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Mind Games by Kregnar

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Mind Games

Kregnar - December 12, 2006

(( This is a continuation of the mind game storyline that Kregnar
has been following. It has been some months since the last
chapter of this storyline but now its back, For those who dont
remember, Basically Kregnar saw something hit the ground in the
plaguelands, he went up to it and got effected by it, He later
found out the comet came from Naxxramas and began to hear voices
in his head. As months went by Kregnar slowly turned more
aggressive and more power hungry with more frequent voices
happening which he later found out was an undead flunky of Kel
Thuzad. Kregnar left for a very long time and now is back along
with cloud that poisons his mind, the mind games continue ))

What is the source, of this bloodlust, this craving for power.
Where is it coming from?

This is a feeling of deja vu for Kregnar. He has been here
before. His rage he once had was destroyed by his loyal friends
and Wadjet. So if there is no more, which being is actually
powerful enough to control this craving and this anger. Is Kel
Thuzad really this powerful?

Just before his mind was almost engulfed the flashbacks from when
Wadjet and his friends saved him from Mannaroths rage that still
lied within fly by.

"No! I dont want to go back, I cant!! I will not go back! I

Fighting hard to resist Kregnar found himself in an monsterous
stuggle against the darkness, but to no avail. His mind now
consumed he roams with nothing but pity towards his fellow
comrades. Only seeing them as a tool Kregnar continues to strive
for power. Once again stuck with his aim to be the best no matter
what it takes, Kregnar prepares himself for the upcoming war and
the arrival of the legion.
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