An old friend...a new problem

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An old friend...a new problem

Unread post by Ashalivastuss » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:27 am

Ashalavastus departed the Inquisition, it had been an interesting meeting and he departed exhausted from the days affairs leaving the tomb of the Forge wright. As he made his way down the halls of Blackrock mountain he wondered what task he would be dealt with and shuddered in disgust hoping it would have nothing to do with orcs. Just then two pair of hands grabbed him from a dark alcove and covering his mouth drug him into a small dimly lit room. "Greeting Lord Stillmoon". That voice, raspy and aged he recognized it. The Grand Magistrate Sorfinius, a high ranking advisor of the Dark Queen Sylvanas who dealt from the shadows stood before him a tall undead man with exquisite robes and fingers adorned with gems who must have died at an old age and been buried long before he was risen for not a piece of flesh clung to his yellowed bones. The room was small and in its center was a desk with two chairs one on either side and four Royal Death guards one at each corner. "Please sit Ashalavastus". He did as he was bidden," You honor me Grand Magistrate...this is an unusual way to request a meeting". Sorfinius eyed him with no expression, "It is not a request, you have not reported to me in quite some time, there are those on the council who believe you have lost faith and have turned your back on the Forsaken and only serve the Grim". Ashalavastus started to rise but was halted by a death guard pushing him back into the chair, Sorfinius continued," I of course consider that nonsense, you are one of our Ladies most devout subjects and that is why I will renew my faith in you Lord Stillmoon for know this the other races of the Horde cannot comprehend our long reaching goals for their lives are finite...we are eternal doomed to die a grisly death. Such is the curse of undeath. During these trying times we cannot place our faith in the other races. The orcs are brutal animals and have never agreed with our Queens goals, the Tauren place great faith in their Earth Mother and will not understand that sometimes that sometimes the land must be burned and blighted in order to weed out the vermin, the goblins are greedy little beast who would sell out their kin for profit and will turn on us if ever the scales prove unfavorable, the trolls are barbaric beast whose magic is of the basest most vile sort, and are far too superstitious. The blood elves are our only steadfast ally and even they could change. Your guild the Grim are very useful to the Dark Queen, their resolve and tenacity in the face of insurmountable odds is a credit to themselves but know this the assassination attempt on a former orc leader has failed and he may yet try to rally many to his cause. Those that forsake our Dark Lady will find their feet weighed by their transgressions and they will be left behind in the blaze of our new world, do you understand Lord Stillmoon?" Ashalavastus into the emotionless eyes of the undead," Yes Grand Magistrate, I will do all I can to ensure Sylvanas is victorious at any cost". A smile crept over the undead," Good, good you will go forth to small troll village in the Northern Barrens and recover a letter from their village elder of an act they believe they saw and deliver it to me, I will be sending an old friend to assist you". Ashalavastus shuddered, "An old friend?" The old undeads eyes pulsed with mirth, "Yes an old friend, now take off your gauntlet, I have a gift for you". Without hesitation he did as he was bidden, a death guard brought forth a long piece of metal with a purple glowing brand at the end in the shape of an S that seemed to suck in the light of the room, "Just in case I ever need to find or communicate with you". The brand pressed into the palm of his hand causing excruciating pain and even with the gauntlet put back on a faint purple glow pulsed dimply. "Now go and remember if you are caught you will be called a traitor to the horde and hung".

The village was small maybe 20 orcs most too old or young to fight. "Well, well look who I get to kill orcs with". Ashalavastus turned his gaze to meet the striking figure of a dark ranger clad in dark black leather with a crimson cloak and hood from which streamed out dark raven hair. and beneath the hood glowed dark red eyes that looked amused. Across her back was slung a bow and a thin rapier was slung loosely at her hip. A dark scowl took to his face, "Vaella, of all the people I could've been paired with it had to be you, you left me for dead with a band of slavers last I remembered" Vaella smiled amused," oh don't be such a baby you lived, and don't lie you missed me". He grunted and turned away, she was right. The fight through the village went as expected, they either stood their ground and died to his sword or ran and died to an arrow in the back. They entered the village elders tent and before them stood an old orc man shriveled and weak," I know why your here but you will never find that letter, your queens crimes are unforgivable". An arrow through his leg by Vaella quieted any more debate and Ashalavastus bond him to a chair trying to think of a way to make him talk when Vaella threw down a something on the table made of leather unrolled it to reveal a multitude of torturing instruments. Her eyes gazed at Ash lighting up," Gonna stay and watch me work you always did love our time together". He said nothing and sat down across from the village elder," Now first question..."

He lasted longer than he would've thought but in the end they all break under Vaella. He removed the letter from underneath a board in the floor and turned to Vaella," We did it, I wonder what it says". She placed a hand on his shoulder," None of that, were not allowed to know, but how about this for a reward"> She pulled him close and gave him a tender kiss. He pulled back after a few moment, "Well that was a pleasant…" His body struggled to move as his limbs seized up, and he fell to the floor unable to speak. Vaella stood over him smiling playfully," I'm so sorry Ashalavastus but one of the council members has pulled a lot of strings to have you framed for this, but I know you you'll find a way out". She started to walk but stopped and turned around and walked back pressing a locket into his hand and smiling teasingly,"You always do, that's why were a great team, something to remember me by". As she departed he couldn't help but smile, how many times was he gonna fall for her trick...probably a few more times he thought to himself.

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