Trial of Resolve - A delve into the past.

The stories and lives of the Grim. ((Roleplaying Stories and In Character Interactions))
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Trial of Resolve - A delve into the past.

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((I will post them as I interview them.))


Khorvis was stationed in Northrend during the campaign there, when the troll tuskinar found him at his post and showed him the mandate. Lhorvis believed the alliance were takig advantage of the peace, and so he came to follow Abric, The Enforcer.

Khorvis never thought they stood a chance, bit the mandate steered them right and the fist pillaged the citadel.

But they left him for dead after a mage blasted him down into the caverns below.

I questioned him about his return - Just before I joined, when the Grim were already on Pandaria. He doesn't blame them, for he was weak then.

Is being weak a good reason to be abandoned? I asked him this. The mandate kept him alive in the caverns. It isn't for coddling the sickly.

If he was to make it to the surface, the alliance magi would pay for their treachery.
I must remember to tell him to help take back Dalaran when the day comes.

I have learnt little on the Grim's actual history of events during the cataclysm, but I have learnt a hole lot about the Grim, from his story.

After a little more chat, I asked him what his thoughts were on the Grim's Performance against the alliance.
"Our numbers have thinned but the strongest remain. As leyu'jin may tell you, Time can be a cruel master. Yet I see new blood..." And he tells me about last night's assault with the Warden Mohan.

I ask him if we will ever return to our glory days of alliance slaying.
He has no doubt- "Though out halls are decorated with many trophies, we caannot languish the past. The war we are fighting us a new thing here in Pandaria."

I leave with a gift- his first alliance dogtag - an alliance officer's one. It is mow pinned to my warhorn, to further inspire our forces when we charge our enemies.

He claims he was weak, but I see a strong, faithful, brave and admirable old orc. If this is what the mandate does to one... The grim is more then an aid to your goals, but the growth of one-self.

Now I must seek out my next target. Ashenfury... Apparently he has passed to the spirit realm... But isn't a former member? Maybe my father can help me communicate with him... Or can Spirit Champions only talk to their ancestors? I must make contact with him. My clan will aid me in this endeavour... Or maybe a lucky find? I know less about the spirits then I would like to.

Enough said... This isn't a journal...
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