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Trial by Combat Report to the Inquisition, Si'dad

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:42 pm
by Sidad
TO: Elinel Veilleux and The Grim Inquisitors
FROM: Si'dad Lightpaw
SUBJECT: Trial of Combat Report
(Please note the following was translated from Pandaren)

Dearest Grim,

After our guild meeting, where I met the best folks and the loveliest spider, I traveled with Grim members to Bastian to hunt the Alliance. While it is my reflex to research and stalk my prey, I quite enjoyed the hunt as The Grim take to it. Groups of Alliance members and meddling guards swarmed us as we expertly cast them down with our swords and magics. Quickly, as we were stalked by gnome rogues and circled by night elf druids, we worked together as a machine to cast down the hordes of enemies.

That night I had helped kill 35 at or above my skill level, earning notice. The teamwork was unmatched and glorious. I hope those who witness such artistry shares the tale of our adventures--and our victorious laughter. Ultimately, it was my assigned superior, Elinel, who approved this battle as a Trial by Combat.

At the Inquisition of January 28th, 633 K.Y., the illustrious Elinel told my tale to the truculent Syreenna and the participating Grim family. By her words she said,
“(I) proved to be a clever fighter against (a) fully trained Alliance.” She, in all her kindness and generosity, and in honor of my earning of the Horde title of “Alliance Slayer,” she presented me with a perfect scalp that I have since hung lovingly over my knitting nook.

I am honored to move forward with my progress and look forward to the Inquisition of February 12th, 633 K.Y. On this day I will be offering the closest thing to my heart to complete my journey.

With love,