I Have Returned by Xoscyl

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I Have Returned by Xoscyl

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I have returned

Xoscyl, November 29, 2006

Xoscyl walks into the Grim center of opperations and plops down
into a chair. It had been long since she'd fought against the
alliance on the battle grounds and she had worked harder than
ever to quinch her hunger for alliance death. Her boots were
muddied and blood soaked one side of her leggings. With a quick
sigh she pulled a robe from her pack and changed into it. She
then took out a Knoll jaw brush from her pack and began to brush
out the tangles and bits of human flesh that still clung to
Latagu's fur. She did this as she awaited to see other members of
the grim that might come to rest or report their findings. For
the first time since early childhood, she felt she was home.


A paunchy goblin with a runny nose poked his head in looking
around. Spotting the huntress, he shambled toward her.

"Dead lady said give this to orc hunter with funny name. You an
orc. You a hunter?" Without waiting for an answer he plopped a
small package and shambled off inot the city.

Undoing the stiff paper, the hunteress finds two items. One is a
piece of parchment with one word written in sloppy orcish
writing. "Welcome." The other is a hairy scalp of a dwarf.


Xoscyl snarled at the sight of the goblin, she still had no trust
for them since the mail incedent. But once the goblin left, she
looked at the delivery. Ah, a welcome package, with a gift fit
for Xoscyl. With a grin she placed the dwarf scalp into her
satchel for safe keeping until she took up her evening rope
weaving. She continued to comb the bits and pieces from latagu's
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