Lost Love by Kharzak

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Lost Love by Kharzak

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Lost Love

Kharzak - November 2, 2006

((For those of you unfamilure with Sanuye's story I posted it
below it is a great start to our little series of quests any
question, comments, advice, or wise cracks can be posted here
also if you could post if you plan to join us on the 8th 730game
time. Basicly what this is, is a rp event like that of the
forums but played out in game. I thought it would be fun to have
a multi part adventure envolving as many of the grim as possible.
Some of the events will be instance some just role play and
others pvp. no one who starts with us is required to be at all
of them thought we would love to see you there, and any may join
at any time just read to catch up on what you missed. once again
you will get the quest in game if you have myquest addon from
http://www.myquests.org/ hope to see you all at the first event
of many. ))

Imagine a small house in mulgore a small white tauren youngster
tugging on her mothers pants...............

“What’s for dinner momma?”

Sundancer lovingly patted her 4 year old daughters head. “Oats
with silverleaf dressing, Sanuye my child, and it will be done
soon. Now run along and get you father.”

San smiled and bolted out of the room to find Greymane her
father. She found the old druid in the living room rocking her
baby Tauren sister. San peered over his shoulder at Makawe. San
was still not sure what to think of this new intrusion into her
life, she couldn’t help but love her though. Greymane laughed as
San nose wrinkled. It was a full deep laugh and one that san
would remember fondly.

“Momma wants you for dinner.” San said.

He rose from the chair and placed a sleeping Maka in her crib.
“Lets not keep her waiting.”

They had just entered the kitchen when they heard yelling from
out side.

“Alliance raid” Echoed through the streets.

Greymane and Sundancer glanced at each other and San could see
the fear in their eyes. “Just like we talked about Grey, you
take the children and I will stay here.” Greymane nodded and
snatched San up.

“What’s going on daddy?” San asked as she watched her mother grab
her totems and mace and head out the front door.

Her father simply smiled at her and snatched a sleeping Makawe
from her crib. They ran out the back door and headed for the
kodo. San could see smoke and hear voices yelling in an
unrecognizable language. They were half way to the kodo when an
elf and a dwarf came around the corner. Greymane ducked behind a
tree and waited. The two headed back towards the front of the
home and Grey turned from the city and fled.

They ran toward Bloodhoof where San had gone a few time with her
parents. She could see over her fathers shoulder and saw a group
of people heading toward them. Her father ran behind a grove of
trees to a small stump. San noticed that the stump was hollow.
Grey sat the children down and pushed them into the small
hollow. “Take care of your sister. I will return for you.
Remember I will always love you.” San started crying but could
only nod and pull her sister close. She saw her father shift
into his spotted cat form and run. He couldn’t have made it far
though for soon San could hear the alliance descend on him. She
heard the familiar bear roar as he defended himself, and lastly
she head his anguished cry as they finished him off. San crawled
over to the opening and started filling dirt into it to hide them
better. She could still hear the alliance looking for them.
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Re: Lost Love by Kharzak

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She sat for many days in the dark rocking Maka back and forth and
speaking softly to her.


San could tell Maka was hungry and realized she too was hungry.
She started digging her way out of the tree stump. She emerged
into broad daylight not far from Bloodhoof. She gathered up Maka
and headed into town.

San hadn’t realized how weak she felt until now. It was hard to
keep walking and her vision was terribly blurred. “Don’t worry
Maka I will get some help.” She saw a female Tauren running
toward her and surrendered to the darkness.


She awoke some time later to the sound of voices.

“They are the Riverwalker children. Sanuye and Makawe.” Said a

“What are we to do with them?” Came a Second Female.

“We will give them over to the Orgrimmar orphanage. What else
can we do?” A male voice responded.

“After everything Sundancer and Greymane did for our community,
you want to hand their children over to the orphanage?” The first
female stated.

San rubbed her eyes and headed out into the fire light. “Where
is my mommy and daddy?” she asked.

The first female, a red tauren looked at her sympathetically and
scooped her up. “I am sorry child but they have moved on to the
next life.”

“They died?” San asked.

“Yes” came the reply.

With a wisdom beyond her four years Sanuye nodded and headed into
the bedroom. “I should tell Makawe. She won’t understand but I
need to tell her anyway.”

The three adults too stunned to respond could only watch as she
disappeared into the room.

Sanuye walked over to the bed and laid down next to her baby
sister. “Makawe there is something very important I must tell
you. Mom and dad are gone forever. It is just us now. I
promise I will watch over you and take care of you, but things
will never be the same.” Tears began to roll down here cheeks as
she snuggled up to her sister.


It didn’t take long to move the into the Orgrimmar orphanage.
Sanuye had asked many times to be allowed to see her home one
last time but no one would let her. And so she settled into her
new home.


It had been a quiet day at the orphanage and Sanuye had decided
to take a walk. She noticed a young Orc staring perplexed up
into a tree. She followed his gaze and saw the handle of a bone
axe wedged into a lower branch.

“Trying to get your axe back?” San asked, a grunt of confirmation
was all she received.

San looked around until she spotted a long staff. “Stand back”
she said. The orc moved back a few feet but continued to stare
longingly upwards. San couldn’t help herself, she giggled for
the first time since her parents had died. She reached up with
the staff and gently tapped the bone handle of the axe. It fell
with a soft thud. The orc reached down and gingerly picked up
the weapon. He looked up at her, his blue eyes shining.

“Thank you pretty cow lady.” Again Sanuye giggled. “Me Ulgrath.
Me be big strong warrior. Well one day me be big.”

“I am sure you will be Ulgrath. I am Sanuye Riverwalker.” San
smiled at Ulgrath. She knew this was the beginning of a
wonderful friendship.

They spent every day together from there out. Constantly getting
into trouble, then out again. Sanuye decided to follow in her
fathers foot steps and become a druid, and despite what had
happened she lived by his motto. “It is better to heal the wound
them sever the limb”. Her Druid studies often took her away from
Orgrimmar, but no matter how far Ulgrath followed her. They were


“I think it is time we strike out on our own.” San said.

“Me agree.” Grunted Ulgrath.

They were now fifteen season and old enough to go adventuring.

“Perhaps we could sign on with a ship, and see all of Azeroth”
San said.

Ulgrath shrugged.

“Ok then how about we head down to Bootybay and see if we can
find someone.”

And so they did. They were sitting at a table reading over want
adds when they overheard a group discussing their most recent
raid on the alliance and how they rescued a troll shaman.

“Hello my name is Sanuye Riverwalker, and this is Ulgrath
Bloodletter. We are looking for a crew to join and wonder if you
have room for two more.”

They all looked at each other as if deciding. Then the small
undead rouge spoke. “I can not say for sure but I do believe
Thar would be willing to take you on. Come with me.”

San glanced excitedly at Ulgrath and followed her out onto a ship
where they met with captain Thar. It was a short interview and
in no time flat San and Ulg were learning to tie knots.

They had many great adventures with Ulg leading the way and being
protective of San, never letting anything get near her, and San
calling on the powers of nature to keep him standing and
fighting. They were an unstoppable team.

One day they were raiding Menethil Harbor when suddenly there
were many more alliance then anticipated. Something had happened
and they were being overwhelmed.

“Pull back” Thar yelled.

San backed toward the boat but kept with in range of healing

Ulgrath looked back at San “Go pretty cow lady. Me stay and keep
the bad guys away”

Their eyes locked for a few seconds and Ulgrath turned away. The
shock of what he was saying hit her. “No I won’t leave you”

“San we have to go now” Anaie the undead rogue said. But San
refused to budge. San saw Annae nod beside her but didn’t
register what it meant until Serenti the Tauren Shaman picked her
up and took her to the ship. San saw Ulgrath look back at her
and as soon as she was safely on board he seemed to give up. The
alliance swarmed over him. San’s howl of anguished echoed across
the shore, chilling the hearts of all who heard it.

She spoke very little after that. There were rumors that Ulgrath
lived and was being held captive and Sanuye knew in her heart
that he was still alive. She petitioned Captain Thar many times
to launch a rescue attempt, but the captain had grown weak. So
now she has turned to the grim to help her find him.
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