Knowing Deceit by Lupen

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Knowing Deceit by Lupen

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Knowing Deceit

Lupen - December 14, 2006

((Takes place directly after ZG last night, I apologise if it
seemed like a loot-n-scoot to some, but I was dead tired, and
needed to head off to bed. Sorry if it came off a bit negatively.
Anyway, onto the story.))

The ashen beam was crudely cut, splinters ran amok up and down
the mishapen sides. While the Badlands were quite dry and arid by
nature, the Ashenvale lumber lacked its former temperate climate,
and shriveled each coming day. While it was obvious that the
Kargath Encampment was, at best, an afterthought. A desperate
attempt to bring spillover from the Ashenvale campaigns to
reinforce Horde Outposts in the Eastern Kingdoms. Lupen paid no
mind to his surroundings, but only toward his prize. His left
hand fumbled a bit with the Heart of Hakkar, turning it every
which way, leaving no space unseen. It was far less an organ than
a gemstone. The heart glittered magnificant reflections from the
oil lamp burning overhead.

Lupen dipped his head, nearly falling back into the Nether. While
becoming less mortal by the day, even the undying must rest. This
was true tenfold for The Dread Magus, constantly tired, and
plagued by insomnia. Attempting to remain awake long enough to
appriciate the Heart's value before it was returned to the Abyss,
Lupen continued to stare intensely into it. The gem only exposed
the Forsaken's facial features, clear of necrosis (save for the
lips), and complete with an omnipresent scowl, devious...
Youthful, even. He gripped the stone tightly, attempting to drain
any remaining power from The Blood God. Nothing. As the Warlock
began to dip back into slumber, the stone fell lightly from his
hand, into his napsack... A perfect claw imprint pulsed where
Lupen's hand had been.

For, Hakkar, Ancient God of the Hakkari, was no more than a ruse,
a pawn. In truth, everything returns from whenst it came, one way
or another. The heart shall be banished, Hakkar's minions shall
bring forth another willing construct, and the cycle shall begin
again. Pawns are disposible, Kil'jaeden knew this well enough.
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