The stories and lives of the Grim. ((Roleplaying Stories and In Character Interactions))
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Cold, crisp air poured down the mountain with bits of white snow creating almost a fog in the air. Foot steps crunching in the snow was accompanied by a light whistle from the wind and the crackles of a fire.

“Ye hain't done it yet--what are ye waitin' fer?”

Face broken, tied together with bindings, the Forsaken man stood there on the hill, just a few feet away from the Elf.
“What are you talking about Addikus?” The Elven man said without turning to meet the Forsaken’s gaze.

Addikus took a few steps closer “Look. We all knows ye know what ye'r doing, and ye clearly be committed te the Grim, so why won't ye just do the last bit? Maybe there be somethin' holdin' ye back?”

Raix turned his head, looking over his shoulder, his deep blue eyes staring but no words left his mouth, Addikus could see Raix clenching something in his hand and he walked beside him. “It hain't been long that we’ve known each other, Grim, but I thinks I knows ye well enough already. Ye'r busted up. Ye'r caught on something. So what is it?”

Raix unclenched his hand and inside was a small picture of three young elves, faded and mucked up from the years he’s had it, three boys with their arms around each other, each blonde and look similar.

Addikus took a step back “Ah…”

A small tear ran down Raix’s cheek before he clenched his hand again “Because… it’s all I have left Addikus, would you have me give this up to?”

“Ye have te look forward, not backward, Raix. We have Grim going missing - we're up te our tits in Nathria, tryin' te stop the Venthyr betrayal… The mandate needs us te focus on what's happening now. If ye truly want our peace, ye have te dedicate yerself te building our future; All that matters is today and tomorrow, Raix. The past ain't nothing. Ye has te let go of it.”

Raix turned his head back to the fire “it’s not that easy.”
“Easy…forget the word 'easy' exists.”

Addikus, paused, sighed, then walked up behind Raix and placed his gloved hand onto his shoulder “Every end be a new beginning Raix. It be time fer ye te become something new.”

“Raix turned his head to Addikus for a moment and nodded, he turned his head to the fire and dropped the picture into the fire, the portrait of the three elven children was lost into the flames.
"Aye then. I'll tell Sy ye've done it."
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