Trial of Combat: Einang

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Trial of Combat: Einang

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Bloodslime and Ulrezaj

Come a morning, I found myself, as I often do, staring at a wall. Not to contemplate it, but simply because I seemed to have decided the previous evening that it would be an excellent place to open my eyes. In the fashion of every person of unnamed importance from Azeroth, I took a moment to reacquaint myself with myself - what was the latest gossip? Who needed to be murdered this week? And - I seemed to be getting a call.

A rather insistent-seeming troll, who failed to introduce himself; (later, a little bird told me he called himself “Ulrezaj")that isn’t sexy enough for this lot. say “my favorite severed head told me.” he doesn’t have severed heads. they won’t check..

This Ulrezaj rather insisted on my assistance. After a curt rebuff - who is he to me, anyway? - he told me it ‘might be fun’.

Now I am many, many things, but I am no personage who would be accused of not being ‘fun,’ or desiring to have it, and so off I went to Maldraxxus. The reader is likely familiar - gas, slime, undead. Some shamans refer to it as ‘the bad journey,’ and they are right to do so. Despite this it is surprisingly popular with shamans other than myself. They apparently have excellent benefits packages.

I was enlisted to kill a large slime. I don’t remember its name. No one reads these things for the proper nouns, so you don’t care either. But I was informed along the way there thatthis has pacing issues.he keeps switching tenses. he's going to confuse the reader.

I had been informed along the way to Maldraxxus that this could substitute for my Combat Trial - as I had been having writer’s block trying to make Stormstout Brewery seem romantic in a sort of avant-garde sense, I hastened double-time to the fun that was promised.this is a terrible line.who is the audience for this supposed to be?they know who they are.

Upon arriving, I made the troll’s personal acquaintance, by which I mean he murdered an elf by scorching its skin off of its bones. Death being the impermanent state that it is in our lives, I became somewhat well acquainted with this young woman myself while my new companion set about vigorously cleansing the rather large ball of red slime he had set his sights on.

Now I, unlike my esteemed patriot, am more inclined towards medicine, and so was less able to reacquaint the young woman with another decidedly impermanent end in a very decisive fashion. I had an extremely merry moment, why is he talking like this?he read some older literature and he's seeing how it feels it sucks. i don't think he likes it either. However, when the young lady attempted to ‘Convoke’ me - an annoyingly effective druidic ritual with which we are all quite familiar. The lass gag. stumbled however, when I ‘grounded’ the spell, and, to my great amusement became visibly confused and ran away, leaving us alone for some moments before getting her nerve up to attack us once again. There was no further merriment to be had, however, as my aggressive companion had finally noticed the harassment, and quickly put an end to it in an explosion of flames.

The slime was disposed of shortly thereafter. he still doesn’t know how to end pieces. he’s making a callback joke to the proper nouns.
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