Fel Expansion

The stories and lives of the Grim. ((Roleplaying Stories and In Character Interactions))
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Fel Expansion

Unread post by Khorvis » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:52 am

[[ These events initiate the following tragedy between Malhavik and Khorvis:

To Rebuild. To Bridge the Fel.
Down In A Hole.
Suspicions at Bloodstar Brewery.
The breaking of the second gem.
Lupinum's demise.

There are many other smaller stories that contribute, but the dismissal of Khorvis's call for action may have been the final straw. ]]

The High Inquisitor marched down the Grim Halls to the sanctum of Felmancer Malhavik. He was in such a state that there was no knock or consideration for the warded door.

[Malhavik]: Lasher? What a wonderful suprise.
[Khorvis]: Aka'mogosh, Brother Malhavik.
[Malhavik]: What brings you to my humble quarters?
Khorvis glances about Malhavik's sanctum, obviously unseeing of his surroundings. There is a deep concern on his brow which consumes his thoughts.
[Khorvis]: I do be troubled my nightmares, Reaper.
[Malhavik]: Nightmares hmm? Do go on.
[Khorvis]: In the visions in the little sleep that I do find, I do be surrounded by ...
Malhavik tilts his head in curiosity.
Khorvis stumbles, rubbing his head, his hand waving away any help. "Ah ... by thal'kituun. They do be all round my flanks."
Malhavik stands and looks about the room inquisitively.
[Malhavik]: Khorvis my good man you're delusional!
[Khorvis]: Do I be? The unseen threats do close in every night, slicing through each of our wards and carrying off those few still loyal to the Mandate.
[Khorvis]: Brother Lupinum...
[Malhavik]: Oh yes... I have been recently looking into Lupinums misfortune.
[Malhavik]: Rest assured the culprit will be apprehended!


[Khorvis]: Aye? What did you uncover? It MUST run deeper than just some arrogant Alliance dog!
Khorvis slams a fist into his palm.
[Malhavik]: Well the damned fool is lying for some reason I cannot fathom.
[Malhavik]: Though we did find out a good deal about who he was with the night he went missing.
[Malhavik]: Some very strange events took place.
Khorvis grunts at that. "First the High Inquisitor Aureliya. Then the taladite of my eye. Now Brother Lupinum."
[Malhavik]: How is your eye by the way?
[Khorvis]: It does pain me some days. With the socket bare, the wind can sting, and betimes maggots do find their home in my flesh. But it do be a small price to pay for my very life. For that I do thank you, Brother.
You nod at Malhavik.
[Malhavik]: T'was my pleasure good Khorvis.
[Malhavik]: Would you mind if I took a look at it? I would hate for your... erratic behavior to be linked to something of our creation.
[Khorvis]: I would be a pale one full of shame if I did not confess that in part this do be my reason for the visit.
[Malhavik]: Is that so? Well I am not as skilled in the machanil aspects of it as some others. But I can probe for any weaknesses in the magical augmentation.
Malhavik bends close to get a good look, his veil plastering its grimy self over Khorvis' face.
[Malhavik]: Hmm. This won't do.


Khorvis grunts with mild discomfort as the felmancer pokes and prods. "No matter in that. Your work did be the most important link that night. It did be my spirit that needed anchoring."
Malhavik snaps a soul shard and calls forth his watcher.
[Khorvis]: I do wonder how deep this conspiracy does run through our ranks ... I begin to question even the orders of the Commander.
[Malhavik]: Morgok here, is a master of perception.
Khorvis nods unconcernedly to the observer.
Malhavik withdaws a several instruments from his robes and begins widening the aperture.
[Malhavik]: You may feel some pressure...
Khorvis grunts as the bones remaining in his face are tested. "If only I did be able to see through the lies and deceptions of those who would claw down the Mandate from within..."
Malhavik continues to speak as he works on the device." Their eyes are very special. The very liquid containing them hold properties of magical sight."
[Malhavik]: If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to place a liquid producing gland above the device in your skull.
[Malhavik]: If all goes well it should keep the device coated, resulting in a new sight.


[Khorvis]: May be this will also keep at bay those festering maggots...
[Malhavik]: I suspect it would.
[Khorvis]: Do what be necessary for our great purpose, brother felmancer.
Khorvis tilts his head back and grinds his teeth with one eye shut.
Malhavik turns to the demon, and casually plucks out an eye. The demon, hisses and bears its wicked teeth but remains motionless.
Khorvis gives the observer an absentminded if affectionate tug on a drooping tentacle.
Malhavik diggs around in teh demons empty socket until he produces yellow slimy gland, which he then carefully eases into Khorvis' eye hole.
[Malhavik]: I'm sure it will sting for a few days while it bonds to your flesh.
[Malhavik]: And I'm not entirely certain what new sights you will gain, I would appreciate detailed updates.
Malhavik leans back inspecting his work.
Khorvis snarls as the visceral fluid binds to the upper inside of his eye socket. The flesh warps and shifts, taking on a sickly purple and greenish cast. "Stings like a bloody razorlash!"
Malhavik lets out a hearty chuckle.
[Malhavik]: I could give you a few herbs to ddull the pain if you wish.
Khorvis backs away from the "surgeon" and shakes his head.
[Khorvis]: My senses do not need dulling at this crucial time, brother.
Malhavik points to a gem in chest of his robes.
[Malhavik]: Have a look.
Khorvis raises his gaze to Malhavik's veil. A green light flashes within the eldritch device and Khorvis 'sees' more than he had before thought possible.


[Khorvis]: I do see the distant memory of a brother warrior ... no. A brother of a brother? Fear. Nothing but fear.
Malhavik claps excitedly for you.
[Malhavik]: Wonderful news! To see fear, is a powerful tool.
[Khorvis]: Do this be the gift of your dae'mon, felmancer?
[Malhavik]: I'd be lying if I didn't say I worked a little of my own magics.
Khorvis crosses his arms but does not seem angry. More calculating, and part impressed.
[Malhavik]: Though the ability to see fear, I suspect is the demons work.
[Malhavik]: We'll have to wait and see if my gift takes root.
[Khorvis]: You did be wrong of one part.
[Malhavik]: Oh?
[Khorvis]: The pain do be gone. The sting I can not even remember.
Khorvis cracks his neck as the green light disappates.
[Malhavik]: How unexpected.
Khorvis rubs his jaw. "May be some flesh of the felmancer Akorharil's pet do be writhing for me. It do be no concern of mine."
Khorvis rubs his jaw. "May be some flesh of the felmancer Akorharil's pet do be writhing for me. It do be no concern of mine."
[Malhavik]: Writhing hmm? You may want to have that looked into Khorvis.
[Malhavik]: Playing with demons can have drastic consequences.
Khorvis rips a snort that could carry the whole of the Great Sea were it snot.
[Malhavik]: When... Did you start learning Eruden?
[Khorvis]: Eredun? What do be this?
[Malhavik]: A language that does not belong on your tongue.
[Malhavik]: Twice now I've heard it part from your lips.
[Khorvis]: Then you do need to have the seers check your hearthstone for interference. May be the echo of the Dark Portal be causing some static.
[Khorvis]: I do speak Orcish, Common, and some Ogre.
[Khorvis]: This Eredun be foreign to my tongue.
Malhavik stares at Khorvis in silent thought.
[Malhavik]: I see... Have you seen Akorharil of late?
[Malhavik]: I have want to speak with him.
[Khorvis]: The last time I did lay eyes on that felmancer, he did be worming some plot amongst the Supplicants. Harmless felmancer plotting, to empower his dae'mons, I do wager. But I did not need the headache, and sent the warlock packing.
[Malhavik]: Ah yes I recall.
[Malhavik]: Well then, should you have any concerns, no matter how small, about your augments please see me at once.
Khorvis reclasps his helm and feedbag with a muffled grunt.
[Khorvis]: Once again, I do be in your debt, Reaper Malhavik.
[Malhavik]: I fear there may have been some side effects we did not anticipate.
[Khorvis]: Fear do be the last of our worries. I will see it coming!
You cackle maniacally at Malhavik.
[Malhavik]: Yes, of course.
[Khorvis]: Peace, Malhavik. Until our flesh do fail us, and haunting we do go to Stormwind.
Khorvis gives Malhavik a salute that covers his good eye.
[Malhavik]: Farewell then Lasher, see our enemies with certainty.
Malhavik bows down graciously.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Khorvis » Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:22 am

[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Grims.
[Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Hello, hello!
[Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Anyone care to join miss Syreena and I on a fun filled expidition to the frontlines?
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: Throm'ka, Guardian.
[Yemana-TwistingNether]: Hail, brother.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: Many stormy nights on Draenor have seen their watch pass without the your bulwark of hide, sister.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Hey, Yemana!
[Yemana-TwistingNether]: I cannot split myself in two, my friend. Trust that I have been guarding our brethren elsewhere.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: Gor'om haguul. We do welcome you back into our great campaign.
[Borghul-TwistingNether]: Evenin'.
[Yemana-TwistingNether]: Hail.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: *gruntS*
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Evening, Commander.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Well met.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: *static and the racket of drills and hammers*
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: What the hell is that?
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: What are you doing>
[Emmons-TwistingNether]: The sound of progress.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: If you ain't got a goblin crew, you're doing it wrong.
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: Inquisitor?
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: What?! Another interruption this night and A-rul shach kigon!
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: What the hell did you just say?
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: What was that?
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: He speaking demonic again?
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: Yes.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Again?
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: That cannot be a good thing, right?
[Ulrezaj-TwistingNether]: It kin only mean his servitude be changin' more indefinitely if it does go too far.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Hmmm.
[Ulrezaj-TwistingNether]: A third-party maybe at play here.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: What is this jabber of the Mad that does vandalize our hearthstones?
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Well, had anyone *cough inquisitors cough* listened we could have done something far sooner than now.
[Ulrezaj-TwistingNether]: Tell him not to swim in fel sludge s'much.
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: What did you just say to me?
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Khorvis, I'm going say it, you got something in your head and it ain't right.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: I believe your... mechanism is improperly tuned.
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: Dissent! I do intend to show you how well attuned the work of our brother felmancers IS! Brother Malhavik greatly did ease my pain this very day.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Oh, did he?
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Boss, I don't think this is a mechinical issue, this orc hasn't been right since he started heading into Tanaan more.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Mal saw you today?
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: What of it, thal'kituun?
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: What did he do?
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: *rips a snort that could rival the Maelstrom* Words do no longer be the cloak of traitors under which to cower. I do show you, Shadowblade. Look to the twin trees outside our walls come dawn.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Okay...the walls of the garrison or the walls of the guild hall?
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Did you just call her a traitor?
[Khorvis-TwistingNether]: *the orc shoves his hearthstone next to the one built into the High Inquisitor's office, releasing an ear-piercing feedback until each individual silences Khorvis's frequency*
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: GAH!
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: *Screeches like a girl* BOSS! Should we go check on him?
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: No. He's mad. He walks away from talking to me all the time. You mad him angry.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: I make everyone angry, they usually just try to hit me, this is different.
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: Well, you aren't in hitting range. He just walked away, so to speak.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Inaction is what lead to the decay of the lasher's mind, yet we continue to do nothing when he slips farther away from the mandate.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Most concerning. Seek him out, but remain cautious. He may be dangerous.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Well, he isn't in the tavern, that's all I know.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Anyone else have any ideas, because he isn't outside the tavern either.
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: I'm going to bed. May be I can still find some rest before the wee hours before dawn.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: I do not know where he spends his time, beyond battlefields.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Well, an insane fel orc, on the loose. How can this be a bad thing?
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: He'd fit right in in Tanaan.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: *eating noises* The elf in the tavern basement hasn't seen him either.
[Kerala-Ravenholdt]: Who cares where he is now? Go look for the trees. You can wait for him to come to you.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: Bor'ghul is trustworthy, as is Greebo.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Bor'ghul is mean.
[Awatu-TwistingNether]: You can be mean, too.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Well...
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Borghul was nice to Kiz, anyone who can be nice to him has got to be alright, for Greebo, I don't know.
[Gazreeth-Ravenholdt]: Might be time to put up more defenses at my garrison, not sure what is about to go down.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: Did you find him? I'm coming back to the garrison to help.
[Syreena-TwistingNether]: If I'm not needed at the garrison, I'm going to the Brokenspear for a drink. Someone come join me!

[[ The work of Daxxum and Kerala lead up to this crucible. ]]

The self-winding reciprocal crankshaft snapped into place. Twenty-seven titansteel screws whirled under the pressure of a pneumatic hose, insulated by whaleshark cartilage; the tool secured the nine truesteel chains into the gearage. At the tip of each chain was bolted a barb, every one bearing a different lightning rune, etched in the stormy indigo of promised thunder. They crackled wildly as a trough poured its contents of draenei blood over the heated Lash, quenching the now jet-black metal in a raucous tempering.

Khorvis lifted the darkening pommel from the mangled core of an Empowered Construct and inserted the final piece into the end of his beloved weapon. The bowels of the Guild Hall began to glow as the magnificent contraption took on a sluggish life of its own, the hilt throbbing in offbeat staccato with the forges. Quicker and quicker the talons thrashed at the end of their leashes until the entire Lash was alive with the rhythm of the High Inquisitor’s bated breath.
One of the conscripted goblin attendants timidly worked to put away the pneumatic drill. The small creature cringed as the attention of the one once known as the Tempered fell upon his diminutive form. A green flare distantly reflected within the depths of the orc’s empty socket - a hole sickeningly widened by a recent operation and glistening with the dae’monic froth from the felmancer Malhavik’s observer.

“You. Insect. I do sense the bittersweet salt of avarice on your breath.” A single thread of truesteel barbs snaked their way over the stone workfloor towards the goblin’s feet. The worker scrambled away in a backwards crabwalk, desperately kicking at the lightninged tip that taunted his boots. Khorvis advanced with the Lash clutched in his gauntlet.

“Did the coffers of the Grim not be enough to quench the arid greed of your throat? Did you also covet the very Vault of the Mandate?! Katra zil shukil!” The orc howled and actuated the newly forged device. All nine chains whipped forwards found their mark in the goblin’s flesh. Lightning runes channeled the eons of despair before the barbs did their grisly work, ripping and rending muscle and bone.

The Lasher marched out of the workshop with the chains trailing behind before the crankshaft rapidly spooled them into a tight coil at the orc’s side. A sickly mass of bloody gore was all that remained of the accused worker, entirely eviscerated except for twin wrists that bore the marks of Kor’kron chains. Scars from Hellscream’s dungeons, later carried as badges of liberated pride.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Kerala » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:08 pm

((It's dawn! The sky is awake, so I am awake!
Did that thing really just kill a goblin in one hit?!?))

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Khorvis » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:37 pm

The march began in the small hours of the night.

The entire regiment of conscripted forsaken footmen was diverted from its duty at the Bulwark and armed with shackles, nooses, and wickedly hooked pikes. The High Inquisitor signed off on their post assignments and formed them into three fists. Two armored orcs accompanied Khorvis, each taking the lead of a squad. Clearly unsuited for the campaign in Draenor, these two ex-Kor’kron were that night discharged from their holding cells in the Undercity and ordered to follow Khorvis to the outpost near the Plaguelands.


Grik’nish, carried the weight of five death sentences, each issued from villages through the Barrens and Ashenvale for crimes against nature and the ancestors. A wicked burn-mark ran across the bridge of his nose and around a hole where his left ear once was. The once haughty dark shaman, now stripped of his powers and demoted to carrying a simple cudgel, marched with hunched shoulders and a simmering anger in his beady black eyes.

Commanding the other fist was the imposing Oggok Ug’throk. Standing over eight feet tall and encased in newly forged plate, the unrepentant Kor’kron butcher took an unhealthy glee in the task set before him in the night. His chest puffed out with each massive stride and he lorded over the fearful, if questioning, stares that the footmen cast his way. The axe strapped to Oggok’s back could cleave an ancient protector with one stroke.

The torchlight of the regiment shone on a broken tower some hundred yards from the road to the old Balnir farmstead. Scarlet Crusade holdouts were rounded up after a pitifully short battle – the humans dropped their swords after Oggok decapitated two with one vicious backstroke of his greataxe – and manacles were clamped around their pinkskinned wrists and ankles. Great confusion and disbelief hung like a cloud over the prisoners as they were herded West along the old road leading to Brill.


The Gallow’s End Tavern still kept a dismal flame burning in its ancient hearth, for few of the undead guests would be bothered by the heat even in Lordaeron’s tempered summer. There was no knock as Grik’nish and his fist of footmen smashed through the door, worn by the hands of generations of patrons. Innkeeper Renee, ever gracious and unflappable, turned from toweling clean a tankard and opened her rouged lips to sternly greet – her jaw hit the stone floor as Grik’nish’s cudgel connected with the crown of her skull. “Weapons on the ground, hands on your filthy scalps!” the orc snarled at the motley collection of drunkards and merchants who kept late hours. The startled guests and regulars complied and were fitted with shackles of their own, necks ringed with steel gorgets linked by chains to their neighbors.


They were shoved outside into the village square in crying masses around the statue of Sylvannas. Khorvis Bloodstar sat astride Bes’thra and watched all of Brill’s dwellings emptied of their occupants. Gazing over the terrified villagers, the eldritch socket periodically flashed green, and the Inquisitor pointed a gauntleted finger at individuals seemingly at random. Their families and friends cried out in protest as the selected were fitted with restraints of their own, but the well-ordered regiment silenced the screams with batons or fisted blows. With the same quick violence that the Inquisition had arrived, it marched out the village gates with their captives in tow, into the northern forests of Tirisfal.

A clearing widened in the midst of the ancient pines. At the center stood the dead tree and its living mate, a bush clinging to life atop a rounded boulder. The chained ones were arranged in a long line before the centerpieces and ordered to face them. Khorvis marched up between the two plants and rooted his boots in a wide stance with which to address the miserable assembly.


“This do be a place of judgment.”

The High Inquisitor ran his newfound sight over the detained forsaken and humans. Helmetless, his face was a thunderhead. Even the deathguard conscripts shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny, perhaps questioning their fresh crimes against their neighbors. Oggok snickered.

“Here in this clearing before the gates of the Grim – your sworn PROTECTORS – did the flesh of our dear brother Lupinum be sundered. As a butcher would a calf! Unforgiveable!”

Khorvis dropped a hand to his side and unclasped the Lash from his legplate. The foul machine trilled an excited whine as the chains were released and given enough slack to undulate a dark promise. Thunder could be heard in the distance – whether it came from the runes of the Lash or the encroaching storm to the North above the Great Sea, one could not say with certainty.

“Each one of you sorry curs will be judged by the eye of the Inquisition. If it does find the guilt or fear of a lie to be outed, the Lash will settle the account of your debt. Kor’kron! We do begin!”

The grisly work of Khorvis’s investigation to discover the murderer of brother Lupinum lasted until the first rays of dawn happened upon the clearing. With the light came a scene of horrifying waste. A literal swamp of gore surrounded the dead tree. Dozens of shredded limbs and heads made reeking piles, linked by the innards of eviscerated torsos. A closer inspection would reveal the attempts of several villagers to escape the massacre; the mad scramble shearing at chained collars that eventually severed the heads of their own neighbors and families.

The chained ones were each found guilty of some transgression, to the last soul. Even a contingent of the deathguard was Lashed for some perceived mutiny, their bodies piled with those they had been conscripted to defend. Only Grik’nish and Oggok escaped unscathed, ultimately revolted and screaming like the Mad through the darkened pines of Tirisfal.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Syreenna » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:35 pm

"I do show you, Shadowblade," Khorvis had told her over the guild's hearthstone yesterday. "Look to the twin trees outside our walls come dawn."

So Syreena arrived at the location just before the sun rose with Ber at her heels. She arrived just in time to see the last of the deathguards Lashed as she stared at the carnage. She'd been in large scale battles before, so the blood and guts itself didn't bother her. But the manner in which these people had been slaughtered--bound and chained and brutally mass-murdered....

She saw two giant orcs run off, and she turned her attention to Khorvis. It was obvious there was something wrong with him. Anyone could see that. She'd even gone so far as to wonder if it could have been him who had torn Lupin apart. Now, seeing him standing over this massacre, the idea did not seem so farfetched.

He needed to be stopped. She slipped into the shadows, drawing her blades as she started to move towards him, but then she stopped. If she failed to secure him herself, she could well end up in pieces on one of those bloody piles of body parts, and maybe nobody would know what happened. After a moment's consideration, she turned back to the guild hall, where she would head straight to the Commander's office.
The Shadowblade

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Lilliana » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:47 pm

((dear god, I don't even know how to reply to this horror!))

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Kerala » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:00 pm

Kerala was usually a light and nervous sleeper. It's why she'd had so much trouble adjusting to the Grim garrison and all it's new sounds and unfamiliarity. With the high inquisitor's announcement that he had something to show at dawn the next morning, the druid found herself unable to rest. She was nervous.

Toad was no help, and even he soon grew annoyed at the druid's fidgeting. The frog left to find sleep in a hollow of his own making in the dirt and gravel of Kerala's space beside the waterfall.

Kerala laid awake. Whatever Khorvis was doing, it didn't involve her. If Lupinum had revealed the full truth of how he had ended up torn to pieces in Tirisfal, she was certain someone would have come for her, so this wasn't that. Still....

The druid finally began to see a lightening in the sky. Color slowly began to bleed into the world. She sat up. Dawn was a long way off, but she intended to watch the glory of the sky as it changed. She quietly crossed the waterfall, and made her way out of the garrison.

Warspear was quiet in the lightening dimness. The ones ones stirring were those in the service industries. Cooks, hostlers tending animals. They performed their duties with a hushed sort of reverence for the stillness of night, as if they would hasten the chaos of the day by being loud. Kerala passed them all and left the town behind, making for the beach.

The sky was cloudless, but the approach of the sun still colored it. First pale and uncertain, and then with surprising swiftness. The black sky became gray, and then softly yellow, and then began to blush an orangey-pink. Black water began to glow with the reflected color, so much lighter than the inky sand. Waves rushing toward shore became curls of darkness, then glittered as thrown spray scattered upwards in droplets. The color of the sky began to deepen on the horizon.


The paler orange above intensified, then gave way to a vibrant scarlet meeting the deep purple waterline of a hazy horizon. Finally, a spot began to burn golden. A sliver of fire peeked above the horizon. All around it was the deepest scarlet, turned dark from the ocean's haze that had not yet burned away. It was almost like blood.

It was dawn.

Kerala eyed the growing ring of pure light a moment longer, then pulled out her hearthstone and willed it to take her to the guild hall. She immediately stepped outside and shifted, becoming feathered and groundless. Her wings took her swiftly to the top of the wall surrounding the grounds. She landed with the slight scraping of talons on stone. Her head looked out and down, searching with the bird's magnified sight.

She stared at the results of the massacre, her bird face hard and expressionless.

((Here Lilli, have a pretty picture I took))
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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Lilliana » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:36 pm

Dawn. She was usually up by then, although most probably wouldn't believe it.

This morning she had risen, and gone outside at once, remembering the announcement given. Her wind rider was waiting patiently for her, and the priestess flew up into the air. She saw Kerala in her bird form. This is how Lilliana had met the druid first, while she was comatose while in a birds feathered form. She landed beside her, her winged lion balancing with surprising grace upon the strong stone.

"Kerala?" Her gentle blue eyes followed the gaze of the druids She certainly did not have the bird's special sight....but she could see well enough. "What.......?" Her voice sounded off....with a hint of panic? Perhaps, can never really tell with Lilliana. "Kerala, come with me." The priestess did not even have to direct her mount, for he flew off in the direction of all that carnage.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Gazreeth » Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:35 pm

Gaz walked into the hall after a long night of drinking. His first hang over since his death, he didn't even know that could happen. There was a foul smell in the air, not the usual air of Death he had become used to. Staggering about he followed the smell, he found a large room with many pieces of metal, broken machines, and what looked like various torture instruments. Then he saw it, the smell that brought him to the room. A dead goblin, obviously lashed to death. Gaz's eyes lit up in a icey rage. He picked up a wrench that was next to the goblin. Garvin Gearsprocket was etched in the handle. He placed the wrench in his bag, collected the pieces of the body. "His family will be compensated for this, not just in money, but in blood if it must be." He began leaving the hall with a body bag in tow. He saw some other grims in the distance. Hopped on his drake, flew overhead and saw the carnage, he noticed they had the same wounds as Garvin. "This is what silencing people gets you. How am I supposed to just sit here and ignore this atrocity in order for the inquisitors to save face?." Gaz flew off heading toward the Orgrimmar Zeppelin.

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Unread post by Kerala » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:22 pm

Kerala wasn't surprised to be ordered to follow the trolless, rather then be asked. The only difference between this and the scenes of battle in the desert, was that here, Forsaken were involved. It was possible, though unlikely, that some might have survived. So to speak.

She dropped off the wall, falling briefly before her wings snapped open and transferred downward momentum to forward. She flew after Lilliana and angled down to where the troll had landed. She shifted in the air, landing on her own hooves.

Up close, the smell was strong, and the colors more pronounced. The druid unslung her spear without a word, and began prodding every now and then as she surveyed the gory mess. Her face was blank, and her mouth tightly closed. She used the stone tip of the weapon to push aside limbs or viscera, uncovering heads.

She looked into glassy-eyed slack faces searching for any with the tell-tale glow of undead life.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Khorvis » Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:27 pm

The ascending stairs of the hidden tower. They once seemed oppressive and awesome to Khorvis, when he assumed the mantle of High Inquisitor. Now they appeared to his twisted sight as laughably small – a mere anthill to climb and survey his dominion. And so he did. Passing again each of the aging portraits of Inquisitors past, the orc was blind to their stern looks of admonition. The askew frame containing the Shadowblade nearly fell from its perch as Khorvis mounted the final step and took his watch at the oculus.

So thin were the spidery glass panes that separated the retreat from the raw Nether beyond that thin tendrils of starstuff occasionally traipsed their way past the orc’s flesh and tauntingly flicked at his empty socket. In the chaotic light of that galactic hell, the High Inquisitor’s eldritch device appeared to expand to a nauseating diameter, the socket ranging from his cheek to his scalp. Foul green light traced along wiring between the brass plates, urged on by the Nether whisps that played along the metal and within the cavity.

“Guilty,” Khorvis uttered for at least the tenth time at the void. “Every last one of their rotting corpses did be guilty of some crime against the progress of the Mandate. Did it be stealing from the Horde, shorting their neighbors in dishonor, or trading with the Scarlets, they all did harbor fear and a lie. The vision that brother Malhavik did gift me did show it all!”

The oculus casing shook as the warrior slammed a gauntlet against the stone. “And not one word breathed before death to concern the murder of Reaper Lupinum! How do this be possible?!” Khorvis growled his frustration and continued to beat against the panes. “No more disrespect of the Mandate! It does not be tolerable!” The orc was shaking as his fist broke through into the Nether.

It was not with a great ‘whoosh’ or explosion that the tower connected with its fel neighbor. Rather, like opening a well-greased window on a balmy summer’s day, the oculus shattered and drifted lazily into the great beyond. An elysian breeze wandered charmingly into the stone spire, reminiscent of indulgent evenings upon the shores of the Devouring Sea. Memories of Zeth’kur and her idyllic youth flooded the mind of Khorvis and his jaw ran slack, agape. His mother, Vymae. Honest. Loyal. Committed to the Clan. Khorval, ever the stern father, but fair. Even handed in his punishments and praises on their fishing voyages.

And then there was Wren. All the forgiveness that Khorvis had forged for himself through the hellish operation by the felmancers came welling in like the crumbling banks of the Southfury as the snows of Hyjal melted in Spring. The hand of his brother reached out from the Nether and clasped his outstretched palm. Khorvis’s right eye rolled back and up into his head, the left socket viewing the entire scene in crystal clear euphoria. A single word resonated within the mind of the Inquisitor. All became obvious – the means to rout the Alliance dogs, to safeguard the havens of the Horde, and to purge the hidden traitors within the Grim itself. Brother Lupinum would be avenged and the Grim would sit triumphant upon a throne of skulls. The same word echoed over and over in the voice of Wren.


Khorvis knew what he must do. The fel green light within his eyesocket burned ceaselessly and leaked through his veins down to the Lash at the orc’s side. He hooked his fingers through the mechanism and it came to life with startling violence. Down the tower stairs he marched, the tendrils of the Lash whipping over the stairwell and tearing a chaotic path across the Inquisition portraiture.
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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Neevah » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:18 am

Ruuki had sent a missive to Lilliana as soon as she'd seen firsthand Khorvis' handiwork. This was almost beyond their control, but they couldn't put it off any longer. It was clear that the High Inquisitor was no longer in control of himself, and they had to stop this. She waited in the Office of the Inquisition for Lilliana to show up, hand on her sword should Khorvis come through the door instead.

18:39:31 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Hey, Ruuki, you in here? *comes running in* Yes, you are!!!!
18:39:41 Ruuki-TwistingNether winces at the shout, then turns to see Lilliana entering the office. Fortunately, Khorvis was out, giving them the peace they needed to discuss things.
18:40:05 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: Where else would I be?
18:40:45 Ruuki-TwistingNether sighs, wanting to smile at her friend, but there's too much going on. "We'll need to be quick, I'm not sure when he'll return."
18:42:21 Lilliana-TwistingNether looks through the office, at the pile of messy papers, the pictures on the walls. She rarely comes in here, honestly. She turns to Ruuki, her childish face clouded with worry, she seems to pick up on Kerala's thought and actually replies to it, "There >
18:42:44 Lilliana-TwistingNether > is much too much going on." She agrees. "I haven't seen Khorvis since like....yeah. Hopefully he want just waltz in here."
18:44:02 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: Have you heard the whispers of the carnage he's been leaving? I couldn't believe it until I'd seen the latest one myself.
18:44:51 Ruuki-TwistingNether leans a hip against her own desk, arms crossed. "He's... too far gone to really be entrusted with the Inquisition. The warlocks have done something to him, Awatu suspects as much, but it's up to us to regain control of the Inquisition."
18:45:46 Lilliana-TwistingNether 's gentle eyes look towards the floor, "I didn't just hear the whispers, I saw it. With Kerala. That's a great thing for a Supplicant to witness." Her voice sounds extremely torn, almost desperate, as she speaks with Ruuki. "Awatu stated that we're >
18:46:33 Lilliana-TwistingNether > in charge. I get that." She pauses, and looks up to the taller Inquisitor, Lilliana really is a short little troll beside her. "He also wants to hold Khorvis, so we can figure out what is wrong with him. And I hear you about the warlocks. I just >
18:47:03 Lilliana-TwistingNether > like hope that they didn't realize that what they did fucked him up. I mean, this is Khorvis. He lives and breaths the Mandate. This is not him....and Awatu seemed to acknowledge that...thank goodness."
18:47:48 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: I have a feeling the warlocks- Akorharil and Malhavik in particular- know full well what they are doing. My concern is our assault into Tanaan has corrupted them.
18:48:47 Ruuki-TwistingNether meets Lilliana's eyes, her expression hardened slightly and determined. "We have to take him down. I will be challenging him at tonight's Inquisition. We need to prove to the Grim, and to ourselves, that we are not all corrupted."
18:48:49 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Are they going to be at the Inquisition tonight, Ruuki? If Khorvis shows up in between his escapades, and they are both there? *she pauses* Wait, we cant' start blaming either of them just yet, we don't know...
18:49:36 Lilliana-TwistingNether pauses again and looks at Ruuki and her hardened expression.
18:49:57 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: I'm not accusing them, at least not yet. But the suspicion is there. Awatu vouched for three of our warlocks, Greebo, Ul-rezaj, and Bor'ghul. I want to strip Khorvis of his weapons and lock him up, and let them see what the hell is going on.
18:50:04 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: If Awatu trusts them, then I will trust them.
18:50:54 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I can vouch for Ulrezaj. *she nods her head* Most certainly for him. *she actually can't believe those words coming out of her mouth regarding Ulrezaj, but she knows the Souleater*
18:51:40 Lilliana-TwistingNether nods her head slowly to Ruuki, "I want to do that too. We need our Khorvis back." She says this almost childishly, but something in her demeanor says that the way she would be willing to go about obtaining what she wants isn't very childish at all.
18:52:23 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: If you are alright with it, I want to invite Sunderpalm to the meeting. His monk talents, especially in pressure points and disabling foes, might be what we need to subdue Khorvis.
18:55:27 Lilliana-TwistingNether looks surprised for a moment, "Of course I'd be alright with it." She nods her head energetically. "Ruuki, whatever we can do, whatever we can sort out." There is a brief pause, "Syreena can also be a help. We can depend on her, you know."
18:55:55 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I'll do whatever I can to back you up. *she looks at Ruuki, and fidgets from side to side as she continues to speak* You know that I have never had much of a chance in fighting Khorvis, but I can heal you.
18:56:25 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: I feel confident enough that I should be able to overpower him, but I will gladly accept whatever heals you can throw my way- and whatever you can do to trip him up.
18:56:39 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: We cannot fail in this, Lilliana. Too much rides on it.
18:56:51 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I can get into his head. *she nods, and then frowns deeply* Um......................
18:57:36 Ruuki-TwistingNether shakes her head. "No, I think that's too risky. We don't know what might happen once you're in there." She tilts her head slightly as the Priestess paused. "What is it?"
19:00:37 Lilliana-TwistingNether sticks her hands into her pockets, looking like a lost child. She looks back to the ground, brooding. When she looks back up, her expression hasn't hardened, isn't dark at all, in fact her eyes>
19:00:37 Lilliana-TwistingNether > remain rather gentle in their expression. But still, her eyes narrow, and that's enough. "I understand how much rides on it. We're looking at...I don't even want to say what we're looking at."
19:03:28 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: The Grim are losing faith in the Inquisition, and we would be failing the Mandate if we do not act. *she sighs, glancing over at Khorvis' buried desk* We will take him down and bring him to heel for his actions.
19:05:07 Lilliana-TwistingNether nods her head slowly, her lips now pursed. That is exactly what she meant by what they were looking at. Her gaze follows Ruuki's, and she adds, "And the others that are responsible for fucking him up." At this, her voice has turned cold. Childish and >
19:05:37 Lilliana-TwistingNether > smooth still in tone, with that faint hint of a gnomish accent within the orcish...no hint of a zandarli accent at all....but now rather cold.
19:07:27 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: They will be brought in in due time. For now, we deal with the immediate threat, though the location picked for the meeting only adds to the danger. *She snorts in mild irritation* He picked the Throne of Kil'jaeden, of all places.
19:07:48 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Yeah, what the hell was with that?
19:08:36 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: My assumption is he is seeking to give himself more of an advantage without realizing it. So we will nee to be careful. *She glanced at her hearthstone* I need to go track down Sunderpalm and ensure he's sober enough for this. Can you speak with Syreen
19:08:42 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: *Syreena?
19:09:16 Lilliana-TwistingNether looks Ruuki over, considering the cool head that her Inquisition sister has on her shoulders. She appreciates it, and perhaps Ruuki can tell that Lilliana feels that way by her simple body language. She nods her head, "I'll go get her now, and fill her>
19:09:19 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: > in.
19:10:03 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: And not a word to any save Awatu and the select few we are bringing into this. Travel light and swift.
19:10:21 Lilliana-TwistingNether makes a gagging sound over Khorvis seeking an advantage at the chosen site. She does not look one bit pleased, "Freaking Khorvis.....you jackass...." She mutters.
19:11:01 Ruuki-TwistingNether shakes her head slightly as she gets up to go. "It will not do him any good. Of that, I can promise you."
19:11:43 Lilliana-TwistingNether shakes her head, "No, it won't. We'll get the job done, I just hope it's the way we want it done."
19:12:09 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: The means to an end are not always enjoyable, even when the ends are what matters.
19:12:13 Lilliana-TwistingNether sounds sad.
19:13:35 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: But we must have the fortitude and conviction to see it through to the very end.
19:13:49 [Ruuki-TwistingNether]: Now, we should depart before he finds us here.
19:14:30 Lilliana-TwistingNether looks at Ruuki and raises a brow, "It's not like that has ever been a problem for me." Her voice has gone flat, and she turns to leave with Ruuki, now intent on finding Syreena.

With that, the two parted ways to find their respective companions to aid them with their plan.

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Neevah » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:18 am

((I don't know how to do the color coding, I only just d'led Elephant tonight))

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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Akorharil » Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:59 pm

Akorharil drummed his fingers against the cold, hay-strewn stone floor of his cell in irritation and heaved an annoyed sigh. Last night's Inquisition atop the Throne of Kil'jaeden had been a complete and utter disaster, and it was now abundantly clear that the raw fel-energies of the corrupted Tanaan Jungle had completely overwhelmed his still-tenuous mental domination over the Inquisitor. The old orc cursed beneath his breath. The fool had drawn far too much attention to the situation. The mood swings had been benign enough for the majority of the Grim to dismiss without much examination, but his unprovoked massacre of noncombatants at Brill had been completely beyond the pale! He had left the rest of the leadership with no other alternative but to remove him from his position as High Inquisitor. Now Bloodstar lay unconscious under heavy guard in the Guild infirmary, while the warlock was left to rot in the dungeon beneath the barracks under charges of incompetence.

Akorharil chuckled darkly to himself, amused by the unfolding histrionics. Incompetence! Such a tame accusation meant that while the Commander may have suspected his treachery, he lacked even an ounce of proof to back up any theories he might have. He smiled, secure in his knowledge that no such evidence existed to be found. It also meant that the warlock now had carte blanche to move against his enemies within the guild with none being the wiser; he was, after all, safely locked away beneath the ice and snow of Frostfire Ridge. As far as his companions were concerned, he was now no longer a threat. He closed his eyes, allowing his mind to slowly drift upon the dark and chaotic eddies of the Twisting Nether. The Grim were fools. Remmanon Akorharil did not require his freedom to carry out his whims.


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Re: Fel Expansion

Unread post by Kerala » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:29 am

((Ooh! After reading some of the old stuff here, I'm very excited to see Azraelthalas!))

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