was his
home. Warneshi closed his eyes and breathed in the sweet aromas,
he yearned to swallow them, swallow the whole world whole. When
Slys'Thok departed back to the nether Warneshi continued to watch
and learn, and hunger. The appearence of Bloodshine was a welcome
one, Warneshi knew the old troll wouldn't let this just happen,
but Zuruzuru, that one did surprise Warneshi. Warneshi had known
he was present, and that Zuru had been hunting Warneshi ever
since Lilliana's death; however it surprised Warneshi to see the
rogue being so brash, and careless. Warneshi let a smile cross
his lips, he knew the emotion that fell off Zuru in waves. The
pirate troll tried to hide it behind cold steel and a cold heart,
but despair, agony, regret, he reaked of all these things. As
cold hearted as Zuru thought himself to be, Warneshi knew the
weakness in an instant.

Reaching out yet again across the cosmos, using the blade as his
conduit, Warneshi spoke to his most trusted servent; Lupen.

"Lupen, you have done well so far, remember you musst get that
troll free of thiss area, for he iss Worneshi and Warneshi'ss
brother. Something elsse it seemss hass fallen into your lap ass
well. Look to the pirate Zuruzuru and the shaman Bloodsshine,
they are going to be mighty alliesss in the future. Zuru iss
filled with regret and hatred over the losss of Lilliana, you
will ussse that to your advantage. Have him get Worneshi away
swifty and in a way only he can manage, Zuruzuru knowss many
secretss about moving thingss that should not be seen. Do thiss
Lupen, our time iss coming to a closse."

Warneshi knew, as always, that Lupen would do what was expected
of him. Now it was time to gain some new friends. Warneshi turned
his attentions to the easier of the pair, Zuru.

"Zuruzuru, hear thiss voice and know it iss your king. You let
agony and pain cloud your visssion. Her losse wass a terrible
thing indeed, but only one thing can bring her back, and you know
what that thing iss. Her soul fed Warneshi, and ass such only
Warneshi can resstore her. Do not through wordss at thossse that
would stop Warneshi'ss return, you only bring about susspicion,
for you are going to be of vital importance to thiss tassk. Look
to the troll that ressembless Warneshi, he iss the key. See him
safely away from thisss place for Pincuss huntss him. Lupen will
insstruct you further, and do ass he sayss for he iss firsst to
have sought to assissst Warneshi. Do thiss and she will be
returned to you."

Cackling Warneshi turned his sights finally on one of his oldest
enemies, Bloodshine. She would be more difficult to coerce, but
Warneshi knew a way to entice her.

"Bloodsshine, yess feel thiss power, reconize thiss voice. You
know it, so Warneshi need not say anymore. Warneshi hass been
called to the hallss of hiss mother, that iss where he hasss been
for thiss time. A prissoner, a willing one, ussing thiss place to
plane a downfall that could only be attained through thiss kind
of sacrifice. You musst help Warneshi in thiss, for your
daghterss sake, and the sake of the king you loved, Ukorz.
Warneshi knowss how to defeat her, and he musst return to Azeroth
to do so. Look to Lupen, he will offer greater intructionss, for
he iss paramount amongssst Warneshi'ss serventss, and the mosst
loyal. Her end iss at hand, but you musst help Warneshi in order
to see that come to fruittion."

Warneshi watched all thosse in the plainss of Durator, he watched
ass hiss stringss wound and wove themselvess amongsst all that
were gathered. They danced to hiss tune, and soon that tune would
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Guduk approches on his Kodo, the old beast moving as quickly as
its old legs can carry the heavy Tauren. The Warrior reaches down
to pat the Kodo's flanks and he mutters "Just a little further,
good friend"

Once Guduk rides into sight, his eyes narrow as he takes in the
scene, unsure what is going on, he slides off his Kodo and pulls
on his claw and shield, ready to defend himself and anyone else
who appears in trouble.


High and deep in the Alterac Mountains, Malstrom's meditation is

He peers to the sky. He smells the wind. He listens to the earth.
The firelight flickers for a moment. Malstrom quickly douses the
flames with water from a clay pot.

In darkness and silence, he listens, smells, tastes. He
recognizes the fear. The despair. The Oracles speak to him, and
only he hears. The elements warn him, and only he knows. There is
no sound, other than the crackling of a dying fire.

He sighs quietly and mounts his raptor. It will be a long journey
back to the guild hall but he should be with the Grim at a time
like this.


The temptation barely bothered the Forsaken. What did, however,
was Slys'Thok actions towards the exchange with the unworldly
warlock. Her brazen disregard for the situation indicated to the
Forsaken either of her arrogance, or her idiocy. Both of which
are traits that lead to failure.

He raised his right hand in the air, and twitched his bony index
finger, summoning those from the shadows. Around the collected
group, humans and gnomes, Forsaken and orcs converged on the
small group of Grim.

Two humans flanked the Forsaken, one a seemingly familiar face
from Ratchet, the other unknown. Both warlocks had their
felhunters at their side, their tendrils snapping at the air.

The Forsaken opened the Book again and muttered a few words. A
flash of purple light, and the smell of sulfur filled the air.
The two humans seemed to nod, looking much relieved, then point
at Lupen.

"Guduk, it is hard to miss someone as large as you. Take the rest
of them and search for Skash. The dolt is in more trouble than he
realizes. Lupen, however, will stay here. He has to...face his

"As for the rest of you, I would strongly suggest you leave,
peacefully. These proceedings do not concern you."

The snapping and thrashing of the fenhunter's tendrils become
more frantic. The familiar face points at Syreena.

Pincus sood upright, something he has only done on rare occasion.
His facial features more apparent; more human than most Forsaken,
more twisted than most humans. "I believe both Syreena and Lupen
are to remain here, Guduk. It would be best you leave," Pincus
said in an icy and serious tone.


Lupen eyed the two Humans, one he recognized, Strahad Farsan,
whom Lupen had briefly trained under, and the other he did not
know. Lupen dashed to Syreena's side and extended his left arm
across her torso, as if protecting her from some invisible,
unstoppable, bolt. Lupen knew full well Syreena could take care
of herself, but the Dread Mage would see to it that she would
recieve no punishment this eve, he wished to take it all. Lupen's
claw of a hand fondled his back, assuring The Blade was tightly
strapped into its sheathe. The Forsaken's neck cracked as it
turned to catch Guduk and Zuru's sight... "Take the lesser of two
evils... You may leave, or stand and fight." Lupen returned his
gaze to the humans, his left arm unmoving, he spoke out in his
best common (which was marred by a constant stuttering and
gargling due to the plague's effect on his throat and lower jaw),
"Comrades, I am a hellcaller much like yourselves... I have no
qualms with you today..." He paused, meeting their statue-like
faces. "I can see diplomacy is far, and Pincus has not instructed
you to place harm upon us. I will see to it you do not hinder my

With those quick, razor sharp words, his right arm shot upwards
toward the reddened sky. A small, rock-like object was secured
tightly in his grip. The Warlock's right shoulder and arm
twitched violently as his Arcane Energies met with The Blade, and
channeled into the Infernal Stone. He growled in Demonic,
"Legion, give me your greatest in this time of need. Warneshi,
channel your energies to me..." His mutter turned to a yell, a
terrible, unspeakable bellow, "Bring din and chaos to this
world!" The clouds parted overhead as the stone seemed to implode
in on itself. A faint rumbling which only broke a quarter minute
of silence turned into that of a rising storm as an otherworldly
beast fell to Azeroth in an explosion of dust and sulfur. Out
arose from the fresh, smoldering crater was a form of
unimaginable hate and size. It was a being of rock and flame,
brought together in a symphony of carnage. The Demon emitted the
sounds of One-Thousand Souls End as it roared. The world was
scarred now by awe-inspiring death.

Lupen spoke softly and harshly in his Demonic Tongue, "Kill them,
save for the Forsaken." The Demon charged toward the group at
full-speeds bringing only the trail of the Nether with him.


Razev Eonar pulls an old, rotting book from his shelves, titled,
The Darkness Under the Sand, and begins to read to himself.

"And when the hope and doom of the sand is trapped, the world
will shiver as the fate of the world falls grim."

Razev is about to put the book away, when a vision takes him. As
it always did, it came in flashes, but when he awoke afterwards,
he noticed a pen in his hand. Reopening the book, there is a
slight change to the text. "And when the hope and doom of the
sand is trapped, the world will shiver as the fate of the world
falls to the Grim."

"Hmm, Warneshi disappeared sometime ago, I imagine this will come
to pass sooner rather than later." Just then, the shadow of
Slys'Thok touched the world. "One way or another, this story will
end today. Let's hope some of these other stories will get a
chance to survive."

Razev held the book in his hand, and concentrated on it. As he
did, the book turned to ash, leaving behind a shard of Azsharite
in his palm. "A material known for it's ability in weakening
demons. I wonder if this will be useful." He begins to teleport
himself to where he will be needed.


Ashagga gritted her teeth. Lupen hadn't yet attacked one of the
Grim... his monstrous demon, which set her teeth chattering in
fear, was only preparing to assault those Pincus had summoned.
Ashagga saw a chance to avert bloodshed, and prevent more wrong
from being done to the Grim. Still lurking in the shadows, she
began creeping around the battlefield toward Pincus.


Syreena gasped, slowly lowering her daggers when, at Pincus's
beckoning, a strange mix of races emerged from the shadows around
them. Then he ordered Guduk to take them to find Skash, and
Syreena turned to find the warrior. She suddenly had the feeling
she did not want to be here, and she was eager to be under the
protection of Guduk and his shield.

But the warlock spoke again, and Syreena cringed when she heard
that she was to remain here. In silent obedience, she turned back
to Pincus, only to notice the human and his felhunter's attention
on her. Of course, it had to be a felhunter, she thought. She
resisted the urge to fade into the shadows, knowing the effort
for concealment would give her only a false sense of security.
Even if she did manage to avoid detection by the warlocks and
their felhunters, she didn't want to risk angering Pincus more
than what he seemed already.

At Lupen's protective gesture, she took half a step behind him,
watching quietly as he spoke strange languages and then sent a
demon into the group Pincus commanded. A small part of her
marvelled at Lupen's blatant defiance to an Irredeemable. The
group of warlocks didn't frighten her much, except for Pincus
himself, but to attack a superior, or even his servants, was
something she couldn't even fathom doing herself.

Mostly though, she was too busy worrying about whether she was to
share Lupen's punishment. Her usually unimaginative mind conjured
up images for her of felhunters eating what was left of her
innards while her rotted flesh burned and smoldered from spells
of fire and shadow, and her soul was captured into a crystal.
Syreena shuddered.

The goal, however, was not entirely lost on her, and she still
didn't believe that any Grim would not be willing to help
Warneshi return. She laid a boney hand on Lupen's shoulder.

"Maybe if we don't fight him, maybe he'll help us bring back the
Tyrant," she suggested quietly.


Lupen looked back at Syreena, the seconds between the calamity of
battle and the serenity of peace felt like an eternity. "Sister,
Pincus has no desire to aid Warneshi's return. He only wishes
these powers, the powers of The Blade harnessed..." Lupen
thought, he contemplated if Pincus was really to harm Syreena and
him, were his actions in the name of personal gain, or The
Legion? The Burning Legion was a dream that only few Warlocks
dare think of, Lupen was aware Pincus had this same burning
desire. After all, Dread Mage Vakov wished to be a part of the
glorious Legion himself.

"... Don't worry," Lupen continued, "I won't harm Pincus, and I
won't let any harm come to you."


Bloodshine took a breath of tainted air after the demon
disappeared back into the shadows where dark things lurked. The
taint that Slys’Thok inflicted the land with was strong, and like
a dirty veil it clouded even keen Bloodshine’s thoughts. If
Warneshi was taken by his mother, as it seemed he had been, clear
as day through the hatred that she saw within his eyes when he
spoke to her, then bringing him back would be even more
dangerous. For years her only desire had been Warneshi’s death,
even after centuries of the Sandfury Empire’s fall and her memory
of it had faded.

These last few years she had served Warneshi for her daughter’s
sake and safety, not for her love of him, despite the trust she
began to place in him after he returned life to his father’s old
sword. But, her daughter’s life was still at stake, and Lilliana
could still be saved. Slys’Thok’s evil could cloud the strongest
mind, and this cloud of judgment was then added to a desperate
mother who wished to save her child from a never ending eternity
of hell, banished from rightful rest. She had no second thoughts
about bringing Warneshi back into the world.

As Bloodshine exhaled, she felt a familiar presence, one that had
not graced her senses in hundreds of years. Her heart jumped, for
despite her manipulative mannerisms and history with the Sandfury
tribe, Bloodshine was a sensitive soul for those few that had
found their way into her heart. Worneshi had been one such being.
Warneshi’s twin brother, born under the sun those years ago to
Ukorz after he lay with Slys’Thok in the guise of Bloodshine
herself, had been her subject and charge. She had trained him in
the arts that she deemed fit for the Sandfury to practice, and
had seen him murdered by Warneshi along with his father. She had
stolen his body away from the battle that day, saving herself
when all was lost from Warneshi’s destruction of the Sandfury
empire. She had buried him in secret, open to the skies. But now,
but now she felt his presence as if he was just beside her; his
familiar scent was on the air, and it inflicted her nostrils with
it’s strong odor, rocketing her back to her past days of royals
and tyrants.

The sound of Bloodshine’s strong, raspy old voice echoed across
all the creatures gathered here, and she spoke to Pincus.
“Irredeemable Pincus, I will not interfere here.” She bowed her
head, and her raptor did the same. She looked to Lupen, “Good
luck, Lupen.” She ended with a sneer, and then turned her raptor
and rode off, leaving Pincus and Lupen and all the others with
their battle. Bloodshine did not need Lupen’s instruction, she
had lived long and could come to her own conclusions as to what
the tyrant wanted. Lupen could fight this battle on his own and
win, and then search her out after she had collected the innocent
soul of Worneshi. She hated leaving the blade of Warneshi’s
father behind in Lupen’s care, but she could not wield such a
weapon and would have to trust that Lupen was strong enough to
see himself through his battle with the blade intact.

Zuruzuru had already disappeared after hearing Warneshi’s
“instructions”, deep within his mind. Only Syreena noted that his
once visible form cleverly sank into the shadows. Bloodshine had
not said a word to Zuru nor Zuru a word to Bloodshine, but he had
disappeared even before she spoke. The two perhaps linked within
their thoughts to follow what the other was doing. A clever
maneuver orchestrated by Bloodshine in the days she would lead
battles from behind the Generals, without their knowledge, only
now, Zuruzuru knew, and accepted it. It was part of the price for
him to pay as the pair worked to return Lilliana’s life to her
now that Warneshi has fallen into darkness with the demon. He
respected the shaman, and would keep close ties with her during
this time so that they may continue to work as a team.

When Bloodshine was out of the sight of the group, she waited for
Zuruzuru to appear from his hidden stealth. When he materialized
before her, she offered him a hand, and he slid onto her mount
for her raptor was much faster and trained than Zuru’s, and they
could make time better.

“Do ya know who it is we be searching for, Bloodshine?” Zuruzuru
whispered into Bloodshine’s ear.

The old shaman nodded her head. Her heart was beating as fast as
a dragon flies wings, and it sounded as strong as a crashing
wave. They ran fast and hard, Bloodshine following both the scent
in the air and the ache in her heart towards an entity that had
once held so much promise, but had been broken with Warneshi’s
corruption. It did not take long before Bloodshine and Zuruzuru
rode up before Skash and Worneshi, the pair sleeping peacefully
beneath the stars, oblivious to the struggle that was racking
Azeroth at every moment now, oblivious to the horror that the
Grim were going to allow into the world.

Zuruzuru slid off of Bloodshine’s mount and crept towards the
pair, while Bloodshine rode boldly forth, her crimson eyes set
upon Worneshi. Skash was the first to waken at her approach, for
his vigilance if not his intelligence was refined and keen. She
smiled warmly at the orc, a smile reminiscent of one that
Lilliana would have given to Skash, special and reserved solely
for the fun loving warrior. Bloodshine looked the mirror image of
Lilliana, save for her age. She was her mother after all. Skash
elbowed Worneshi to waken him to be polite for Bloodshine. Skash
had not seen Lilliana’s mother since the evening that Lilliana
died, and although some time had passed, Skash had not forgotten
about it. Skash still had a goblin to hunt to avenge Lilliana’s

“Hey! Yous wake up! Lilli’s mother come to greet us!” Skash
bellowed, and Worneshi awoke, sitting up to stretch his arms.
Bloodshine’s eyes were already on him, set against his own and
firm. He turned to look at her and instantly rose to his feet and
threw his arm across his chest in a bow familiar to the Sandfury
and offered to those of high rank. Her blinked once, not
remembering where he had learned such a bow, but it seemed
appropriate in the face of a troll as lovely as this red haired
female, many years his senior. As the two of them exchanged
gazes, he could not help but to think she very familiar, and her
presence comforting. He turned and smiled broadly at Skash.

“That’s Lilli’s mother, but Lilli’s dead now, the tyrant bes
keeping her safe though.” Skash explained to Worneshi, as if that
would be enough explanation for Worneshi.

“Bloodshine.” Bloodshine offered her name for Worneshi. Her voice
was raspy but it sounded like honey to Worneshi’s ears. She had
only said one word but she could already tell that he was under
her control, as so many others had been in the past of the
Sandfury Empire. She wanted to cry but instead she tilted her
head, a warm expression on her face coupled with a look of

“Worneshi, Mistress Bloodshine.” Worneshi bowed again, surprised
at the words that left his mouth. Mistress? Why would he care to
call this one mistress? It simply seemed the right thing to do
for her.

Bloodshine’s heart dropped, but she had no choice, no choice at
all. “You are in danger, my dear Worneshi. I’ve been sent to
collect you. Come with me.” She held out her hand of delicate
talons and Worneshi found himself taking it in his own. “You have
no raptor of your own, we’ll ride together.” She paused and
looked to Skash when he began to protest. “You can come as well
Skash, I would appreciate your protection, as you offered it to
Zuruzuru when my family was attacked by the goblin rogue’s

Worneshi leapt up behind Bloodshine, and turned to Skash, looking
earnest for his new friend to come along with him on this new
adventure. Why would he be in danger? Who would be wanting to
cause him harm, other than silly Alliance? Either way, Bloodshine
and Skash would help him, he trusted Skash as his new friend, and
Bloodshine brought a comforting presence that enveloped him like
a mother. Eons past, that feeling had been real.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Zuru watched as the unfamiliar troll mounted Bloodshine’s raptor.
The rogue knew this to be the one Warneshi spoke of in his mind
at the battlefield; the burden now fell upon Zuru and his
unlikely cadre of allies to protect him. The Tyrant had already
cast Lupen’s part in this mummer’s play, and named Pincus as the
villain. The thought of Grim against Grim unnerved Zuru; newly
joined in the legion, he may find himself with few allies should
there be a widespread factional divide. He looked to Skash and
tipped his head. The orc had been his savior during Gabricci’s
ambush in Tanaris, however he had not been mentioned when
Warneshi visited Zuru’s mind. The rogue worried a bit that he had
found this twin of Warneshi’s with the orc warrior. What were the
ties there? What part did this “Worneshi” play in the rebirth of
the Sandfury king? Zuru owed Skash a debt of honor, and may even
feel an emotion resembling guilt should he be forced to act
against him. Yet he was a rogue, and the concept of “honor” was
malleable and gray amongst his kind.

Zuru called forth his raptor and saddled up. “Milady, permit me
to ride ahead and scout the area,” Zuruzuru said to Bloodshine.
“We’ll move to Tanaris, and find a safehold there.” Zuru pointed
at Worneshi. “We might be wise to blindfold this one here when we
get closer…for his own safety, a’ course. Wouldn’t one anyone
picking his brain and finding out where he is, would we? Stay off
the roads. That’s the first place any will look, and some folk
might mistake him for the Old King anyways. It’ll make the going
slow, but what’s life without a little risk? You won’t see me,
but I’ll be around.” The rogue turned his eyes to Bloodshine. “If
things go bad, and they most likely will, you know how to reach
me, milady.”

The rogue’s eyes narrowed in determination, but beneath his mask
his mouth twisted into a bitter scowl. The time he had spent with
Bloodshine held as much pain as it did comfort. The old shaman
had been tutoring Zuru in the ways of troll spiritualism, to help
him better understand the nature of the secret he kept hidden
within him. In return, somewhat to her protest, he was teaching
her the secret handsigns and language of thieves. The pair shared
a mental link, but both knew that at times magic faltered, and
one must always be prepared. He cherished the time they spent
together, yet sometimes when he looked upon her, he saw Lilliana
in her later years, wise and powerful. Still, she was all the
rogue had of his lost love….at least until they could bring
Warneshi back. And then…

Zuru gritted his teeth and brought his mind back to the situation
at hand. “We’re wastin’ time, and we ain’t got it to waste. Let’s
move.” The rogue paused as he gripped the reins of his raptor.
“Oh, and Worneshi? Do exactly as Bloodshine or I tell ya. Muck up
yer own rescue and I’ll have no trouble guttin’ ya myself.”


Regna-N'Etah watched the battle unfold, scowling as he did. When
he saw Bloodshine move off, he tracked her with his
spyglass...and cursed as his eyes looked upon the troll that she
was now talking to. This would not go well...He quickly mounted,
and rode at them riding as fast as he could, not caring who saw
him now. As he approached, he gathered all his energies into a
huge ball of fire and let it fly, sending it to wash over
Worneshi, burning the Tyrant's brother, following it up with
another blast of flame before reigning in.

"If you wish to save the Tyrant...then I have a plan. But if we
want a true Tyrant back..the one that was once in the Grim and
not just another pawn of her...then we need to make sure all of
her demon blood is gone from this plane."


Bloodshine wheeled on her raptor, the creature hissing and
snarling as Regnantah's attack plumented towards them in the form
of a ball of fire. The shaman had but enough time to knock a
totem down to the ground to eat the spell that was meant to
careern over Worneshi, and possibly injure her as well. She was
surprised when she saw it was Regnanetah, but Lilliana had never
fully trusted that one although she had claimed him as friend,
but he did not back Warneshi with his heart as Lilliana had done.

"You fool! What are you doing?!" If Regnanetah had spoken before
his attack, then Bloodshine may have listened, but at this point
she was beyond considering him as an ally, he had opened fire
first. "My goal is not only for the 'tryant'" She wanted to spit.
"But for Lilliana as well. You know of her death, Regnanetah,
although you never came to mourn her loss with the rest of your
tribe. Stop meddling, you are only use to me if you help now."

Bloodshine kicked her raptor hard in the sides, Worneshi holding
tight and paralized with terror. "Zuru, distract that damn mage!"
Bloodshine ordered as she rode off.


Zuru turned at Bloodshine's order to face the mage. The rogue
spent the briefest of moments in concentration to call forth the
spirit within him. Spider, thought the rogue, I may need t'
borrow a bit of yer strength now.

The totem within him chittered. You know the price, my child, it
replied. You will render unto your Mother proper sacrifice.

In good time, thought Zuru as he felt her power course through
his body. Blood would be paid. He prayed it would not be
Regnanetah's; Azeroth's soil had drank too much Sandfury blood as
of late.

"Shadowflame!" Zuru yelled to the mage. "Ya may not see it, but I
am tryin' t' help ya here! Buckle down with the magics and come
with us. If ya refuse....our tribe is gonna be one troll fewer
either way."


Skash was rather surprised to see Bloodshine again. He had
reluctently given Worneshi over the shaman. Bloodshine was
Lilli's mother and spiritual advisor to the sandfury for many
years, and he knew if there was a way to return Lilli to this
world, she would have a part to play. As such, Skash trusted her,
but only so much. He insisted on accompanying his new friend,
both to protect him and out of curiosity. Something was not
right... Skash felt the taint that was in the air; the remnents
of the demon possesion still lingered within him, but the rage
long since gone.

When Reg had launched his assault on his friend he knew there was
something much greater happening. Something that involved
Warneshi in some way. Skash could not face the mage head on. His
armor deflected all but the mightiest blades, but he needed his
specialy enchanted armor to deflect spells. When Bloodshine
called out for Zuru to take care of the mage, he turned Simba and
rode alongside the two trolls, making their escape.


Guduk grunts at Pincus as the warlock tells him to leave, he
nods, taking one look at those still around and mutters "This is
just too much, The Grim should be working together, not this
madness" he moves back to his Kodo and mounts, then starts to
move off, not really having a direction in which to go.


Seeing Bloodshine and Zuru turning against him, Regna-N'Etah
called up his magical shield to protect against Zuru while
turning his attention to Bloodshine's Raptor. Calling forth
arcane energies, he warped it's shape, shrinking it into a small
and harmless pig.

"YOU are the fool old troll..You are so caught up in ja own loss,
ja did not see me mournin..Ja are caught up in ja own loss, ja do
no see da danger for LILLIANA dat doin dis will cause! Ja may be
old, but it seems time has No taught ja ow ta look towards wha ja
actions kin cause in da future.

Warneshi as he is has failed twice to control the demons...Ifn ja
bring him into a body JUST as tainted as his own...then it will
only be a matter of time before it happens again. Who will she
force im ta kill den? The newly resserected Lilliana? Yourself?
Another Grim Iredeemable...As long as da demon blood flows in is
veins..e cannot be trusted...Ifn E is brought back in dat
body...tainted once more...Den E will no longer be Grim, an will
jus be anodder enemy ta kill.

Dere IS other options..it will take much sacrifice, be harder ta
accomplish...an we will need da help ah dose two idiots battlin
behind us...but dere be a chance ta ave a Warneshi dat is free ah
da Demon blood..but first we mus expunge all ah er taint from da
face ah dis planet...an dat ting righ dere be full ah er taint."

Reg points with a look of disgust at the troll Worneshi where he
fell when the raptor was transformed out from under him.

"An tink ah dis..while Warneshi as er soul...ifn E be tainted by
demons..wha prevents im from jus swallowin? A demon tainted
Warneshi..brought back on her terms...means only dat we've
brought an enemy dat has NO reason ta return Lilliana or elp us
in any way. It be obvious ja no tinkin ahead...strickin wit
grief. Do no be da fool an make it worse by no thinkin...Da demon
tain mus be expunged...unless ja jus feelin like killin jaself,
an dere be quicker, les painful methods dat won cause so much
sufferin ta odders amoun da Horde."

Regna-N'Etah sheathed his sword as he awaited her answer.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Warneshi watched the two warlocks and their duel. He snorted,
clearly unimpressed with how this particular situation was going,
he realized quickly however he was unable to sense Bloodshine or
Zuru anywhere near. This was good as he had sent them out to
protect his brother, however for a brief second he knew he had
felt Regna-N'Etah, and now his presence was gone; this worried
Warneshi for he knew of the mages plans to stop him.

Warneshi could stray his sight to far from the blade, however he
had other ways. Calling deep into himself he summoned a soul that
could give him the sight he wished, for this soul had two very
strong connections that Warneshi had every intention to use.
Calling forth the soul of Lilliana, Warneshi marveled for a bit
at the stoic silence of her soul, it neither screamed in rage or
agony. It meerly watched him, as if dissapointed with his
actions. Warneshi felt deep within him a pang of guilt and
sorrow; Lilliana had always professed that Warneshi was a good
troll (as good as a Tyrant of a ruthless people could be anyways)
and that the taint of his mother was only temporary. Always she
had had strength in him, and he was now letting her down. The
pang was only a moment and soon Warneshi smiled at the soul,
speaking softly to it.

"You are going to allow Warneshi to see what Warneshi wishess to
see. Your love for him iss strong, so strong that Warneshi can
even usse that love ass a bridge, to see what it iss he see'ss."

The face of Lilliana's soul twisted in disgust at Warneshi, but
he was well beyond caring now. Grabbing her soul he forced it
look into his eyes, and through he eyes...Warneshi saw.

As Regna-N'Etah unleashed his attack, and Bloodshine stood strong
against it, Warneshi became aware perhaps protecting Worneshi was
not the best solution. The troll was frail, and they could only
hold back Regna-N'Etah for so long. As the raptor was transformed
into a pig, Warneshi watched his brother fall to the ground,
watched the weakness in his sibling. Hearing Regna-N'Etah's
words, Warneshi knew it was time for a new plan.

Warneshi closed his eyes for a moment to ponder, to plan. As
Regna-N'Etah waited for his reply from Bloodshine, as Worneshi
looked to his new assailent with fear stricken eyes, as all this
occured; Warneshi simply smiled and gave a quick nod to the soul
of Lilliana. He has his plan, and she would be a key.

Allowing his will to slowly fall across the field, he found the
mind of Bloodshine.

"Lissten well again old one. Warneshi hass a new plan, Worneshi
iss to much of a burden, to eassly dealt with. When he wass a
secret he wass safe, but now he iss known and no longer a usse to
Warneshi. Let Regna-N'Etah take him, let him burn the flessh from
hiss bones. Let Regna-N'Etah think he hass won, and that he will
find a way to stop thiss. He hass already failed, the summoning
iss ready, and soon Lilliana will be returned to you. Make hasste
to Zul'Farrak, Lupen will be waiting there, bring them all, all
The Grim. They musst all be witnesss to what iss about to occur."

Warneshi pulled his mind from Bloodshine's. She would not wish to
leave Worneshi, for she loved the troll he was. Warneshi smiled
at Lilliana's soul.

"You mother wasss alwayss to kind hearted towardss that one, she
wass foolissh and placed her faith in the wrong brother."

Lilliana's soul made a face at Warneshi as he closed his eyes
again and searched out the mind of Lupen, the undead had some
work to do.

"Lupen, Worneshi hass failed uss. He iss no longer a secret and
iss thuss worthlesss to our planss. Warneshi hass a new plan
however, and thiss one will not fail, you are not needed in thiss
field anymore Lupen, you are desstined for greater placess. To
Zul'Farrak you go, you will know what musst be done when you
arrive. The summoning beginss soon."

Lupen gave a quick smirk at Pincus, their fight was becoming long
a drawn out, and Pincus was attaining the upper hand. Lupen
smiled for a good reason however, he realized the feeling he was
getting, he knew what Warneshi was doing. Even before the portal
opened behind him, he could feel the rift that was being torn in
reality. Sul'Thraze had opened a door, and Lupen intended to take
it. Giving one last look to Pincus and quant bow, Lupen stepped
through the door. The door snapped shut and the Dreadmage found
himself standing in the ruins of the once great city of
Zul'Farrak. The alter of the Blood Throne stood before him, and
he could feel it in the air...raw power, the nether was strong
here, and he knew what must be done. He quickly went to work,
drawing the runes and circles for a summoning, and a great
summoning at that. He wondered why but he could nto shake the
feeling he was waiting for something. Going about his duties
swiftly the Dreadmage could only hope whoever it was arrived


Bloodshine did not wish to enter into an argument with
Regnanetah, but when she hit the ground and recovered from the
indignance of having her great mount unsaddled beneath her and
turned into a smelly pig, she found her mouth opening with a
reply of anger.

"Warneshi will have every reason to return Lilliana! But..."
Bloodshine had every intention of entering into battle with the
mage, for he could not hold them all off. One on one even, if she
timed her totems right, she believe she had quite the chance of
doing him in (even if he did not think that was the case!), but
with Zuru and Skash aiding her, it was a no brainer. However, at
what appeared to be Regnanetah's words that made so much sense in
this time of chaos, the shaman turned, her eyes focusing upon
Worneshi as he stood there in horror. Skash come to stand
protectively in front of him as he stepped back, away from
Regnanetah. Skash looked infuriated. For a moment it appeared
that Bloodshine would pursue further argument with Regnanetah,
but to the mage's relief, the expression within her dark eyes
changed. She raised her hand to Zuruzuru, unconsciously using the
silent language of thieves suggesting that he step back from

"You know what I planned to do it seems, Regnanetah. You are
wiser than I ever gave you credit for." The pig that was once her
mount trotted across Bloodshine's path. She kicked it and the
disturbance disrupted the spell upon it, returning it back to
it's former shape. Bloodshine caught the reins. "But I won't help
you with Worneshi." Her eyes flickered across Skash. He was
confused, but was remaining within his protective stance with
Worneshi. Bloodshine bravely mounted her raptor once again while
Zuruzuru hovered in between her and Regnanetah, wary of what the
dangerous mage may attempt to perform. Bloodshine narrowed her
eyes at Regnanetah. Although her face resembled Lilliana's in
beauty, the look she had upon it was cold and calculating.
Regnanetah was not stupid, he knew that she held no love for him,
and could care less about following a plan he had formulated, for
she had not had the chance to grow to trust him, but he also knew
that he was the only choice she had right now, especially if he
destroyed Worneshi and her only known chance. What choice would
the shaman make?

"Do as you will with him, Regnanetah, but do it well out of my
sights. You know your history. You know the relationship I had
with the boy here." Bloodshine's eyes had fallen to Worneshi. Her
raptor fought and pushed at his bit, and wanted to move on.
Worneshi looked back at Bloodshine. His eyes almost were pleading
to her. She had wished that she could have spared him a
humiliating death, but it would appear that Regnanetah would have
his way with him.

“You may join us in Zul’Furrak when you are done with him, and
I’ll hear more of your plans, Regnanetah. Bring the other
Irredeemables, and other Grim not taken by Warneshi’s control, we
may need them.” Bloodshine turned from Worneshi, she couldn’t
bear to take his gaze, as it was set desperately upon her.
However much as a son this creature had been to her those many
eons ago, Lilliana was her daughter in this life, and would
always come first. Warneshi was leading her forward, and although
her better judgment told her to steer clear, she left for
Zul’Furrak, the rogue Zuruzuru following behind. It was up to
Regnanetah to conduct Worneshi’s execution on his own.


Skash was entirely lost... what did this troll have to do with
Warneshi? Why did Reg want to blast him into tiny bits and why
was Bloodshine ready to let him? As far as Skash knew, this troll
was someone to mold into the Grim mindset. Skash rather liked
him. He listlened to him and talked with him. Until someone
really explained things, Skash thought it best to stand his


A pale moon shone down, trying to peak into the dense jungle
canopy spread out for vast distances beneath it. Only a few bands
here and there could penetrate the thick canopy, casting thin
beams of light down onto the forest floor, adding to the eerie
atmosphere of an already frightening place. The buzz of insects
was a constant drone here, one could imagine they were in
Silithus it was so alive with their presence. Occasionally a
scream or howl could be heard, emanating from deep within the
jungle, along with the fleeting distant sound of drumbeats. The
intense heat and humidity was a constant as well, bothersome to
most travelers, but not to this particular one...

Midius let his risen steed slowly pick its own way along on the
thin broken path, passing ancient ruins and old outposts, long
abandoned and left for the wilds to claim. "A cursed land."
Midius thought, as he nudged his steed to pick up the pace a bit.
"A land soaked in blood and permeated with the scent of an
ancient evil." Midius silently mouthed, a small grin forming on
his pale lips. Suddenly, Midius commanded his steed to halt, as
he could see something moving in the darkness ahead on the path.
Holding his wand aloft, the light illuminated what was not just
some sort of jungle beast.

Arcane light reflected off of polished plate mail armor, and
illuminated a pair of intense fanatical eyes, human eyes. Midius
recognized from the symbols etched all over the man's armor, that
he was a warrior of the light, a paladin. Humans already sickened
the mage, but seeing a worshipper of that abominable light never
failed to stir up Midius's burning hatred. The paladin spat some
words in his own tongue, meaningless to the mage. He then pulled
his great two-handed maul out of his belt loop, and boldly strode
towards Midius.

Dismounting, and with elemental runes and symbols already rushing
through his mind, Midius slung his arm forward with all his
might, opening his hand with fingers stretched wide. Out of his
opened hand came a missile of pure elemental cold, which streaked
towards his opponent. The paladin had already foreseen this type
of attack coming however, and broke into a sprint as the
frostbolt whistled towards him. Ducking into a roll, the paladin
avoided the projectile just in time and came back out of the roll
in front of the stunned mage, bringing his hammer down in a
mighty overhead blow.

The slight hesitation from the shock of seeing such a maneuver
nearly cost Midius the fight. However some spells were like
instinct to the mage now and could be cast in a fraction of a
second. Midius shot both arms upwards towards the descending maul
and spat out his incantation. There was a sound almost akin to a
thunderclap as the maul smashed into the arcane shield which was
now was formed around the mage. Sizzling and crackling, the
paladin continued to try and force his maul downwards through
Midius's shield. The mage, slowly weakening against his mighty
opponent's strength, could not hold up the shield any longer than
a few moments and the blow finally hit home. Slamming against
Midius's shoulder, the maul sent him spinning to the ground. Most
of the momentum had been stunted by the mana shield, so the blow
was not fatal, however now Midius was on the ground stunned, and
the paladin loomed over him. Placing a plated boot upon Midius's
torso, the paladin got ready for another swing, this one aimed to
crush the mage's skull...

Darkness descended upon the jungle. The patches of moonlight on
the forest floor disappeared like so many candles snuffed out by
a great wind.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Silence was laid across the land like some sort of giant muffling
hand. No bestial screams, no distant tribal drums...Even the
constant drone of insects was totally cut. A morbid dread
descended like an unseen enemy from the darkening skies, piercing
the souls of mortals...

Midius's eyes blurred, his lungs heaved and his chest burned...

Then just as suddenly as this wave of all encompassing dread
emptiness came, it passed. And the jungle resumed its wild noisy

Midius squinted and shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts.
"What in the nether had just happe-", suddenly he remembered the
situation he was in and quickly rolled off to one side. However
when he looked up, his opponent still held the great maul aloft
in the same position, a look of terror and shock upon his
features. Midius, always one to take the advantage when he was
presented with it, drew his dagger, and in one deft motion shot
to his feet and slid the enchanted blade under the shoulder plate
of his opponent. Into the paladin's armpit the blade sank, deep
into the side of his chest and through his heart. The look of
shock never left the paladin's features, as he collapsed
backwards, blood running from his lips and down his chin.

Midius looked about wearily as he cleaned his blade, "what had
happened?" He thought. It was only for a fleeting moment, but
something significant definitely did occur. The mage still had
the "aftertaste" of the presence which had tainted the land in
his senses. He looked west. "Kalimdor", he whispered. Whatever
that presence was, it had originated from the western lands.


Midius stood on a rock outcropping protruding from the dense
foliage of the jungle. The outcropping stretched out from a sheer
cliff that dropped straight down to dark, mirror-like waters
below. Gazing out onto the moonlit waves of the Great Sea, Midius
looked down upon the small rune-etched stone in the palm of his
hand. His thirst for knowledge, power, and bloodshed had pulled
him to many places across Azeroth, and kept him away from
civilized places for long periods of time. It was now time to
return however, Midius knew he couldn't sort out this incident by
himself; it was beyond him as one mage. "It is time to return to
The Grim halls." Midius told himself, for surely the rest of his
brotherhood had felt at least a part of what he did.

Concentrating on the sigil in the center of the stone, Midius
envisioned Orgrimmar, with its great entranceway, large
structures and bustling streets. He concentrated harder, veins
bulging on the sides of his white decaying temples, and he then
saw the valley of spirits, with its huts and ponds. Zooming in
further he concentrated on one specific hut in the valley. The
hut slowly came more into focus and grew larger. He then could
see inside the hut on the top floor. Concentrating, Midius saw
the troll of portals there, glowing like a beacon in his mind.
The rune upon the stone then flashed in a bright bluish light,
and Midius felt his physical self being shifted, moving across
great distances...

...The pale jungle moon shone down weakly upon a rocky
outcropping of stone, illuminating thin dissipating wisps of
smoke and the few leftover flickers of arcane magics.


Regna-N'Etah scowled as he turned to Skash. He doubted the old
troll had given in so easily and so swiftly without some
reason..but there were other things to deal with at the moment.

"Skash mon...dis troll mus die...fer Warneshi ta be returned ta
us...an fer Crimes commited 'gainst da Grim las time is face was
shown in dese parts...E be a failure...once one ah us...untill we
learned da truth dat E is an enemy ah Warneshi, who was one ah
us..an we intend ta make sure E be one ah us again. Step aside
mon, an elp me plan fer da Tyrant's return."

As Regna-N'Etah gesturied with one hand, behind Skash, a piller
of fire erupted, engulfing the Troll hiding there, but leaving
all else untouched.

"Go, ead ta Gadgetzan, I'll 'ttempt ta make Pincus come as well.
Dis be an order from ma as an Iredeemable ah da Grim...Ifn ja
e'er wish ta see Warneshi walkin dis land agin, as one ah us, an
no a demon."

With that, Regna-N'Etah turned towards the warlock, and used his
magics to blink in front of Pincus.

"Pincus mon...I be needin both ju an Lupen ta elp me wit
sometin..whae'er ja intend ta do ta im...old it off fer
now...dere be odder work ta do. Punishment kin always come
later..an don worry...Punishment dere will be for dat one."


Skash looked behind him to only find the charred remains of
Worneshi. "Awwwwwwwwwww..." groaned Skash as he looked them over
then back to Reg. "Skash go git Lupen den if'n dat help git
Warnseshi back!"

Skash watched as Reg blinked in front of Pincus, furiously trying
to get the other irredeemable to stand down. He whistled for
Simba, and his wolf came running. Skash hopped up, and started
off for Gadgetstan in search of Lupen.

He egged his wolf on with his mithril spurs and pieces of meat.
Time was of the essence.


Part 1: The Begining of the End. The winds of Tanaris blew
harshly, as if to warn away all who would come to it's wastes
that day. Bloodshine ignored the fury of the desert, she had
grown accustomed to the deserts anger, and its hatred of all
life. The troll shaman made haste to her destination, she knew
time was of the greatest essence, and the last words she had
heard from Warneshi egged her on even more, she would see
Lilliana alive again and Warneshi had the means.

She paused for a moment when the great city of Zul'Farrak came
into view, something was not right with the place. Bloodshine
could feel something ancient and evil now called those walls
home, she knew what it was, Slys'Thok had come home finally.

Dismounting she unwrapped her face and strode headlong into the
ruins of the once great city. All seemed dead, not a soul came to
greet her, even the corrupted Sandfury that had called the place
home for many years were no where to be found. Death hung in the
air, Bloodshine could feel it, but no dead lay about her. She
shivered, she knew what she felt, souls, a large gathering.
Invisable usually to the naked eye, most would just mark their
passing with a chill, but Bloodshine had spent many years of her
life dealing with them, she knew them for what they were, and if
this many were present then Warneshi had to be here.

She followed the chill feeling, it was like a map layed out
before her. Soon Bloodshine found herself approaching the center
of the city, and the center of the long dead Sandfury Empire; the
Altar of Blood. Placed atop the largest of the temple cities
Ziggurats; the Altar of Blood had been a sacred place to the
Sandfury, the center of many rituals and the symbol of their
bloodthirsty people. Bloodshine could remember fondly the many
ceremonies she led at this place; she also remembered with great
pain, the death of the Sandfury that had taken place at this very
Altar as well. It was at this place that Warneshi and Worneshi
had come of age, it was this place that Warneshi was inducted
into the Souleaters, and it at this place that he became
Slys'Thoks Avatar, and damned his people.

It was not Warneshi however that Bloodshine saw when she
approached the great Altar, it was a smaller figure, far more
decayed and meek looking then how the Tyrant would of appeared,
no it was Lupen the Dreadmage that stood atop the greatest
monument of her people.

Lupen seemed to be busy preparing a circle of summoning, as well
as inscribing many other runes and symbols that Bloodshine did
not reconize. When Lupen noticed her appraoch however, she knew
something was not right with the undead.

Lupen turned slowly to greet Bloodshine as she ascended the stair
case. Giving her a quant smile and a nod, Lupen finished his last
rune and went to greet the approaching shaman. Bloodshine felt in
Lupen the same feeling that permiated the entire ruin, she could
feel the touch of the nether falling off the Dreadmage in waves.
He was not the Lupen she had seen several times before, he was
far more open, to happy perhaps even cocky, not at all the
reserved Warlock many knew him as.

Lupen waited for her at the top of stairs, he gave her a small
bow before he spoke, and when he did, Bloodshine could hear in
his voice a taint. A taint she had fought against for many years,
the taint that had destroyed all she knew and loved, the taint of

"Why hello good Bloodshine I had not expected you so soon. It
seems I was a little lax in my duties, I never took the time to
fully appreciate the beauty of this temple city. Never really
realized how advanced the Sandfury were in controlling the
nether. It has been an eye opening experience, and I can not wait
to recored the knowledge I have learned here. But listen to me I
ramble on like a schoolboy, come I will show you what is left to
be done, and what my master has planned this day."

Bloodshine listened closely and raised an eyebrow when Lupen
mentioned the word "master", he was indeed lost now. She would
have to deal with this quickly, Lupen was dangerous and seemed to
of slipped out of Warneshi's control and into Slys'Thoks.
Bloodshine knew she should end this, end the Warlock and stop
this whole ritual, but she thought for a moment about ehr
daughter. Her strength, what she would bring to this world.
Bloodshine lingured for a moment on the memory of her daughter
and the decided she would let this game continue for a bit
longer. She followed Lupen as he beckoned for her.

Lupen walked slowly, but he was so full of joy. He had not felt
this happy in many years, and he could not understand why. All he
knew is that this is what he was meant for, this was his purpose,
after many years he had found it. All the while he had worked a
voice had told him as such, it was a beautiful voice, and he
could not help but believe her words. It was the voice of a
mother, perhaps a love from long past. Lupen did not know the
voice, but he did know he loved it, and he would do its bidding.

Both troll and undead approached the altar, Lupen fervently
reached for an item upon its surface, and Bloodshine tried her
best to take in the whole scene, to watch for a coming attack. As
she placed her eyes upon Lupen again, she noticed what it was he
pulled from the altar, what it was he held aloft as if he
expected the world to bow to it; Sul'Thraze the Lasher.

The Grims made haste to Zul'Farrak, they had been called to
action and had been told Zul'Farrak was where that action was to
be. Some were ahead of the main collum, those being Skash,
Syreena, Regnanetah, Krezinak, Ashagga, Trilok. Zuruzuru and
Pincus. Only a few were aware of what the rode to find, or face.
Those that did not know followed their brother and sister Grims.
The most ruthless army in the horde was on the move, and nothing
would stand in the way of it's objectives.

Razev sighed as he held up a cloth against the sandstrom. It had
come out of nowhere and attacked the Grim collum like a swarm of
angry locusts. He pushed on however, just like the rest of The
Grims, however he knew that something was not right. Since the
night of his vision and the day that the dread voice had fallen
across Azeroth, he had felt something strange in the air. Like a
sense of dread that did just not want to settle. He knew they
went to face something horrible, and he was prepared, he only
prayed the other Grims were as well.

Malstrom had been listening to the words of the spirits since he
started this journey, all he could gather from them was fear. He
shivered in the heat, he could not grasp what was capable of
putting fear into the very spirits themselves. Whatever it was
though, he went to face it with his Grim brothers and sisters at
his side, and he would prepare as best he could for whatever
battle he might have to face.

Midius looked around at the other Grims that rode with him. He
had felt power before, and tasted it, as a mage power was his
proffesion. The power he felt before them was something
differant, it was a terrible power, and a horrific one that made
him wish he was still off in distant lands. He looked to his
fellow Grim again, they marched as he did, they did not know
towards what, but still they marched. Grim many and Grim strong,
Midius knew if had to face this with any it would be those that
now faced the deserts rage with him.

The lead Grims entered the city gates first, unwrapping their
faces they looked around. It seemed the storm had stopped when
they entered the city walls. Skash was confused, he did not know
why the desert raged outside, but in this open air ruins it
seemed cowed. Trilok sniffed the air, he had taken the form of a
bear during the storm to ward off the stining pain with his thick
hide, it was rank with the nether. The spirits he knew and loved,
called his family as well as his friend, were terrified of this
place, the whispered into his ear to begone from it. Let others
deal with it, but Trilok would not leave this task to others, he
was a Grim and this was their task. Syreena could not shake a
cold feeling from her spine, no matter which way she stood or
looked, she felt as if she was watched and she feard an ambush
was coming. Ashagga stood near Krezinak, she had come to notice
his startling similarities to Warneshi, she was a rogue and it
was her job to notice such things, he stood in the same amnner,
and had come to speak in a similar manner. Ashagga did not know
why, but she feared Krezinak a bit. She had been present when
Slys'Thok had touched Azeroth for only a few moments, and she had
rememberd the smile on Krezinaks face when she had. Ashagga
followed the group, watching, always watching. Pincus took in the
land around himself, and was comforted, the nether was thick in
this place, and he could feel it reaching out to protect and
cradle him. He also felt another presence, souls, and many of
them. He had almost never felt such a strong gathering of them in
one place, Pincus did not know why this was, but he intended to
find out. Zuruzuru grunted as he removed his head cloth, he had
come to hate a few of The Grims that surrounded him, he knew they
wished to stop whatever was taking place, they wished to keep him
from his Lilliana. He would not have it, so Zuru waited, he would
strike when the time was right. Regnanetah smiled, he could feel
the corruption of Slys'Thok. He had escaped it when he was
younger, but it had always fascinated him. He had been in the
city many times before, and he knew where the party must go,
signaling the forerunners of the Grim collum, he bid them go
further into the temple.

As they appraoched the altar, what they saw would forever be
burned into the backs of their minds.

Lupen stood before Bloodshine, Sul'Thraze in hand, she looked
down on him with no fear in her eyes. Striding forward he walked
past her and to the edge of the steps, looking down on the few
Grim that had arrived he smiled and addressed them.

"Behold Grims! The legacy of these people is in my hands! The
Sandfury are powerful, I have seen it, and soon I will help them
return to power. I know many of you may wish this to not be, but
know you are to late. The redemption of Warneshi Sandscalp has

Lupen heard a voice in his head, the familiar one that gave him
the good feelings he so loved, she spoke softly and sweetly.

"Yes little one, you have done well. You suffered my greatest
torments, finish this and so you will suffer my greatest

Lupen gave a cry of joy and turned once again to face Bloodshine.
He smiled at her only speaking a few words.

"In your death is born the salvation of your people..."

Lupen the Dreadmage took a swift step forward and plunged
Sul'Thraze into Bloodshines womb. All assembled cried out in
horror, they had not expected such a thing. Bloodshine however
simply smiled at Lupen as she felt herself die, she reached out
and craddeled the undeads face in her hand, whisering soft words
to him.

"What I suffer will be nothing compared to what she will do you,
her "loyal" servent."

With her final words said, Bloodshine's lifeless body fell to the
floor. Lupen looked down in horror, what had he done!? His horror
was only temporary though, for he looked down at the blade and
saw it's unholy light had tripeled. He felt his feet lift clear
from the ground and cried out in pain, he could feel his power
growing, he could feel his body becoming one with the nether. It
was the greatest pain of his life, and the greatest joy.

The lead Grims watched in awe as Lupens body lifted a few feet
from the ground and he began to glow in the dark of shadowflames.
Pincus and Regnanetah looked to each other, both knew what was
happening, both not wanting to admit they might not of been
prepared for this.

Lupens joy was cut short as he noticed his body began to turn to
dut, he cried out in pain as he felt himself start to fade away.
He cried in pain for release, for a reason, he asked why this was
happening, he had served faithfully, so why was he being
destroyed! The sweet voice simply answered.

"You have served your purpose, now you are nothing."

Lupen tried to release the blade, tried to run, but he could do
nothing. He watched as his body turned to ash and those ashes
pilled high upon the altar. Lupen the Dreadmage could do nothing,
only suffer as he had been promised.

The lead Grims watched as the pile of ashes grew larger and
larger, they did not know what to say or do, the world was silent
in the aftermath of Lupens act. It was cacaphony of silence, and
those there could only hope it was over, it was not...

The ashes begane to move as if something was buried within them.
The Grims watched in awe as a form rose form them, something was
being reborn from the ashes. Zuruzuru' heart leaped, for the
thing that crawled from the ashes was none other then Lilliana
herself. He rushed forward, the other Grims quickly behind them.

Zuruzuru tried to hold back his tears as he took his love in his
arms, wiping away the ash around her body. He layed kiss upon
kiss after her, his words were warm as well as his embrace. The
other Grims watched, some seemed happy with the reunion, but
Pincus and Regnanetah reconized that this was not right.

Lilliana opened her eyes and smiled at Zuru, she ran a hand down
the side of his face and pulled him close to whisper softly into
his ear...

"She iss losst to you fool..."
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Zuru's eyes opened wide and he looked down at Lilliana, he did
not know what to say, or what to do. He was so stunned he did not
even notice when Lilliana's hand fell over the great blade,
Sul'Thraze the Lasher, did not notice when she brought the blade
around and plunged it into him. Zuru died with only shoke and
horror painted upon his face.

The other Grims were quick to act, they backed away, preparing
defensive spells, the rogues found the shadows, and Skash could
only stand stunned, the only words on his lips..

"But Lilly's whys?"

Lilliana stood slowly and surveyed the other Grims, by now the
rest of the Grim army had arrived and had found its way to the
altar. Looking out across the scene, Lilliana smirked and spoke
in a voice many knew all to well, but not from her lips.

"Greetingss again Grimss, Warneshi hass returned..."

The form of Lilliana waxed and wanned, as if a mirage in the hot
desert. Her form grew and filled out with muscle and larger
tusks. In moments it was Warneshi Sandscalp that stood before
them all. He smirked and hefted his mighty blade.

"The time hass come Grimss, you have served well in thiss little
game, all of you playing your part. Warneshi thankss you, but now
you musst be ussed Grimss. A sacrifice iss needed, and thosse who
wissshed to stop to Warneshi have brought that sacrifice right to
Warneshi'ss feet."

As he said his last words his eyes feel upon those Grims that
stood atop the altar, he spoke words only for them.

"Thiss army is here to stop what iss coming, Warneshi will see
they only help it. Face Warneshi'ss army, and face your

Warneshi's form began to change again, he grew even taller, his
form taking on a shadowy appearence. Tendrils of darkness sprung
from the ground around him, and it seemed the very world around
him was consumed in darkness. He spoke a few words in a language
only a few warlocks knew, and of Regnanetah.


Syreena shivered again, she looked around her and knew why. The
clear air in Zul'Farrak was soon warped and twisted as hideous
shapes appeared. An army of souls materialzed at the bottom of
the Ziggurat, they seemed to be everywhere. The world around the
Grim army had been filled with these incorporeal combatants,
their numbers seemed to stretch on into infinity.

Warneshi smirked again at the Grims, and spoke in a voice that
sounded like the sandstorm that had fought the Grims on their
trip to Zul'Farrak.


The world seemed to hold it's breath as the soul army charged the
Grims, they spoke no words, gave no war cry's. Only rushed
silently towards their prey.
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Part 2: The End of all Beginings.

The world was silent for Skash, all he was aware of was the cold
bitter chill creeping up his spin. He watched as a sea of shadow
rose up to crash upon The Grim. Was this it? Was he going to die
here in this damn hot desert, without pie in hand? Skash gave his
head a shake, bringing the world into a more real perspective;
pie or not Skash would not give into death without a fight.

The Grim army stood stunned, where only moments before was empty
air sand, no was an army souls. Many did not know what to do,
they were trained and battle hardened, but they could not begin
to comprehend how to fight such a foe.

Warneshi smiled as he watched the confusion permiate The Grim
ranks, watched how the incorporeal army spead towards it's
victims and they barely raised a defense against it. His victory
was coming swiftly to hand, and soon all would be as he desired.
Raising his blade, Warneshi strode forward to deal death and
suffering amongst his "allies".

A battle cry ripped the silence in two...

"We's Grims! Shadowy folks or no we cuts you down and shows you
fury o the likes ya never saw when yous wasnt dead!"

Skash leaped from the top of the altar, clearing almost half the
steps before his feet landed and he continued down the steps on
foot. The Grim army looked to the battle cry and was pullen from
its revery. Their hearts filled with hope as they saw Skash come
flying down the steps, bound to crash into the nevernending ocean
of death.

Razev looked to his fellow Grim, the sight of Skash had broken
him from his haze of doubt, as it had done for the other Grims.
He focused his magics anf called forth the fires of the arcane,
turning the ground to molten rage beneath the feet of his
attackers, he also flung massive balls of burning rock into their
lines. Razev focused to the point he was almost not aware of the
world around him, he did not seem the notice that while his fire
would of consumed whole units of the living, these souls charged
silently through his torrent of magic...

Midius watched in awe of the power that Razev called to his
control, the younger mage tried his best to match his elder. His
own magics sowing would be death amongst his enemies, his missles
and rain of ice should of lai low even the best prepared of
soldiers, but he looked on in horror as he realized what Razev
did not, his magics did nothing...

Malstrom was brought to awe by the bravery of his orc brother,
the mighty Skash now almost colliding with the lines of the
souls. He knew that Skash would need his healing touch and the
powers of his totems. The orc would not die while he held watch.
He called to the spirits, he commanded them to his aid, made them
overcome their fear of this place. Hurling his totems to the
ground he gave his battle shouts and called the storms to his
aid. The air crackeled and popped around him as it convexed and
let loose the burning power of the storm. Malstrom hoped it would
hold the souls at bay long enough for Skash to join The Grim
lines he charged so heedlesly to reach...

Regnanetah looked around him, he could not believe what he saw.
He always held a respect for Warneshi but had found it disturbing
how easly the Tyrant feel to the forces of the nether. When
Regnanetah surveyed the scene around him, he knew now how
powerful those forces were, and gave a small prayer in his head
that they had sought Warneshi and not himself. Turning his
attention back to the Tyrant he summoned forth his great magics.
The solid stone beneath him cracked and splintered at the enegry
he gathered on atop of it. He would see this ended, this power
was not to be controlled, and thus did not belong. He would burn
Warneshi from this world and see to it that this part of the
history of his people was forever buried.

Ashagga and Syreena crept silently towards Warneshi, they knew
now what must be done. They had followed his words and wanted to
see him returned, but now they truely understood the mistakes
they had made. They would silence the Tyrant with the ways they
new best, silence and trickery.

Trilok called to his brother and sister spirits. He could feel
them reluctant to come to his aid, for they feared what stood
before the mighty Tauren. Trilok had not known fear for a long
time, but he could not help but feel the affects a little as he
saw what stood before him. He could not see the actually
appearence of Warneshi, for Trilok eyes were now attuned to the
spirit world as he prepared for the fight. That is what terrified
him, for he now understood, that the Warneshi that stood before
him, did so with no soul, or purpose. He was nothing incarnate,
and the sprits feared only the thought of nothing...

Krezinak felt a terrible weight upon his shoulders, he could not
tell if it was fear or regret, or both. His uncle stood before
him a terrible visage of woe, and Krezinak understood what powers
he had sought himself to traffic with. This was not his uncle,
this "thing" was something far more vile then Warneshi had ever
been. He knew the monster looked to him, he knew it called to his
blood, his dormant demon tainted blood. It wanted him, but he
could not give in, he could not serve something that wished to
only destroy everything. Krezinak took a battle stance, he would
fight this thing, he would clense his family's bloodline once and
for all...

Pincus stared in admiration of what was before him, it was pure
nether, it was an embodyment of nothing, and it was beautiful.
Pincus wanted to reach out and touch it, to embrace it, to learn
from it. However he knew what price that entailed, he only need
look to the small amount of ash that remained to know how this
master treated its servents. He called to Nether, calling up his
wards and forming the shadows around him into deadly weapons.
Curses floated across his tongue and ancient and powerful
incantations flooded his brain. It was then he felt something
odd, he felt the cold of the souls getting closer and closer, he
looked to the ground and saw them rise from the very stone
itself. His allies were surronded, and the souls bared the way to
Warneshi himself...

Regnanetah let his ball of power fly, it was not just fire or
arcane, but both. A torent of energy that would tear a city wall
asunder. It flew at its target with great speed and wrath, the
air the burned around it seemed to call out death to anything it
struck. Warneshi smiled at the approaching missle and when it was
almost to him he simply dissappeared, and standing where he was,
was one of the endless souls that now flooded the entire city.
Regnanetah watched in awe as the missle collided with the soul
and seemingly have to affect. The soul appeared to shimmer but
soon took its normal form again. Reg looked about in a panic for
Warneshi, he came quickly to the understanding of the trick the
Tyrant had pulled. Regnanetah eye's lite up in horror as he felt
a chill on his back, as if in reflex he blinked away from it and
turned to see what was there. A shadowy tendril reached up from
the floor, and standing near it was Warneshi, with the smirk
still painted upon his face. For the first time in his life,
Regnanetah was in a state of utter panic, he did not know how to
fight this threat, but he would have to find a way soon, he
feared that soon Warneshi would be done toying with him...

Syreena and Ashagga tried to jump from the shadows at Warneshi
put were surprised to find he was not there at all, hearing the
sound of the approaching missle they threw themselves to cover,
just in time to avoid being burnt to cinders. Ashagga coughed
away some dust and sand and opened her eyes, she let out a scream
as she found herself face to face with several of the souls. They
reached for her with incorporeal weapons that must of carried in
life, she rolled out of the way, but took a cut to her arm. The
cur burned of cold and bled violently. She watched her assailints
and observed her surrondings, she needed a way out. Syreena
landed on her feet after the missle hit, she quickly took in the
area around her and saw Ashagga in trouble, she swiftly closed
the gap and drew one of her blades, she tried to plunge it into
the vital spot of a soul that appeared to be human. As he blade
touched the soul she felt a bitting cold in her hand, and dropped
the blade. The soul turned to face her and prepared to attack,
she looked to Ashagga who was ready to move, Syreena knew the orc
would be on her own for a bit. Syreena drew her other blade and
tried to make a break for it and join the rest of The Grims...

Skash closed ranks with the dead, he flung himself upon their
ranks like a hammer to an anvil. Shield up to cover his vitals he
brought his axe down with all the rage he could muster. He felt
cold, endless biting cold, it burned like fire, but held no heat.
Skash cried out in pain as his armor burned his flesh and his
weapon burned his hand. He felt cuts, many of them appear all
over his body, he did not know how to fight this. Skash tried his
best to fend off the many incorporeal assailents but he could
feel the cold over taking him. He felt wound after wound open on
his body, he could feel his life blood draining away, he knew
death was coming, but he was Orc, and death would have to work
harder then this to take him. Calling on his last reserves of
strength, he let loose another battle cry and charged though the
souls, he was determined to reach the Grim lines. He could feel
his body being weighed down, could feel his joints seizing up and
his heart start to freeze. Skash pushed forward, he was almost
free of the lines, he could see Malstrom now, the troll was
calling forth the healing spirits to restore health to the
drained orc. Skash gave a cry of joy, he was so close to the end
of this tunnel of death and cold...

Skash was cut short, he felt a hand wrap around his throat and he
was lifted into the air, he tried his best to focus on this new
attacked, but when he did all he found was the eyes of a serpent,
staring deep into his own tired weary eyes.

"Did you think Warneshi would let you esscape thiss prisson of
cold? You will pay for your foolisshnesss Orc. Are you so
dullwited that you think you can charge into thisss army and
fight your way free. No, no orc, you die for your misstake and
your stupidity/"

Warneshi smirked and slid his blade cleanly into the orc. Skash
felt his life being drained from him, felt himself driting into
darkness, he was going to visit the halls of his ancestors, and
they would be proud of the baravery and vigalence he showed that

Malstrom's jaw dropped open, he felt the sprits of healing slip
from his control. He had been so close to saving Skash, but a
giant of Shadow had appeared amongst the lesser souls and grabbed
up the orc, sliding a great blade all the way through Skash.
Malstrom knew who that giant was, it was Warneshi, and Malstrom
could not let this murder go without punishment. Calling again on
the spirits of the storm, he let lose a great bolt of lightening
at the Tyrant...

Midius was in shock, he had seen the death of Skash and the great
bolt of lightening that had rocketed towards the shadowy
behemoth, but what startled him was that the bolt never found
it's target, mere moments before it hit, the great shadow was
gone, replaced by some other soul. Midius looked about in panic,
he could see the souls overwhelming The Grim lines. All around
him Grims fought hard and they fought strong, battle cry's and
litany's of bravery flooded the air, but still Grims fell. They
fell like corn to a scythe, he could not see how to stop the vast
sea the pounded them to pieces. In his panic he did not even
notice how close the wave of souls had come to him, but he did
notice when they set upon him with gruesome weapon and biting
cold. Midius tried to call forth his magics to save him, but his
body was numb, and he could not react. He drifted to death in the
agony of being torn limb from limb...

Trilok scanned the area around him, he had seen Warneshi
dissapear and had watched how inaffective Reg's magics had been.
Trilok looked for nothing, for he knew it hide itself amongst the
souls. He could feel it, could feel the nothing creeping up on
him, he did not know how to stop it, did not know how to fight
this foe. He felt Warneshi, felt him near again, whiping his head
around he was just in time to see the great shadowy form appear
amongst the souls that assualted the group on the top of the
Ziggurat, he saw the smirk on its face as it reached for Syreena
and Ashagga, they were not even aware of its presence. Trilok
called out...

"Syreena, Ashagga! Behind you!"

They both reacted instictively and rolled away from the
threatened area, but their shock the great shadowy beast of
Warneshi simply appeared were another had just been prior.
Warneshi grabbed them both up in his hands and held them close,
he cackled and shoke them roughly by their necks.

"Running are we? No, no running thiss time little shadow whoress,
thiss time you face and fight your enemiesss."

Warneshi let several of the tendrils of shadow that danced around
him to grab thw two rogues, their screams of agony twisted the
air, and caused many to cringe. He did noy kill them, but kept
them in torment, as his terrible war banner as he continued his

Regnanetah heard the screams of the rogues and turned in time to
see them taken up by Warneshi, he knew this was his only chance,
calling forth energies again he let fly several missles at
Warneshi. Warneshi smiled and watched as the missles flew at him,
he did not dissapear this time, instead his tendrils brought the
two rogues into the firing line, he watched with a smile upon his
face as the missles blew the two rogues apart. Regnanetah stood
in horror watching as his missles did their job. He knew this was
to much, he prepared to blink away, to join The Grim lines,
perhaps there he would have a fighting chance. As he felt the
energies coil around him and felt his body begin to re-locate, it
all stopped. Reg felt a great hand grab him and hoiste him up, he
meet the eyes of Warneshi and he knew fear.

"You tried to stop thisss, that wasss wisse, but how doess it
feel to know that you failed? Not only that, but you were right
all along and no one wanted to believe you? Warneshi'ss
corruption seepss deeper into the heartss of all then your
knowledge ever could. Your magicss are uselesss, and all that
leavess you with, iss thiss frail little body, that Warneshi will
soon break."

Warneshi cackeled into Regnanetah's face and watched as two of
the tendrils grabbed the troll. Warneshi simply smiled as they
pulled Regnanetah into two pieces, and flung them both down the
stairs. Warneshi looked to the two remaining Grim on the tower
then called out above the din of the battle.

"Desspair Grimsss! Your greatesst mage hass fallen, your
greatesst warrior iss dead, you can do nothing but die!"

Pincus heard enough, he launched a furious assualt at Warneshi,
launching every power he had, every curse every damnation. His
bolts of shadow struck home and his curses rended the flesh of
the great shadow Warneshi. Pincus smiled as he watched the great
thing buckle underneath his control of the nether...

Pincus gasped, Warneshi rose from the ground and turned to face
him. Pincus looked to his right and saw one of the souls
dissipate in a scream of agony, when he looked back to Warneshi
he found himself stading face to chest with the demon. Warneshi
grabbed Pincus by the face and lifted him into the air,
whispering quietly into his ear...

"Warneshi can die a million deathss and still have the power to
take thiss world, you are uselesss old corpsse. You will not
jusst die, you will suffer worsse then any, for you tried to play
the legion againsst itssself. Do you feel that? It iss nothing,
no one comess to save you, you suffer alone."

Warneshi laughed as he watched a tendril take Pincus and the
undead was slowly consumed by hellish flames. He turned to face
new victims, the sound of Pincus's suffering fueled on the
slaughter of all those present...

Krezinak let lose a battle cry of the Sandfury and charge his
uncle, he knew deep inside he charged to die, but he would rather
die fighting then cowering. As he closed ground with his uncle,
Warneshi brought his great blade around and parryed Krezinak's
blow. Warneshi smirked as he took a fighting stance, Krezinak
knew he was only toying with him, that he would best Krezinak in
a fight just because he could. The two exchanged blows for a bit,
Krezinak's battle prowess was good, but he could not get past
Warneshi's defenses, and soon a blow from Warneshi found its way
to Krezinak's body. Krezinak felt his tendons snap and bones
shatter, the blow was mighty and even his troll body could not
lessen the damage right away. He cryed out in pain and Warneshi
grabbed him by the neck and spoke to him harshly

"My dear nephew, have you learned nothing of battle, Warneshi
hass swepted asside your defenses and thrown away your blows, if
you are thiss weak you could never have served her."

Warneshi smirked and drove the blade into Krezinak's belly, he
laughed as he watched his own nephew slip into darkness.

Malstrom breathed heavly, most of his enegry was spent, all those
he had sought to save had died underneath the crushing waves of
souls, only a handful of Grims, Razev and himself remained. He
tried his best to keep the mage fighting, but it seemed all for
not. Razev had unleashed his fury upon the souls and had done
nothing but rend the earth around them to pieces. Malstrom
watched as the endless tide of souls overtook the few remaining
Grim around him, their suffering screams echoed the his own as he
felt the shadowy weapons of his enemies begin to rend him to
bits. He felt his life end, and could do nothing to stop it...

Razev could do nothing to save Malstrom, and his magics were all
but spent, and still his enemies charged him. He thought back to
his vision, he had seen The Grim taking victory this day, so why
had his vision lied to him! In his last effort he used what
little magic remained to shield himself as he grabbed his weapon,
and gave a final charge to his enemies. Razev's shield held for
only moments and soon all that remained were bits and pieces of
the once great mage...

Trilok felt the cold overtaking him, he knew he could not die,
but he dreaded what suffering he would come to. His claws and
fangs did nothing to his attackers, as did his mighty moon magic.
He felt useless, he could not save his brother and sister Grims.
He felt the nothingness overtake him, and knew it was the end.
Warneshi laughed as he stood over the wounded body of Trilok.

"You would think to stop thisss? That the spiritss of thiss
world, your alliess in nature could stop thiss? You have failed
Trilok, and since your death can not be asshured, then you will
watch ass the world around you diess, and your spirit will be
ensslaved and it will help bring her into thiss world."

Warneshi raised his great blade Sul'Thraze and plunged it into
Triloks body, the spirit cried in torment and agony, he felt his
precious energies being drained, felt his power being sucked into
the blade. He could not bring himself to move, to even wince
after a few seconds, he was to weak. All he could do was watch in
horror as Warneshi pulled the blade free and cut a hole into
reality itself.

The hole grew larger and larger, it became a portal, a doorway.
Trilok felt his hope die as he saw the figure that approached it
from the other side.

She was coming...
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Part 3: The End of the Begining

Lupen felt nothing, he did not know why this was. The last thing
he remembered was being burned to ash, and then...nothing. He
thought he could be drifting, but towards what, he did not not.
After what he thought to be an eternity, the drifting stopped and
he thought he could feel solid ground, thought he could feel
heat, and perhaps even the smell of sulpher. Lupen opened his
eyes and and gazed in awe at the scene before him...

Trilok was horrified, never in his existance had he been
helpless, yet here he was, drained of all his powers and
energy's, forced to watch the coming of the end. All he could
hear was Warneshi's calm breathing, he looked over and saw the
Tyrant standing paitenly, a small smirk upon his face. Trilok
closed his eyes and called to his spirits, hoping against hope
that one would respond, he found nothing, his friends, his
brothers and sisters had left him in this place. Trilok watched
the coming of the end, and he almost welcomed it in his mind...

Warneshi's mind was racing, he was so close to his goal he could
taste it. She was coming through the portal and all he needed to
do was wait, paitence would win him this victory, paitence and
timing. As he saw the form near the surface of the portal he
began to wonder if the others involved in his plan would be able
to accomplish their part, they had fought well against his soul
slaves, but this would be an entirely differant kind of foe.
Warneshi closed his eyes for a moment and let lose a sigh, they
were Grim, nothing was beyond their power, and nothing ever
stopped them permenantly...

Slys'Thok smiled sweetly as she saw the portal open before he
eyes, looking across her courtyard she gave a few words to the
newly arriving souls that appeared before her.

"Grimss, Grimss, Grimss, welcome to my world now. You have
alwayss thought you could besst anything before you, well now you
have failed and you will all suffer the torment of my choosssing
and watch ass I deliver thiss world to greatesst powerss of the
Legion. Suffer well Grimss, suffer well."

Slys'Thok cackled and gave one last nod as several more Grim
souls found their way to her palace, more toys for her to enjoy
when the time came. She entered the portal a great joy filling
her chest, she had finally won...

Lupen could not believe the words he heard, or the sights before
him. The palace of Slys'Thok was a grand and horrifying thing.
All around him his brother and sister Grims were appearing, onyl
meaning all those slain had been delivered directly to Slys'Thok.
He could not help but try to gulp, he knew the tortures that
awaited them were beyond comprehention. The many Succubi and
Inccubi that called the palace home smiled and cracked their
whips, just waiting for the words from their mistress to begin
the fun. Lupen eyed his fellow Grims, all of them were now
present, all of The Grim army now stood on the doorstep of the
halls of the corrupter...

When Regnanetah, Pincus, Ashagga, Syreena, Skash, Zuruzuru,
Bloodshine, Krezinak, Malstrom, Midius, and Razev all felt
themselves stop drifting, they opened their eyes. The scene
horrified several, but a few just sighed, realizing where they
were and what was coming. It was Pincus who looked on in with a
mock sense of joy, he had always wished to bring the legion to
Azeroth, and now he got to visit one of their own commanders
palaces; even if he was about to met with the greatest torment
for the rest of all eternity.

Slys'Thok's great form came through the portal, she did not adopt
any guise, only came as her true self. Trilok wanted to look
away, it was a terrible form to behold, but he could not longer
move hi head and could only try and close his eyes. Warneshi
looked up to the great serpent of shadow and flame, he gave a
quant nod and went forward to present the world he had delivered
to her. As her massive body finally cleared the portal, Warneshi
took his blade and focused his will into it. He let his will fly
through the cosmo's finding his intended target, he entered the
mind of the Dreadmage...

"Lupen, lissten well and do not think your death meanss nothing.
You are in her plane now, her home. She hass come through the
portal and now iss on the cussp of delivering Azeroth to her
masstersss. However she iss still vulnerable, she needss to kill
and consssume before her whole might cal come through that
portal. You musst rally the Grim, storm her palance find her
throne room you will find the other half of her esssence within,
slay it. Warneshi can then slay her form here, and she will gone
from uss forever. Do thiss Lupen you have no time."

Lupens eyes opened wide in shock, he could not believe the words
he had just heard in his mind. It could not of been Warneshi, for
he had used Lupen and the other Grim. Lupen looked to his fellow
Grim, almost afraid to speak the words he had to do so now...

"Grims! Listen to me! We have not lost! Only found victory in
death! We must storm this dread citadel, we must slay its master!
For her death here will be echoed in our home and then we have
found vengeance for out death and victory for our cause!"

The assembled souls of The Grim looked on Lupen with almost
digust. They had just met death, now faced suffering, and still
he asked more of them? The veterens of The Grim stepped forward
however, they gave Lupen a nod and prepared themselves for
battle. Soon after this display the newbloods followed suite,
they learned that day that a Grim never gives up the fight, even
death can not stop the might that is The Grim...

Warnesshi lowered his blade and approached his mother, he gave a
small bow and then looked across his ancient home.

"Look mother see what Warneshi hass delivered to you which you
can deliver now to the Legion. Thiss world iss now yourss, and
Warneshi iss ready for what other tasskss you require."

Slys'Thok looked down at her son, her tongue flickering in and
out of her scaley mouth. If she could of sneered at him she
would, instead she spoke bluntley to Warneshi.

"Ohh dear boy, did you think to find me so foolisssh? Do you know
what it iss your alliesss do now in my home? They fight, they try
to seek my throne room and to do away with what esssence I still
have on that plane. And what of you little one? Do you think to
slay me when they do so? Do you think you have the power, the
ability? Your soul iss still mine, and so my control over you iss
alwayss complete. You have failed again my son, and thiss time I
will give no second chancesss..."

Warneshi rolled clear as Slys'Thok struck with open mouth and
fangs barred at where he had stood moments before. He ended his
roll near Trilok and looked down to the Tauren.

"Trilok, Warneshi can not defeat her on hiss own, she ownss the
void that iss Warneshi and so hiss powerss are uselesss againsst
her. Throw off thiss spirit shell when Warneshi givess you back
your energy, become a soul for Warneshi and she will hold no
power anymore."

Trilok looked stunned, moments before Warneshi had been speaking
to him as if he hated Trilok, and now he asked for his help.
Trilok wanted his energy back so badly though, he wanted to be
able to call the spirits and have them answer, he tried his best
to nod at Warneshi, but a blink was all he could manage. Warneshi
took a quick note of where Slys'Thok was and then plunged
Sul'Thraze back into Trilok. This time however, Trilok's physical
form disappeared and Warneshi could feel something he had not
felt in many centuries...the presence of a soul.

Slys'Thok dove for Warneshi, she was furious. Her son had tried
to trick her and failed, but this, she had not forseen this. She
tried to call forth her control of her son only to find she could
no longer bend him to her will. She knew his soul she still
possessed, but he had a new one.

"Well my son it seemss you have learned something of deception,
perhapss I have tought you to much, no matter you will still die
thiss day."

Slys'Thok threw herself at Warneshi with all her rage, and all
her might. She called up fonts of shadowflame and tendrils of
darkness. Warneshi was a skilled combatant however and did his
best to dodge and weave amongst the attackers. Whenever he
recieved a blow he could feel the spirit of Trilok call on
healing powers that closed the wound even faster then Warneshi's
own regeneration. The fight was going to be a long one, and
Warneshi prayed that The Grim accomplished their task soon.

The fighting was brutal, Grims fought valiently against wave
after wave of Slys'Thoks minions, they had almost found the
throne room when the Felguard Elite descended upon them with
hellish wrath. Skash had suffered several deep wounds but the
healing power of the Grim was greater then them. Razev,
Regnanetah, and Midius stood side by side launching spell after
spell into the oncoming horde. Pincus and Lupen found the fight
to almost be enjoyable, they enslaved demon after demon, turning
Slys'Thoks forces against themselves. Syreena, Ashagga and
Zuruzuru crept silently in the shadows, finding the path for The
Grim army to take, they also went about elminitating any demon
they thought to be a commander; they were silent and efficent
like death walking the shadows. Bloodshine rained down curse and
curse, Hex's and the wrath of the elements upon her demons foes,
to her this was the purest vengeace; she would see the corrupter
herself layed low before her. Malstrom weaved the power of storm
and healing like a great artist. He kept his vanguards alive and
introduced many demons to power of the elements. Krezinak fought
near Skash, cleaving through demon minion after demon minion
making sure the great orc was not overwhelmed, all the time his
thoughts drifting to his uncle; did Warneshi plan this all along,
was he really not as corrupted as he had let himself on to be?

The battle raged, Grim loses were raised to fight again, demon
loses were mounting and soon the battle was turning from their
favor. The forces of the nether tried to hold back The Grim, but
they came with a wrath of their own hells. Grims layed waste to
all in their path, no demon found pity or mercy. When they had
cleaved their way through the endless throng of demons their
blades were well soaked in the black blood of their foes. The
Grims stood in the throne room of Slys'Thok, they stood in
defiance, and they had come for their vengeance.

Slys'Thok felt panic rise in the back of her mind, her son still
lived despite several viscious blows she had landed upon him, and
she could sense The Grim entering her throne room. Calling on all
her power she brought to bare against Warneshi a power he had not
anticipated, her final burst of energy took the Tyrant off guard.
She came at him like lightning, biting and burning his body.
Warneshi felt his strength decay, and his power wane. He knelt to
the ground his body not able to heal the wounds quick enough, he
watched his blood pour across the ground, he watched it go and
felt his hope go with it.

Trilok growled and yelled to Warneshi from within him.

"You kill The Grim! Not her! You! And now you can not even take a
simply snake! You are Warneshi, Tyrant of the Sandfury, one of
the greatest trolls to ever walk this plane and you will let
yourself die to her! Get up! Fight! You are better then this! We
are Grim, we do not lose!"

Warneshi smirked as he heard the words, he grunted and rose to
his feet to the astonishment of Slys'Thok he stepped into his
fighting stance and hefted his blade. Triloks healing powers
restored his body and focused and prepared to charge...

The Grims came quickly upon the throne, throwing aside guards
like they were children. The shadowy form of Slys'Thok the
serpent watched them with animosity, she tried to startle them
with hiss and snap, but they did not relent. Launching blow after
blow upon her bloated form they felt her life drain away, felt
her strength weaken and slip into nothing...

Warneshi charged Slys'Thok, he could see she was weakening, she
was vunerable, and Warneshi took that to his advantage. Bolting
forward with great speed Warneshi brought Sul'Thraze the Lasher
to bare, he came quickly to her great belly and prepared to run
her through...

The Grims watched as Slys'Thok screamed in agony, her energy in
this nether was dead, they had dealt a blow the Legion would not
soon forget...

Warneshi's blade struck home and he watched as Slys'Thoks great
form quivered and fell to the ground, she said no words, made no
final stands, she simply accepted her fate and died. Warneshi
smirked, it was the reason The Grims had defeated her, she would
accept defeat, they would not.

The Grims looked around as their numbers slowy began to disappear
in small fonts of light, it did not take long for the entire Grim
army to be gone from the nether. When they disappeared they found
themselves hearing the familiar call of the spirit healers. Their
souls were being restored, which mean soon their lives would as

The greatest of the Burning Legion commanders watched the events
as they took their coarse. He growled and many near him fell away
in horror, Slys'Thok had failed the legion and she had payed for
it. Permenant death was her price, but the legion would pay an
even greater one; because of her failure they would have to
postpone the launching of their Burning Crusade for several more

Warneshi looked about him, taking in the scene of death. He look
at the many bodies of his friends and allies, he sighed and
returned to Triloks body. Placing Sul'Thraze on top of the great
Taurens form, he restored Triloks spirit to its rightfull place.
Warneshi smiled as the Tauren opened his eyes weakley, it would
still be some time before he had all his strength back. As
Warneshi smiled he felt something odd within him, he felt
something familiar, something he had not known for so long.
Warneshi looked down at Trilok with surprise, the Tauren only
looked back with his own smile.

"I have called to the spirits and they have found what you lost,
your soul is restored Warneshi Sandscalp, a reward for all of

Warneshi stood stunned he did not know what to do, he
felt...hungry, and thirsty, lustfull and many other emotions he
had not know for sometime. Warneshi looked down to Trilok and
spoke a few more words..

"Warneshi thankss you...Thiss iss not something Warneshi ever
expected to know again. To be mortal, it iss a
blesssing...Warneshi musst be gonefor sometime, he needss to go
and know thesse feelingss again, know what it iss to be...alive.
Tell The Grim, that Warneshi hass ussed them yess, but for a
causse greater then all of uss, she hass failed and so did the
Legion. Tell them Trilok, tell them Warneshi will return soon

Trilok noded at the Tyrant and watched as Warneshi descended the
stair case and called to his raptor. Mounting Ses'Thur, Warneshi
made quickly for the desert. He had been redeemed, something he
had not planned on at all. He felt the wind in his hair, the sand
sweep across his face, he felt alive and he could not of been

Trilok watched Warneshi ride off, he slowly rose to his feet his
body still sore form the many wounds it had suffered, he watched
the other Grims begin to rise from the ground, the spirit healers
working their magics.

The sun was setting and the cool desert wind began to set in.
Those Grims that stood looked to Trilok as he watched the sun
fall from the sky, a light mood permiated the whole scene, Grims
hugged and cheered, congratulating each other on the great
victory they had won. They prepared to make camp for the evening,
they would return to the guild hall tommarrow.

Triloks mind drifted as he watched the setting sun, he knew that
the Tyrant and himself shared a similar feeling at the sight of
it; it had been the end of a terrible begining, and the begining
of something that would never end...

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