The Search for Information

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The Search for Information

Unread post by Syreenna »

Syreena saluted to Khorvis when she found him upstairs in the Wyvern’s Tail. He was attempting to look stealthy, hiding in the shadows, but Syreena didn’t seem to even notice he was trying. “High Inquisitor,” she greeted, earning a nod from the rugged orc.

“Shadowblade Syreena. I do see that little Ber is ... in one piece.” Khorvis referred to the undead, patched up worg that followed at Syreena’s heel.

“You could say that. I'm not sure who's responsible for it. An anonymous gift.

“May be the same cretin who cut down your noble pup?”

“You think a rylak raised him? Or you think it wasn't a rylak that killed him?” Syreena mused aloud. “But...why would anyone want to hurt Ber?”

“You do be a woman with many enemies. I would not put it past an Alliance dog to strike at you through your pet.”

"Only Alliance?" the Shadowblade asked with a slight smirk.

“If I did recite the list, we would be here until the moon rose again.” Syreena grinned at his answer, and the two continued to make idle chitchat for a while longer as they waited. Finally, a third Grim arrived.

Lupinum greeted them and took a seat near the patchwork worg, and Khorvis began speaking on the true purpose of the meeting.

“Syreena, your skill with poison do be well known. But always I do hear of it slaying your foes. I do wonder if you know more ... mild tonics,” the High Inquisitor inquired as he leaned against the wall uncharacteristically.

“I can make potions or flasks for just about anything.”

“Anything, aye? I do wonder, is there a tincture that could blur the imbiber's memory, so that they might forget some small span of time?”

Lupinum blinked slowly while the little rogue answered thoughtfully. “Hm, I don't know if I've ever made one like that, but I could try it. I usually just whack them over the head if I want someone to not remember something. Sometimes it even works.” She looked curiously at Khorvis and asked, “Do you want to forget about your fel troubles?”

“It do not be for me, Syreena. The past do be a useful tool to learn from. And a weapon to keep away from our enemies.”

“There are also ways to manipulate the mind...,” Lupinum added, drumming his claw against the worn table. “I'm sure Lilliana knows more, but things can be... shifted into distant memory.”

“Aye, brother. But you and Lilliana do not possess the stealth needed for the first strike.

Lupinum cracked a small smile. “True enough.”

“I'm sure I can come up with something,” Syreena assured him. “Who's forgetting what?”

Khorvis ignored her question for the moment and continued speaking to the priest. “But your knowledge of the mind, especially human ones, Lupinum, may be of use to Syreena in crafting this poison. A guide for the maze, aye?”

Lupinum clacked his claws loudly. “This sounds interesting. I'm going to assume you want this... whatever this is, to be as discreet as possible?” He looked over his shoulder for a second.

Khorvis shrugged his shoulders against the wooden wall, failing to look clandestine in a positively foolish manner. “As for whom, Shadowblade, there do be scouting reports of that Cup and Blade caravan traveling through our Barrens.”

“Trespassing,” the rogue declared. “We should wipe them all out!”

“May be you do know of their lot?”

“I've heard of them. Not much--just that they're Alliance, right?”

“Aye, inferior races of the Alliance and largely peaceful, fools that they are.”

“I'm unfamiliar with the name,” Lupinum told them. “But that seems reason enough.”

“But they do travel greatly, and hear a great many things from the lips of more bloodthirsty pinkskins,” Khorvis informed them. “Lilliana's work with gathering information from the blue badges do be lacking, and I do grow impatient.” He scowled as he said the trolless’s name.

“What would you have me do?” the little rogue inquired.

Khorvis turned to Syreena with a ferverent gaze. "Move through the shadows around this Caravan and find an Alliance cur who has the look of some importance. And take them, silently.”

Syreena nodded. “I can do that.”

“And the poison,” the High Inquisitor added. “Your mark must not know your face or their captors. Our reputation does precede us and if they do know our name, they will know that death do be inevitable.”

“They won't give us information if they know they'll die anyway?” Syreena guessed.

“Would you?”

“I wouldn't anyway,” she answered, bringing a wicked grin to Khorvis’s face. “I’ll get to work on a memory loss potion right away.”

“You both will,” Khorvis ordered, and Syreena nodded. “There do be no room for error in this.”

“Of course, High Inquisitor,” Lupinum assured him.

“This ... BLOODY resurgent Eternal Aegis do be a new thorn in our side, along with that cursed Jade Lion,” the orc stated. “The high command does need to know the names of their leaders, and their lines of supply.”

“So you want me to question them after I get them away from the caravan?” Syreena asked. Khorvis grumbled with some wrath, trailed off, knowing the burden he had already placed on the two Grim.

“No, though I do not doubt that you join the Inquisitors in poking their mind with your daggers, once we have one.”

“The dungeon then?”

“We should be cautious about that,” Lupinum warned. “I fear we have loose tongues in the ranks.”

“Your duty is to secure the hostage and maintain our anonymity. Our dungeons are too obvious, and the other prisoners will gab their gums,” Khorvis clarified. “Find a quiet location, hidden away.” Syreena nodded, and Lupinum pulled out a map to look at. Khorvis appeared to relax, the element of subterfuge temporarily lifted from his unaccustomed shoulders. “That do be all I have for you two. A poison, a mark, a caravan, and silence. Lok’tar ogar, Grim.”

Lupinum tucked the map away and stood back up. He and Syreena offered their salutes to the High Inquisitor and left him with his drink to start their assignments.
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Re: The Search for Information

Unread post by Syreenna »

After some time searching the Barrens, Syreena found the group Khorvis had mentioned. She had taken extra precautions to avoid detection this evening, and she carefully stayed hidden in the shadows of the tall grass. She followed them to the Great Divide, where they stopped and talked for a while. She was close enough to hear them, but she wasn’t very proficient in common, so their words were only gibberish to her ears.

Syreena studied each one of them in turn, trying to determine which of these foul Alliance people would best fulfill the High Inquisitor’s purpose. A large Draenei man, a worgen woman, a human male in a pretty dress, a Draenei woman with a bow, a human woman, and Siane. The little rogue was tempted to mark Siane as the target for Khorvis, but she didn’t think that’s what Khorvis had in mind. Besides, The Grim had already had Siane as a guest in the garrison’s dungeon once.

She continued to study each individual. Finally, her gaze settled on one and stayed there. Syreena grinned, remembering where she’d seen this one before. Yes, this was the perfect choice for so many reasons. She snuck away to wait for the cover of darkness.

The newly remodeled secret prison would very soon have a guest.
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