Broken Orcish by Chingaso

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Broken Orcish by Chingaso

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Broken Orcish

Chingaso, November 4, 2006

A dim clouded memory. A horrible place of bonds and suppression
... an Alliance slave camp filled with death, disease and
unfortunate Orcs.

Gor'sir and Gor'dam Bloodfoot did not intend to bring an orcling
into this brutal place, but intentions are not a necessity of
nature. Thus was born the one they named Gor'tek. Born into the
brutality of the humans and night elves. Born into slavery...

The Orcs tried to conceal the birth from their bondmasters, but
to no avail. The orcling was yanked from the family and placed in
a holding area with the aged and infirm so as not to distract the
two healthy orcs from their duties. It was in this place that the
young orcling met and befriended a very old and mostly crazy orc
known only as Cerrano.

"Chinga te, del rosa!" Cerrano would spit at the humans who fed
and watered those considered unfit for the menial tasks the
"healthy" orcs were forced to perform. "Su madre sin chones!" And
then he would break out into a hearty cackle that would confound
the guards almost to the degree that it would delight the young

"Los hombres rosados son cerdos, niño, y los duendes son perros."
Cerrano would say to the young Gor'tek. "Nothing but pigs and
dogs. They not worth sweat of Cerrano. They caca!"

At first, the young orc would puzzle at the strange ways of
Cerrano, but as their friendship deepened, he came to not only
appreciate them, but adopt many of them for his own. "Vamos,
pinche huero!" he once exclaimed to a guard who was standing what
he thought was to close to the gate of the pen where they lived.
For this he received the backside of the guard's gauntleted fist,
a bloody lip and a firm resolve to never forgive the lackeys who
held him captive.

Cerrano saw all of this and broke into howls of laughter. "Usted
me llena de la alegría y de la felicidad, hijo. What you do
foolish but brave. Like fighter. Cerrano think call you Chingaso,
fighter of fist."

Young Gor'tek rolled the word around in his mouth and mind,
realizing that it was a good name, far better than the ordinary
orcish name his absent parents had given him. Thus he decided to
be Chingaso, fighter of fist.

As the young Chingaso grew, he became more like Cerrano.
Arrogant. Abrasive. With a slow tongue and a quick wit.

Once, he asked, "Cerrano, why you no speak like other orc?"

Cerrano replied, "That, young Chingaso, long story. Short version
is that Cerrano corrupt of demon that possess when orcs betrayed
and bring to Azeroth at begin of great war. Demon speak strange
tongue. It affect and corrupt mind of Cerrano. But also useful
for confuse pigs," Cerrano added, turning to a guard and
inquiring, "Puedo le ofrezco un poco de transpiración de mis

Then came a very dark day in the life of the young orc. His
mentor, the crusty Cerrano, playfully exclaimed to a guard, "Su
madre encanta el excremento de tejones!"

The guard was new to the camp, and did not know about Cerrano's
odd ways. But he was a failed student of demonology who had
studied enough to piece together the major meaning of what
Cerrano had told him. Offended, he pulled his sword and ran the
old orc through.

"Chinga te, cabron!" Chingaso exclaimed as he knelt by the side
of his dying friend. "Pueden sus antepasados estar avergonzados
por su amor de maricones!"

Before the guard could puzzle together what the young orc had
said, another guard appeared and chastized the new guard for his
actions. "But," said the human, "you don't realize what he's
saying to us!"

"What matter is it what a crazy old orc says to us in some
strange form of daemonic?" the other guard replied. "You just
violated a direct order of the captain of the guards. I wouldn't
be too surprized to see you on the other side of this fence

Chingaso knelt close as the dying Cerrano spoke his last.
"Chingaso no forget Cerrano. Chingaso never forgive pigs and
dogs. Chingaso be mighty some day. Remember Cerranooo..."

The young orc roared in anger and pain as his mentor and friend
breathed his last.

Some time passed at the camp. Chingaso became strong enough that
he was taken from the young and infirm pen and placed in an area
near where his parents were.

They had little trouble identifying the strapping young orc. The
telltale bluish tint mixed into the orcish green complexion was
fairly unique, and was common to all of the Bloodfoots. Gor'sir
and Gor'dam approached their son, but did not receive the welcome
they expected.

"So, you Chingaso parents," said the young brash orc. "What that
mean Chingaso?"

"Gor'tek, why are you speaking thus, and why do you refer to
yourself by that word?" asked Gor'sir.

"Chingaso bring up by Cerrano, not you, so this how Chingaso
talk. And Chingaso name give by Cerrano. No longer Gor'tek."
responded the young orc.

Gor'sir began to respond in anger, but was cut off by Gor'dam,
who said, "Very well, young Chingaso, but realize that your
father and I had no choice in how you were raised. But we are
Bloodfoots, as are you, and we always stand by our own. And
forgive us if it takes us some time to get used to your unusual
ways. But know that you are our son and we love you as such."

Chingaso looked at the pleasant soft look on the face of his
mother, then looked to his father, and watched as his mother's
words sunk in, and saw his father's anger fade.

"Yes," said Chingaso, "I glad to have family. And may call
Chingaso Gor'tek if wish, since that name you chose for Chingaso.
But Chingaso be Chingaso to all else."

The young orc looked to his parents, who both gave assenting
nods, and replies of "zugzug."

And so, Chingaso once again had family.
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