A final trial of service

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A final trial of service

Unread post by Khorvis »

The pipe smoke and dark laughter of Brokenspear Tavern's patrons was nearly as oppressive as the bustle of elbows and tusks from their owners at the bar. High Inquisitor Bloodstar jockeyed for room at the already-worn serving table and guarded his drink and papers jealously from the various tribes of Horde coming and going. It was a poor location to attempt his paperwork, but having secured a seat, the orc was loathe to give it up. Focusing on the correspondence, Khorvis scanned the note delivered by Yersine one night past:
Gallid wrote:High Inquisitor Khorvis, I have sent my servant to deliver you this message to you personally as i have been busy on cleansing this land of the alliance scum. While taking brief intermissions i did happen to meet up with the three Grim you had asked me to seek out.

First i met Harbinger Malbrignon; We talked about the mandate for a great while. During this time i had learned several things. First i was almost shocked by what the shadow priest was saying almost thinking that he was betraying us and working for the alliance only to realize that he does not recognize the alliance as even existing. I also learned that the mandate is not just about slaying and killing all those who appose us, but also loving. Not in the sense of falling in love, but more so on the fact that we need to learn to love each other on a spiritual type level. Not only that but that the Grim is not built on a revenge type mentality like i had been for so long, but rather making Azoroth as a whole a better place. He also let me know that there have been grim before me that have tried to skate by with the mandate, and trials. He made it clear that it had happened to him once, and that it would never happen again.

The second person i met several days later was Reaper Akorharil although i still have many questions about "our peaceful end" I am proud to say that i did learn a few things from this great warlock. One of which is that I am considered a waste of time to many in the Grim till i have proven myself by completing these tasks. While i have met many of the Grim and they have seem to have tolerated me rather well. It seems that many do not want to waist there time with me as there has been many supplicants who have tried and failed to make the cut with the Grim. Second was that the trials that do undergo do not have to pertain to feats of strength, or common customs; but that they can consist of anything that my Inquisitor may deem a challenge that he/she thinks i may not be able to complete. Or even something that they think will teach me a lesson in something that i may need to learn.

Lastly I spoke with Reaper Gazreeth Goldteeth, While this was the shortest of my conversations he made it incredibly clear about one thing. The Grim does not play. i asked him to teach me more about what he meant. He only gave me a few brief sentences before we were done. He holds the record for the Fastest trial completion in Grim history. There is a reason for this and that is he has dedicated every fabric of his soul to the mandate and that he is ready and willing to die by any of his brethren at any moments notice to insure the sanctity of the Grim. He also stated that he would not hesitate to kill any man woman or child if needed. He warned me that i should be ready, and willing to do the same. That was all that was said left in shock I mounted and returned to my garrison to complete my tasks at hand, and have this letter delivered.
"Hrmph, so this one thinks to prove himself with the haste by which he conquers his Inquisition. Phaw! There do be no sloppy work beneath the Mandate! But, may be Supplicant Gallid will get the chance to take Reaper Gazreeth's title for himself."

Khorvis chuckled to himself and set about crafting a suitable Trial of Sacrifice for the hasty death knight.
Khorvis wrote:Supplicant Gallid,

Well done on the completion of your Trial of Resolve. Do take the teaching of your superiors to heart. Their knowledge did come at great price, and all of their words do bear some weight. The Grim does be both the axe and the buckler of the Horde, in attack and defense of its own. I do not ask you to die for the Mandate this moon, but were the time to come, Reaper Gazreeth has the right of it.

With honor to Goldteeth, you do be in the running for a Supplicant to take the mantle of Reaper most quickly. Here is the final Trial of Sacrifice that I do set you upon. Complete it with honor by the next meeting of the Inquisition, and you do hold that title for yourself.
Attached to the missive are copies of the notes once sent to Elder Daxxum, with the remaining components needed to complete the Lash circled with incarnadine ink.
Khorvis wrote:Blood of Despair: The links must be tempered in blood that has seen the utter futility of its efforts. The Soulbinder Nyami who lurks in Auchindoun would be an ironic target. The wench must see all of her allies broken before she is bled dry. Her ichor will serve the Mandate within the Lash.

Lightning Runes: The sound of a whipcrack holds great power over the weak-minded. Enhanced by a thunderclap and a lightning strike, the Lash may break Supplicants of even sturdier stuff. Orebender Gor'ashan traps and binds the spirits of electricity in his chambers within Blackrock Spire. His runes will be copied, and the captured lightning spirits must be secured before they flee.

Deliver these two last parts to my chambers. While you do search for them, there do be one last task for your rotting hide. There do be three heroes of Vol'jin's Horde that find themselves in the prison of Stormshield. You will remember your commitment to the Horde by freeing them and rending a bloody path out of the filthy Alliance keep.

When these three tasks do be complete, the value of your Inquisition will be judged. Peace Through Annihilation, Gallid.

Khorvis Bloodstar
High Inquisitor of the Mandate
[[OOC: This is your final task, the Trial of Sacrifice. Complete the three achievements listed and write up a convincing public IC response to this letter. Do it before the Inquisition meeting on June 15th and you will have beaten Gazreeth's record. You still officially have one month to complete it, to reach full rank. Good luck! ]]
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Re: A final trial of service

Unread post by Gazreeth »

(Hold the phone there skippy! I did each trial in one week a piece. I only took 4 weeks because my inquisitor *cough Ruuki cough* Didn't give me a trial for a week. Because I finished them too fast and she needed to think. So for the record it only took me three weeks, which I think Gallid will do the same ;P )
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Re: A final trial of service

Unread post by Kerala »

((From Office Hours [[6/15/15]], editted))

[Khorvis]: You did have one final trial. Do you be here to lay it my feet like a good dog?
[Gallid]: I have some rather unfortunate news about my trial. I have not been able to complete it as required. I am afriad this trial may be the end of me as i have given it many attempts. I am sure many more will come though.
[Khorvis]: Does it be for lack of trying, death knight?
[Gallid]: Negative.
[Khorvis]: Then what does be the blue lion in your path, Gallid?
[Gallid]: i spent four and one half hrs freeing our captures in ashran, and five more attampting the others. I have never attepted an attack on invaders of our land accept against the scum alliance.
[Khorvis]: Nine and one half hours! Listen to this bloody knight! I do spend that same time scraping the boils from beneath my calves!
Gallid hangs his head low.
Kerala cocks her head.

[Khorvis]: In nine and one half hours I do have handsome shrooms growing from my warboots.
Gallid remains silent unsure what to say.
[Khorvis]: Does your task be worth the shrooms of my warboots, Gallid? Tell us all.
Gallid unsure what to say or do turn almost childish holding back tears like he had disapointed his own father.
[Khorvis]: No. I do think your final trial will be to learn the value of time. Your better, Reaper Gazreeth, did be very sparing with it. You will chase it like the rain after the flow of a river. Find your pride in the arena of Stranglethorn.
Gallid questions what Khorvis means by this.
[Khorvis]: Report back to me when you do master Time with the Gurubashi.
Gallid nods at Khorvis.
[Khorvis]: When Gallid does show the mark of the [Gurubashi Arena Grand Master], he will be true Grim.
Gallid musters up his old harded self and holds back all emotion. Gallid salutes Khorvis with respect.
Khorvis grunts at Gallid.
"Get out of my sight."
Ruuki crosses her arms, watching Gallid hurry back to his place in the ranks.
Kerala can still see Gallid. She'd have literally gone from khorvis' sight.

* * *

Khorvis receives the last two ingredients for the Lash despite Supplicant Gallid's reassignment and subsequent banishment from the Grim due to Madness. The two packages arrive without any indication of who sent them.

Lightning Runes

(KERALA, Dolthar, Gazreeth, Tazzuk*, Mersee)

and Blood of Despair

(KERALA, Gillyam, Mersee, Gazreeth, Scythemia)

* * *
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