Trial of Combat: Theros

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Trial of Combat: Theros

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I entered Castle Nathria as part of a raiding party. This particular pillage was led by an old orc warrior, I never caught his name. We entered into the castle with the aid of rebel venthyr. Once inside the warband was met with resistance in the shape of a monstrous stoneborn beast. The creature seemed to lack vision and used sound to hunt down members of the raiding party. With it dispatched the Orc led us through the twisting halls, many of the group stopped regularly to loot the riches we came upon inside the castle.

We found ourselves inside the Sire's Kennel and caught one of his huntsman unaware. The fight was vicious and bloody as the huntsman unleashed his personal gargons upon us. Several of the castle's strongest beasts and a skilled huntsman fell to a ragtag group of pillagers. With the hound threat put behind us the Orc led us further into the bowels of Nathria.

After fighting through a gauntlet of devourers we ended up in one of Denathrius' anima stores. The excitement and luck over came several of my fellow pillagers and they raced to collect some of the smaller canisters. Unfortunately for them this alerted the local venthyr, who promptly dispatched the fools for their greed. We laid waste to the venthyr quickly enough, but the fighting had gained the attention of their admin who proved to be more of a challenge.

She used wealth of anima around her to empower her attacks. By the end of the battle the raiding party had lost seven bodies. Bloodied and humbled we continued deeper into the castle and came upon a ball room filled with unarmored and unprepared nobles loyal to the Sire. They were easily put down. The warband stopped in the ballroom to free the fresh bodies of their finery and to enjoy the gluttonous amounts of food and drink the nobles had been enjoying before their untimely end.

The raiding party continued through the castle unimpeded. With their help I was able to remove several threats to the Grim and the Shadowlands. Though I am sure this was just a small hit to the Sire's forces. It does show that his castle is penetrable and his minions beatable.

At the pleasure of the Grim,
Theros Sunhollow

/along with the report is a sack filled with harvested war prizes ranging from venthyr ears to stoneborn fingers drained of anima./
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