Instrument of War

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Instrument of War

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The well-tended hearth of the High Inquisitor's office offered not only warmth in this late winter month, but a soothing babble of sound as well. A tannic aroma spewed from the burning fir logs and settled Khorvis into a thoughtful state as he considered the letter from Supplicant Logark.
Logark wrote:To the esteemed Inquisitor Bloodstar.

I, Logark select as a trial by combat to test my resolve to the mandate and display that i have what it takes to slay the most fragile members of the alliance. Weather that be by defeating alliance on the battle field or raiding the their "dandy boy strongholds". I stand at the ready to chop the ball sacks off the alliance and feed it to them while their hearts still beat. i even would be willing to fashion as a trophy to the grim and the mandate...*ponders a bit* EUREKA!!! a harp in the shape of the horde crest with the sinew of our enemy as the strings. I look forward to a response for your critique.

For the Mandate!
For the Grim!
For the Horde!

The warrior was enthusiastic in his Inquisition, that could not be doubted. Yet still, the record keepers had little information on the orc's combat experience. That would need to be thoroughly tested.

Clearing off his messy desk with a grand sweep of his arm, Khorvis knocked onto the floor a stack of papers, an empty ale mug, a week-old, half-eaten leg of talbuk, and what might have been this month's issue of Bovine Broads. Easing forward in his chair, the Inquisitor adjusted his newly installed oculus, dizzy for only a moment. He snatched a fresh sheet of parchment, his favorite arachnid shell pen, and a crystalline jar of incarnadine ink. A blocky and direct response slowly began to cover the page.
Khorvis wrote:Supplicant Logark,

Your thirst for pinkskin blood pleases me. Many young warriors feel this fervor as they first enter the fray with an honorable standard at their back. It do be one of life's most treasured gifts to an orc with a pulse. Savor it.

This first trial of combat will train you to maintain this bloodthirst over a long campaign. You must not burn out like an untended hearth. The Mandate do be a storm that never ends and never loses her fury. So too will you be a forged into a force of nature. A bladestorm.

You do be commanded to log with the Keeper 500 honorable kills in service to the Horde. Certainly in that time you will find suitable sinew for your instrument. Sign your name to your brother Supplicant Gnarrdog's Scalp Hunt. There you will find solid support for your quest.

When the deed do be finished, crafting this harp will be half your reward. The other do be the joy of serving the Mandate. Do not fail me, Logark. You do have one month to finish your instrument of war, or face my Lash.

Peace through Annihilation,
High Inquisitor Bloodstar
[[ This is your Trial of Combat, Logark. Sign up for the Scalp Hunt and get at least 500 Honorable Kills and the associated achievement. Try to hunt with other Grim and get some PvP experience. The Scalp Hunt will end before your trial is due, so you can keep collecting kills afterwards, but you must complete the task by the Inquisition meeting of March 28th. You may post here a report of your progress of whatever trial-related in-character information you deem fit. Good luck! ]]
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Re: Instrument of War

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*A hand written Scroll is penned with care and diligence sent by first class Horde mail to the esteemed High Inquisitor sealed in red wax with the crest of our beloved Horde* It is attached to a very large crate. the crate has the Horde army crest upon it.

Throm-Ka Inquisitor Khorvis.
I Logark Have been diligently slaughtering the Pinkskin dandy boys of the Alliance in the name of The Mandate and that of The Grim and our beloved Horde. Inside the crate you will find the skulls of over 600 slain enemies, a parchment with the documentation of proof of my Braging right. Resting on top of that pile of scum and empty marrow encasing, A token of my good will to the Mandate you shall find the harp finely crafted from the bows of Nightelf hunters and the sinew made from Human quadriceps. I do hope this has pleased the mandate of my trial I look forward to everything The Grim and Its Mandate throw at me.

Supplicant Logark
((look at the top number as proof))
((look at the top number as proof))
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