A Ceremony of Bonding by Ashagga

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A Ceremony of Bonding by Ashagga

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A Ceremony of Bonding

Ashagga, November 21, 2006

Ashagga sat on the wall surrounding Everlook, watching the sun
slowly rise over the frost-covered landscape. Behind her, in the
city, the goblins were changing shifts, preparing for the morning
rush, but for the most part, they were the only ones awake.
Industrious as the Steamwheedle Cartel was, their customers
preferred to await normal business hours.

For her part, Ashagga hadn't yet slept. All night, she'd sat
staring at the stars and thinking. A small vial of transluscent
blue liquid was rolled in her fingers, occasionally gripped in
her gloved hand.


She loved the orc. She would never doubt it, never second-guess
her own feelings for him. Then again, she had to wonder: why had
she tried to marry him? Because he suggested it? That wasn't
enough, wasn't like her. She'd long ago sworn never to marry,
never to bear a man children. She wasn't a family woman.

So, why had she agreed?

Lupen, Yichimet, and Syreena had all spoken with her after the...
incident... at the wedding. Syreena was her best friend, no
question, and the Forsaken had, of course, offered to kill the
intruding orc, but Ashagga wouldn't allow it. The orc stranger
hadn't done anything wrong, not really. Yichimet counseled her
about her dreams, about the will of the spirits, and about

Lupen had counseled her about fate.

The Dread Mage was not uneducated, nor was he ignorant of her
situation. He saw right through to the center of her dilemma:
what she really wanted. More than anything else, Ashagga wanted
to be independent, to be strong. She hated having to lean on
anyone else for anything, hated having to be protected. Her
marriage to Chingaso would have put her forever in that place.
Marriage to any orc or troll or tauren would. Marriage to anyone

Once more, she looked at the vial she held. Lupen had counseled
her to take her fate into her own hands, and not to be controlled
by events from the past, such as this orc woman's interference.
Ashagga didn't think he understood exactly what she considered,
but he was helpful nonetheless. He was her friend, if a selfish,
dastardly friend. His counsel meant a great deal, and she had
spent the entire night considering how to take her fate into her
own hands.

Popping the cork from the vial, Ashagga drank the contents in a
single gulp.


Chingaso reflect on ruin ceremony. Chingaso not know if Shaggy
hate or not. Chingaso not stand if do.

Chingaso full of confuse. Anger. Grief. Chingaso not feel this
since night elfs slaughter family. Chingaso roar in anguish from
hiding place in Orgrimmar, see orcs look around and goblins have

What happen? Who this orc? Why now? All Grim must think Chingaso
bad. Chaindog say Chingaso do right thing, but only of all Grim
to say.

Chingaso feel shame. Chingaso stay hide.


Lascivious tapped her fingers on the pommel of her saddle as she
listened to Syreena's account of the wedding she had been unable
to attend over her stone.

"So, if I understand correctly, Chingaso does not marry Ashagga
to honor his father's word not because he does not desire to
marry her."

"Yes, it seems so," the little thief answered.

"Chingaso is bound by honor to uphold his families word..." a
voice said floating up to her from the stone, but she was lost in
thought and did not recognize it.

"Of course... of course. I know the orcs well," said Lascivious,
unhappy her mates' happiness had been intruded upon. "I would
never ask an orc to break his word, nor jeopardize his honor.
Therefore we will eliminate the problem and leave Chingaso's
honor free of jeopardy. Syreena, you have my persmission to seek
out this intruder and kill her."


Syreena sat at the mouth of the sewers, holding Stu, the rabbit,
in her lap as she watched the night descend over Tirisfal Glades.
She wondered where Chingaso and Shaggy were right now, and what
they were thinking.

When the strange orc interrupted the wedding and would not be
turned away, Syreena drew both of her daggers. She was prepared
to kill the woman who dared to intrude on her friends' ceremony
before all the Grims dressed up in their finery. But a bony hand
gripped her right wrist, and fingers pried at her own to take the
dagger. The rogue tightened her grip on the weapon until she saw
it was Lupen, and then she surrendered the blade to him.

Syreena watched Ashagga as she listened to the other orc tell
Chingaso that he was betrothed to her. Finally, Yichiment asked
Chingaso what he meant to do. Syreena waited for the hunter to
tell the other orc to go away, that he was going to marry Shaggy.
To her astonishment, he said he needed to think about things
instead. And the ceremony ended before it was completed.

She walked with the would-be bride back to the inn, but Lupen
told them to meet him somewhere. Yichiment joined them. They
talked for a while, and Lupen gave Shaggy a vial of blue liquid,
and then they all went their separate ways. Syreena watched
Ashagga leave. The orc was sad, but Syreena knew her friend had
strength in her, and she’d be all right.

Later, after hearing what happened, Lascivious gave Syreena
permission to hunt down and kill the other orc woman. Now, as the
little rogue stroked Stu’s ears and soft fur, she considered what
she should do. Of course, had the Mistress ordered her to kill
the orc, there would be no consideration. It would be done
without question. But she didn’t given an order, only permission.

With her mind made up on her next course of action, if not the
final outcome, Syreena lifted Stu and returned to the tiny cave
that was her home.


Chingaso in Orgrimmar, tend to mail and bank, when hear familiar
voice. "Chingaso, have yer got a minute?"

Chingaso turn and see Shaggy. First time Chingaso see since spoil
ceremony. Chingaso hurt again. "Of course, Shaggy. Chingaso
always have time for."

"There's somethin I need ta tell yer," Shaggy say. "I can' have
yer orclings. I'm barren. It's a choice I made ta make yer choice

Chingaso look at Shaggy. "What?" Chingaso not believe what hear.

"I talked ter Lupen. About fate. I took a potion of his an now I
be barren, not a fit wife fer yer. Now yer can pertect yer

"Lupen." Chingaso spit name. "Lupen know nothing of honor."

"But 'e knows about fate," say Shaggy. "Chingaso...I can't do
this to yer. Can't make yer turn yer back on yer honor. I'm
afraid that you'd end up resentin me for it. Besides, I'd be a
terrible wife. I've always just used males, until I met you. I
used Corian. I'm afraid I'd jus end up usin you. I wouldn't be
able ter help meself."

"What about Chingaso dishonor of Shaggy? What about Chingaso
dishonor of Chingaso? What about love?"

"I still love yer, I won deny it, but we can' be together. Not
now. As fer me honor, I have none, but if it makes a difference
ta yer, I release yer from yer promise. Yer honor is intact."

Chingaso choke back emotion as feel self die some inside. "What
now, Shaggy? Shaggy still love Chingaso, and Chingaso still love

"We'll be like we were before. More than friends, less than
lovers. You find yer betrothed. Marry 'er. Let 'er bear yer lots
o' orclings. An tell 'er she better treat yer right. Or I'll kill
her." Shaggy smile, but Chingaso know truth behind jest. "I needs
ta go now Chingaso. Good 'untin."

"Safe travels Shaggy." Chingaso watch Shaggy mount wolf and ride
away. Sudden, full force of what Shaggy do hit Chingaso like
rogue dagger. Chingaso fall to knees and roar in pain. Shaggy
damage self so not be fit for Chingaso...

Chingaso consume with guilt and shame.
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Re: A Ceremony of Bonding by Ashagga

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In the tunnels of the Undercity's sewers, high above the moat of
phosphorescent slime that ringed the lower quarters, Ashagga
curled in a corner and wept. She had done it... she felt the same
as she always had, but she could see the spirits of life and
fertility shun her. She could see the dead place inside her when
she dared to look with her ruined eye.

Terrible sobs wracked her body, tears streaming from her good
eye. Chingaso. She'd done it. She'd freed them both, Chingaso and
herself. She could go on with her life, never fearing that she'd
become indebted to or dependent upon the one man she'd loved and
not merely used. He would have his honor, and she would have her
power. All it cost them both was their happiness.

He would move on. She knew he would. The orc woman who
interrupted the wedding, Chingaso's betrothed, was not
unattractive. She would make Chingaso forget, and in time the
feelings would fade. The thought of Chingaso and the orc woman
consummating their marriage, sharing the evening that she had
wanted, sent a knife of pain into her guts.


Ashagga stopped, her tears slowly ebbing as she peered about for
the speaker. Instinctively, she stepped back into the shadows,
letting their concealing embrace shield her from the eyes of an
intruder. Her swords were in her hands.

The shadows disgorged a second form, slender and delicate,
lacking muscle and sinew and meat where healthy, living women had
all of the above. At her side padded an animal, a beast on four
legs. Two serpentine tendrils rose above its shoulderblades, and
its eyeless head turned directly toward Ashagga.

"Daughter... come out where I can see you."

Ashagga swallowed nervously and stepped from the shadows, meeting
once more with the strange figure. "I di'n expect yer, especially

"I have done my part, and I have been granted access to these
hallowed halls once more. You have done your part as well, I

Ashagga nodded. "The ritual worked... I t'ink."

"It did. It bonded you with the spirits you sought. What have you

Ashagga tried not to consider what she'd lost. "I c'n see
spirits. I c'n see images, visions... omens, Yichimet says."

"Yichimet?" The figure spoke the name with a hint of longing.
"Yichimet the Elder."

"'E tol' me ter call 'im Brother."

The Forsaken smiled. "Yes, I imagine he would. What else?"

Ashagga shook her head. "I... I don' need herbs. Me blood..."

"Yes. The venom of the blood spirit now courses through your
veins. Be careful, for that does not distinguish between friend
or foe. Tell me, what have you done with your power?"

"I..." The wedding flashed through her mind, but Ashagga shook it
away. "I 'ave one of 'em. Dead."

"And the other?"

"I'll 'ave 'im soon enough. I c'n see where 'e goes, see the
protections 'e 'as."

"Take this." The figure held out a glowing red stone, knobbed and
rough. Ashagga took it gingerly. "It will aid you in banishing
his first line of defense."

Ashagga nodded and pocketed the stone. "Anyt'ing else?"

"Two things: First, your connection to the Dark Lady is now your
salvation. I recommend speaking with a priest about the
ramifications. A priest you can trust, a priest who will share
your words with no one."

Ashagga nodded. "Yichimet can..."

"NO!" The figure snarled, and the felhound at her feet raised its
hackles. "Yichimet is no priest. He would not... could not...
understand. Nor can your friend Lupen, nor could Syreena or
Chingaso. You must speak with a priest, a priest of the Dark
Lady, and a priest who will speak to no other. Trust me,
Ashagga... if your companions learned of exactly what you have
done, they will not be pleased."

Ashagga shuddered to consider her fate if the Grim decided she
was sufficiently dangerous. She remembered the conflict over
Warneshi. "You said there was two t'ings."

The figure turned to leave. "The second... do not wish them well
for me. I remember the Grim fondly at times, and I miss those I
have met, but for now... for now it is best I stay buried."

"Wait... that's all?"

"You must make your own way now, Ashagga. You have been granted
the gift. What you do with it is your choice."

Ashagga sat in the shadows of the sewers of Undercity long after
the dark Forsaken had departed.


Upon hearing Chingaso's bello of pain in the streets of
Orgrimmar, Chaindog walks over and seeing Chingaso in pain on the
ground says with a stern voice, "Get up."

Ignoring those around her she continues. "Me understand why me
tribe no ave dese lifemates. Me tinks dese 'marriages' be stupid.
You tink she be da only one da love's ya Chingaso? You tink too
much. All you tink of is da pain. Wut about you happiness? Wus
all dat ya did with Ashagga bad? If so why would you be in love
wit her? She use you Chingaso. You be but a small part in her
life. Now she be small part in you life."

She kneels down and looks into Chingaso's eyes. "You need to
remember da good times ya had wit her and stand up. She only be a
small part of you life Chingaso. Dere be much to you life dan
her. Wit out her you no know about you father's pact. Life just
test you. You passed. You only hurt cause you let it hurt. Get

She stands ups and looks down at Chingaso now. "Get up! You can
take da best of dis or you can take da worst of it. You choose
Chingaso. You no weak. Get up."


Chingaso look at Chaindog. Chingaso rise.

Ah, Chaindog. Chingaso best hunt mate. More than friend, like
sister. Like Shaggy...

Chingaso shake thought from head. Chingaso have chance drunken
night in Booty Bay. But Chingaso honor friendship over lust.
Chaindog probable Chingaso best friend. And Chaindog right.

Chingaso ask Chaindog, "So, where want hunt?"


Yichimet stared at the two bags and the bowl on the table. The
ceremony was over, the ceremony had never truly begun, only there
was something lingering that troubled him. The Gallow's End had
cleared out of Grims, and only a few chatting patrons remained.

One bag had white corn meal, the other yellow. In the ceremony,
Ashagga and Chingaso would have held the bowl while Yichimet
poured the corn meal from both bags into it. At the end, the
sacred prayer, and they would take it home, bake a bread and
share it the next morning. Only a young orc woman had stepped
forward and claimed Chingaso as her own.

Yichimet thumbed the necklace he wore. His heart throbbed. At
least he felt it so.

He thought back on the ceremony he had stood for, and the words
said before it was broken: both Chingaso and Ashagga spoke their
love before the Spirits. They had not turned back. And now the
Spirits knew the words, and would hold the words. This was the
power of the Spirits over the living: to hold those alive to
their minds and hearts.

Yichimet did not know what would happen now. He had never been
witness to a ceremony that was broken after the pledge. No
shu'halo elder or sorcerer would stand for the Ceremony of
Bonding if the two before them were not ready to follow their

The Spirits knew, and that made Yichimet worry, for himself and
for his friends.
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