Bumbo'jin's gase by Bumboclot

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Bumbo'jin's gase by Bumboclot

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Bumbo'jin's gase

Bumboclot, December 6, 2006

... is miles beyond the smoke curling around his tusks as he sits
quietly by the fire, his muddy feet kicked over the back of an
empty chair and half a cigar's worth of ash piled on his lap.

The Great Lion watching the hunter perks as the troll's breathing
grows heavy and the cigar droops in his hand..

Before it drops, Bumbo'Jin pinches the cigar hard, and stands
slowly to address the Grim that have come by the tavern tonight.

"Visions of terrifyehn' powah come to meh. Of far off places an'
unstoppable armies. I'm sure you've all felt, or heard by nah.
There is even big talk of an ELF ALLIANCE among the Horde. I 'ave
seen eht an' lost meh breath when I did! An elf, prancehn' around
da Jungle Base Camp untouched! The gaurds did nothing, and
threatened to lock me up when I drew meh arrows!"

Bumbo'Jin snorts violenty, then pauses and stares deeply into
Zion's eyes.

"The far wind carries a straaaaaange tune now. The masters reveal
old secrets. The stars stir."

Bumbo smirks a bit and regains some of his aloof compsure.

"Soooooo what we do, Grim? Eh? We move deep in Ragnarahs' lair,
ya, and Hakkar taste Grim justice himself! Yet their halls are
bare an' withering innah light of da comehn' dawn..."

He sits slowly, throwing his boots back on the chair, and looks
out over his calloused knuckles at the Grim in the room as he
rolls another cigar.
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