Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Endings or Beginnings ?

Warneshi, August 8, 2006

Warneshi held the edge of his desk, the room spun and if he had
any food in him, he would of spilled it out upon the floor. He
watched in horror as his skin disintigrated and his hair fell
from his head. He felt his muscles decay and his bones weaken and
shatter. The world screamed in rage his name, and the only thing
he could hear above it all was the slight whisper "Son, you are
coming home to me..."

Warneshi cryed out in pain and fear, but nothing could escape his
mouth, his voice box was already rotted away. He turned in panic
to find food, all around him he could see the faces of the those
he had consumed, those who had sustained his unnatural life. They
reached for him, clawed at his bone and devoured his rotting
flesh. He could not escape them, with no muscles all he could do
was lay there and scream to the world in silence the pain that
overwhelmed him.

My son...you are coming home...

The souls ceased their assualt and backed away, creating a
causeway of incorporeal horror. Warneshi's eyes had begun to rot
from his head, but he still possessed the ability to look up and
see what strode toward him.

The most beautifull troll he had ever seen approached him. Moving
with a grace so unnatural, Warneshi did not believe she could
possibly exist. He eyes rested upon him, a sadness in them that
spoke pages in mere seconds. She was pained to see him in such a
state, he knew this, she wanted to help him. She knelt beside his
rotting body, not caring that her finery was ruined amongst his
ashes, she held him close to her bossum, and spoke softly into
his ear.

My son, you have been mosst bad. I am pained to see your
powerfull form in such a state, but I had to teach you what you
are without me. I am here Warneshi, to return you to my gracess,
to end thiss terrible aging that wrackss you so, and to put an
end to thiss hunger.

Give into thiss power I offer you my dearesst boy, become my
servent again. Return to the nether where I may heal your body,
resstore your power. Then, you will return to thiss world my
avatar, all the landss laid low before your might. You want thiss
my son, I can smell the passsion burning within you.

Warneshi wanted to say no, to push her away. She had come to him
in the guise she used on his father, the guise of kindness and
love. Yet part of him yurned for her power, he hated to admit it,
but she was right. He was weak without her power. All this time
he had thought he was breaking away from it, really it had been
nothing but a leash. She was calling him now, she needed him, and
he needed her.

Yesss mother, Warneshi will return. He iss weak but only becausse
he denied the giftss he wass given.

Slys'Thok smiled at her broken son, on the inside she roared with
triumph, she always won. Lifting her sons broken body, she strode
down the highway of the souls her son had consumed, each one
reaching, seeking to rip his flesh a little more. She snarled and
they bowed low before her. Opening a portal to her home, she took
one last look at the land of Azeroth, and took her son away.

Warneshi smiled, he could feel the power near him, and he wanted
to drain it. He looked up and saw a face he had never once known,
a happy mother watching him, caring for him. Warneshi slipped
into darkness, he accepted around him and slept the first
peacefull sleep of his life.

With a small "crack" the portal shut. The Sandfury Embassy was
quiet, the slight breeze that blew through the streets of
Orgimmar seemed to avoid the place. Many horde did not care to
approach it, it had an unatural feel to it. Within the office of
Warneshi Sandscalp was left his great blade, Sul'Thraz, and a
small note written in Warneshi's script with the simple word
"Home" upon it.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen willingly walked into the Sandfury embassy, the second time
he had been in there... He found it oddly comforting, with the
smell of death and torture heavy in the air. The Warlock noticed
the blade left carelessly on its side as he had passed by to
speak to the Alterac Valley Battlemaster. He slowly approched it
and spent a good few minutes eyeing and simply appriciating the
blade. So perfect, so unholy, so truely corrupt. The note that
had read, "Home" hardly concerned Lupen, he knew what it ment,
the pull of the Nether was omnipresent.

He took his own dagger, and cut a rune of the Nether into his
left hand, muttering in Demonic that had roughly translated to,
"May the Void guide your path of Destruction, brother." Lupen
walked off, leaving the embassy undisturbed, aside from a few
drops of his own blood spilt.


Syreena squinted against the harsh sunlight as she left the
battlemaster's hall in Orgrimmar. She had to fight more on
Thrall's battlefields, the quarter master had told her weeks ago,
if she wanted to access to better armor. She had to make up for
killing the 218 so-called innocents that had died by her hand.
Thrall himself had once told her that the Horde was at peace with
the Alliance, so she didn't understand why his battlemasters
wanted her to kill Alliance in his name. Grims have told her in
the past that Thrall was confused and all Alliance must die.
Regardless of what Thrall had told her, the battlemaster's orders
seemed to coincide, at least partly, with the goals of The Grim,
so she would do her part on the battlefield. She was content to
let those wiser than her figure out the meaning of the apparent
disagreement between Thrall and his officers. She had the luxury
of simply doing as she was told, without needing to understand

The little rogue wandered to the fishing pond while she waited to
be summoned for battle. Bear took off with a playful bark and
jumped into the pond, ignoring the scolding of a fisherman there.
Syreena watched the worg pup blankly, paying more attention to
the feeling that's been nagging at her lately, than to Bear
splashing after a small school of fish. After a few moments, the
pup bounded towards the orphanage to play with the children, who
squealed and laughed when he shook water on them. Syreena's gaze
followed him partway, but stopped on the Sandfury embassy

In life, since she was a very small child, she had never cared
about anyone enough to feel loss when they were gone. Even when
she found Aleister, the alchemist she served, dead from the
plague, she felt lost for the few days she survived him, but she
certainly didn't miss him or feel sorry he was gone. Not until
she began to serve The Grim had she learned what it meant to feel
attachment of varying degrees. And since then, she had also
experienced what it felt like to lose someone she cared for.

The first one had affected her the most. Lilly had noticed the
change in her and frequently asked her if she was all right.
Despite his promises, he seemed to be gone for good. She saw him
once or twice after he left, but that was months ago, and the
package she mailed to him since then had been returned unopened.
She wondered if he did indeed move to Blackrock Mountain as he
once said he would. Each time Syreena went there, she looked for
him, but he was not to be seen. The second, Chavie still hunted
and played with her now and then, although it wasn't quite the
same as when the sis ters were both Grims together. Lilly had
been gone for a long time, but it was said she would return. But
nobody seemed to know what had happened to Warneshi. Unlike the
first two, he didn't say goodbye when he left. Nobody she asked
knew where he was, or if he would return. He seemed to have just

She reminded herself that it wasn't wise to waste time grieving
for the past, as Muatah had told her once. She felt a twinge of
guilt for not following his advice as she allowed her feet to
carry her into the embassy. She saw no sign that anyone had been
here recently, other than a scattering of dirt or ash. She sat
down on the fur rug and remembered the first time she was here.
The Tyrant had chased her around Orgrimmar, threatening to eat
her soul for throwing snowballs at him. She managed to avoid him
by staying hidden in the shadows, and then she followed him here.
Warneshi and Lilly were involved in a discussion about
something--she didn't remember what--and then Emmons appeared,
which seemed to infuriate Warneshi even more.

"Mr. Huggy Wuggy!" Syreena yelled loudly. She looked around at
the door, expecting, even hoping, to see the Tyrant charge in,
hissing "Corpsse" at her for calling him by Chavie's nickname for
him. She was prepared to endure his temper just to see him again,
to know that he was well. But even after several moments, nobody
came. She frowned with a deep sigh, and stood. Slowly, she walked
to his chair and gently place a snowball there as she whispered,
"Please come home soon."

Syreena turned to leave, and the sword caught her eye. She
glanced at the door again but didn't see anyone watching her. She
picked the sword up, and glanced at the note. "Ho...ho may" she
muttered to herself, thinking that maybe that was the name of the
weapon. It felt strange in her hands. Although it was much too
large for the little Forsaken to weild, she carried it out with
her. Bear ran to her side, and she hearthed to the Undercity, so
enthralled by the strange sword, that she didn't even hear the
summons of the battle masters.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Zuhkinjo walked warily inside the Undercity, his eyes shooting
about in a paranoid fashion. He was soon to be lost the demon,
and he had recalled Warneshi's offer in the past to "remove" it.
He knew Grugdish was bound with his own soul however, yet he was
desperate for the ritual at this point, no matter how likely it
was to kill him.

He noticed the Tyrant's blade in Syreena's hands, and quickly
approached her. Zuhk spoke darkly, his face was noticeably aged,
possibly from worry. Grugdish was effecting him even when he
wasn't in control. He yearned to kill anything in front of him,
and in knowing this, he spoke with his face turned away from the

"He be gone... Zuhk right? He see nah other reason why anotha
would carry his sword..."


Regna-N'Etah sighed as he walked into the embassy, looking
around. It had been weeks since Warneshi's disappearence, and
almost a week since the Tyrant's sword had also disapeared,
though some of the embassy staff had reported a female forsaken
walk out of the embassy with it. With the length of the absence,
the circumstanes surrounding the dissapearence, and the fact that
the sword was left...it was time, perhaps, to begin preparing for
the worse. Slys'Thok would no doubt not forget those who had
helped her son rebel against her, especially if such rebellion
had ended in failure on the son's part.

Regna-N'Etah begin to move purposfully about the embassy, first
sending all the staff home, and then closing the embassy, and
making sure he had the place to himself. With Warneshi gone,
Regna-N'Etah begin to search the embassy, practially ripping it
apart in search of his goal. His goal was simple...had Warneshi
left behind any records? Any Plans? Had the Tyrant left behind
any instructions in case he should fall...preparations in case he
failed? Regna-N'Etah knew Warneshi had mentioned that his nephew
Krezinak would take his position as king if he fell against his
mother, but beyond that...WAS there any plans laid for a worst
case scenario?

Regna-N'Etah cursed himself for not finding out more information
earlier, but he hadn't expected something like this to come to
pass...especially at a time when Lilliana was also absent and off
who knows where, but there had always been things to do, lore to
study, matters for the Grim to organize... Simply Never enough
time in the damn day to do all that needed to be done, let alone
things that he simply wished to. Well...now it was down to him to
try and figure something out...someway to continue the fight
against Slys'Thok without the Tyrant's presence.


Krezinak had barley entered the embassy on his own. Maybe once or
twice when he was called to it. But with the extended absence of
his uncle he decided to investigate. As Krezinak approached the
embassy there was an uneasy silence, the last few times he was
called to the embassy it was buzzing with workers and
researchers. Krezinak slowly opened the door, blade drawn....

To his suprise there was not a living soul in the embassy, papers
thrown about in madness, draws hurled to the floor. Someone had
been here searching for something, but what?

While walking towards his Uncles desk, there more papers strewn
across the floor and desk. Krezinak sighed to himself "No need to
leave this place in such disarray." As he went about cleaning the
papers off the floor he discovered what looked like ash. This did
not look like the ash of paper but of flesh.( Krezinak remanises
back when he would watch his uncle burn the soul drained
corpsesof his enemies.) "Odd..." Said Krezinak.

Bringing the ash up to his nose he began to breath in the sent.
"UNCLE!" "This is not good, not good at all!" Enraged Krezinak
slammed his fist on the desk nearly splitting it in half. "I will
find whoever did this and run them through!" As Krezinak stormed
towards the door but stopped dead in his tracks. "But what of the
blade?"Krezinak pondered. Franticly he searched the embassy.
"Gone! Someone must have seen someone leave with it."

Leaving the embassy he began to question others outside of the
embassy. He heard that a small forsaken with a worg pug the
children called "Bear" had entered. And the a few days later a
troll entered but noone since then. Krezinak Remembered Uncle
talking about a forsaken that had baggered he constantly always
throwing snowballs at him and the small dog she always kept with

Runnning through the Grim legion he finally came upon the name
"Syreena? Yes i will have to speak with her, that blade belongs
to king of the Sandfury and with Uncle gone that king is me"
Krezinak headed for the zepplin. He would meet Syreena before the
assult on the trolls of Zul'Gurub. There he would ask for its
return. As the zepplin floated along a wicked grin was upon
Krezinaks face with only one thought on his mind "King".
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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As Syreena and Thrissia were discussing important things, like
their favorite colors, that annoying deathweed hogging rogue,
Lucion, came by and said something irritating. Syreena threw a
snowball at him.

"How do you keep those from melting in your skirt?" he asked her.

"I don't wear skirts," she answered.

"Yes, you do. I saw you playing dress up in the sewers," he

Syreena gasped and quickly excused herself from Thrissia's
company. She often tried on the black dress that Frain made her a
long time ago. The dress was special to her. It was the first
nice thing anyone had ever given to her. If Lucion saw that, what
else had he seen? What had he heard?

The little rogue quickly made her way to the sewers, staying to
the shadows, and frequently looking over her shoulder. She ran
through the winding tunnels until she came to a crevice behind a
boulder that led to a small cave.

At first glance, everything looked undisturbed. Bear stretched as
he stood, then came to greet her with wet puppy kisses. Stu's
cage was secure, and he simply looked at her with his floppy ears
and wiggling nose. Her blue spider, that she hadn't thought of a
name for yet, was happily wrapping a cockroach in webbing. The
cat figurine from Chaindog was still sitting on a rock ledge.
Everything was as she'd left it.

Still not completely relieved, Syreena moved deeper into the
little cave, through another crevice she could barely squeeze
through, and knelt down on the floor there. Reaching between two
rocks, she withdrew an item wrapped in a cloak. She unwrapped it,
and smiled faintly. Lucion was a liar. Nobody had found her
hiding place.

She sat on the damp floor in the cramped space, and cradled the
sword in her lap. Krezinak kept asking her about it, demanding
she give the sword to him. So far, she'd managed to delay him, if
not flat out avoid him. Luckily, the Steward began speaking last
night, just as Krezinak started asking her about it.

The blade mystified her. She could sit for hours, just listening
to it talk, even though she did not understand everything it said
in the strange riddles and rhymes it spoke.

"Pretty pretty little dead, you should dread, for the king of all
is in your head. My power great your will is wrought to suffer
now and pay the cost. Look not for his kingly kind, he is gone
and you are mine."

Syreena often had the feeling the sword wanted something from
her, or was using her in some way. Sometimes she'd lose track of
time with it, or find herself somewhere with no memory of going
there. Still she kept it hidden from Warneshi's heir. She missed
Warneshi, and the sword reminded her so much of him. Just like
the Tyrant himself was, the blade was dangerous. She knew this,
and yet she felt drawn to it.

The sword belonged to her now, and it claimed that she belonged
to it. She must find a way to keep it from Krezinak.


Warneshi opened his eyes, his body was whole again, and he could
feel the old power returned to him. He sat up, it was dark; he
could smell her corruption everywhere. Warneshi smiled, he was

Slys'Thok watched her son rise, he was a marvel to see. His
strength returned, his mind clear and his intent had returned.
She smiled as he went to work devouring the souls of several
innocents she had placed in his chamber. He did not show
compasion, regret, only joy at the power he gained from them. She
had him again, and this time she would never let her precious boy

Warneshi rolled his eyes into his head, the souls never tasted so
glorious. He could feel them coarse through his being, he could
feel his strength increase and let lose a cackle as he could hear
their pleas in his head; they begged for release from their new
prison. Warneshi knew his purpose again, she was to return to the
world of Azeroth; Warneshi would give her this.

He knew his abscense would of been well noted by The Grim, and
that perhaps even several searched for him. Warneshi laughed, he
would use this to his advantage, he would seek their aid and use
it to bring their end. Warneshi sat down and closed his eyes, he
called out across the cosmos, called to his blade; he would
overpower the troll trapped within and use it as his conduit to
communicate with old allies, would tell them how to bring him

Warneshi found the ancient trolls soul, he laughed as it tried so
feebly to ward him off, tried so hard to remain where it was.
Warneshi whispered to old soul within.

"You alwayss sought releasse old one, Warneshi will give it to
you, thiss iss hiss realm now, begone."

the ancient soul cried out in panic, he knew what would happen if
he was banished, he would become nothing.

"Foolish trolly king, she uses you to her whim, begone from this
place it should not see your embrace, it is my home not for you
to roam!"

Warneshi smirked and pushed the ancient soul away, it could not
stand to his will. Warneshi looked out on Azeroth through
Sul'Thraze, and he was pleased with what he found, Syreena. The
little undead had taken the blade, and Warneshi could not ask for
anyone better for him to use. He reached out into her mind,
speaking so softly.

"Little corpsse worry no more, for Warneshi hasss returned..."

Slys'Thok smiled sweetly, her son was finally doing as he was
destined to do, soon she would have what was rightfully hers, the
souls of the world...
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen and his succubus, Jhorantia walked side by side throughout
the dank halls of the Undercity. It had been quite some time, a
few weeks, since Lupen had visited the Forsaken capital. He had
forgotten its thick air, its moist cobblestone, its stench of
death and dispair... So like the Nether, so lovely.

"Ugh..." The Dread Mage mumbled, he rubbed the thin skin around
his temples. His ears rang and his stomach churned. Sickness
creeping evermore, day by day, he was hardly awake... Lupen would
remedy that soon...

Jhorantia took his right and and grinned, he was completely
unsure if her feelings were genuine or she was merely doing her
job. He smiled weakly back, her fingers began to caress his side.
Lupen snapped a bit, his eyes narrowed, but then he returned to
his calmer outlook, "Not now dear, we're in public." He smirked
as the words flowed out. Jhorantia frowned a bit and inspected
her nails absent-mindedly.

The Dread Mage and his Wench walked along the sewers for a short
bit, there was a faint voice in the distance... Somewhat
familar... Not female, nor male, though he had heard it before.
He followed that resonating sound, delving deeper and deeper into
the core of the earth, the cesspool of lies and vulgarity the
Undercity produced as a waste product. The voice did not become
louder, but it became more violent, more aggressive, Lupen was no
longer sure if he heard this voice, or if it was all imagination.
Jhorantia trotted behind, a bipedal demon with hooves of feet,
not the most agile. She stopped and panted a bit, whip limp in
off-hand, her right gripping a wall for breath. Lupen turned and
stopped, unholy beauty stood before him, and she was his to
command. His thoughts swirled a bit, but then refocused on the
task at hand.

Through one last tunnel, he found the source, but was quite
suprised at it... A fellow Grim, Syreena at that. Hiding in the
bowels of the Undercity, he glanced at his Succubus, hair wet
with slime and sweat, her body still as perfect as ever. She shot
him back a look of anger as she melded into invisibilty. The
voice stopped, Lupen walked on ahead and spoke from behind
Syreena, attempting to sound genuinely kind, but the words came
out wrong, as they do always.

"What are you doing here, Syreena?"


Syreena stared at the sword curiously. It had gone suddenly
silent, which was odd for it. Then, in her mind, she heard the
soft words of the Tyrant, "Little corpsse worry no more, for
Warneshi hasss returned..."

"Warneshi," she whispered, elated to hear his voice again. She
was so distracted that she didn't notice Bear's welcoming bark to
her visitor.

"What are you doing here, Syreena?"

Startled, the little rogue tensed in a near panic, taking a few
seconds before she recognized the voice. Her mind switched gears
immediately, going back to the days in life, during times when
she was either caught or nearly caught making collections for the

It was dark in this tiny back cave, she reasoned. The torchlight
from the outer hall flickered into the main room of her hideout,
but very little reached this far back. The opening to this cave
was tiny, and her back was to him. She figured chances were good
that he didn't see the sword. But what if he did?

Syreena took to the shadows just long enough to quickly wrap the
sword and slide it back into its hiding place between the two
rocks. Then she turned, forcing a smile onto her face as she
squeezed through the tight crevice to the outer room.

"I was umm... I was looking for some cockroaches to feed to my
spider," she answered, doing a fair job of concealing her
nervousness. She kept herself between Lupen and the crevice she
just crawled out from, and she motioned to the blue spider
perched in a web above a small rabbit cage. "What are you doing?"

Though what she really wanted to know was, how did he find her
here? For so many months, this had been her secret place where
she felt safe keeping her beloved pets and treasures. Just
outside her cave, she could sit and watch the bats flying back
and forth as she sharpened her daggers or cleaned her armor.
Often, when it wasn't raining, she would sit at the mouth of the
sewers while she did these chores and watch the younger Horde
battling the Scarlets at the tower.

Her forehead creased in worry as she realized she would have to
find a new hiding place now. Maybe it should be more out of the
way instead of conveniently in a city.

The more immediate concern though was what if he saw the sword?
She had already made up her mind that she was not going to give
it up. Now that Warneshi had spoken to her, she was even more
determined to keep it, at least until she could speak to him
more. Feeling much like a cornered animal, she rested her hands
lightly on the daggers at her sides as she watched the warlock


Lupen made an attempt to crack a smile, quite rare for him,
especially to a female (being of a rather shy demenor.) The smile
came out a bit looking like a wolf would to grit its teeth before
a kill. Realizing this, Lupen bowed his head slightly and
reverted his look to resemble that of at least a half-sane being.
Lupen paced around the dank area, eyeing Syreena and the
creatures, even stopping to pick up a cockroach and placing it in
the Recluse's web.

Lupen stopped to answer Syreena's question, and faced her,
"Honestly, I am unsure. I seemed to have an attraction to this
area, it's been ages since I've visited the Undercity, and
something about this area in the sewers seemed to be rotten and
enjoyable." Lupen stopped to look around, allowing a weak breeze
to move his unkept hair from side to side. Jhorantia walked
silently and transparent behind him. The succubus leaned on his
left side, licked the bottom of his ear-lobe, and whispered in
Demonic, "Master, I find no reason for our stay. I do not trust
this woman." The Dread Mage wanted to strike his succubus for
speaking aloud when she should be silent, but she had some
validity in her claim, something was slightly amyss. If not by
Syreena, then by the surroundings.

He paused to eye a pile of decaying Scarlets in the near distance
and once again turned to his Rogue friend (or, at least, whom he
considered a friend, he is truely unsure if the feeling is
mutual.) "Dear Sister..." He began, looking at her feet and to
her daggers, not suspecting anything sinister, but merely
inspecting the arcane energies that bristled through her
Thunderwood Poker, a curious little shiv. "Is this a home to you?
It seems you've settled in fairly well. A lovely place no less."
The Warlock paced a bit more, his eyes meeting Syreena's,
attempting to give a friendly warmth, but failing like he would a
proper smile.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Syreena silently chided herself for being so jumpy. This wasn't
some monster come to rip her to shreds and steal all her
treasures. This was Lupen, who always gave her crunchies to help
keep her safe when they fought together in the deep, dark places.
She guessed by his behavior that he didn't see the sword, and her
secret, or at least one of them, was still safe.

Although she remained in front of the crevice, she was much more
relaxed. She leaned back against the stone wall as she watched
the spider wrap the latest critter in her webs. She still wanted
the Dread Mage to leave, so she could return to the sword and try
to talk to Warneshi some more, but she didn't want to act
suspicious. Then she broke into a bright smile as Lupen
complimented her home, and she nodded.

"Yes, this is my home," she answered, and then paused. She
studied him as she continued. "But it is a secret home. Nobody
knows I live here. I don't want anyone to know. If Weavers finds
out, he'll eat Stu. Chavie named him."

That should be reason enough to explain why it was so important
to the rogue that this place remain hidden. While it wasn't the
complete truth, it was truth. Chavie did name the rabbit, and
Weavers did threaten, on several occasions, to eat him.


Lupen smirked a bit and chuckled at the mention of Weavers' name.
"I won't mention it to anyone, honestly, I'll most probably
forget the location after I leave..." Lupen was prepared to bid
Syreena goodbye and merely assume her home in the sewers was just
another one of young (or how he precieved to be young) Syreena's
antics. A chill wind entered from the outside, the wind startled
Lupen, it seemed to speak, "Fool! Fool!" the wind whistled and
mocked the Warlock. A bit of parinoia overcame Lupen, something
was hardly right. He turned to his invisible Succubus and
silently spelled out the word, "Stay", on his dry, cracked, and
dead lips.

The Dread Mage smiled, nodded, and bid Syreena "good-day", and
trailed off back into the sewers and eventually into darkness
without his sultry companion, at least not for now.


Warneshi was iritated when he felt Syreena try to mask his prison
with mere cloth. He did not know why at first she had felt the
sudden need to interupt him and walk away, but he knew the rogue,
and knew the reason was she must be hiding. Warneshi calmed his
rage that had started to build and reached out from the blades
hiding place, he let his mind fall upon the world around the
blade, he searched for his location and those who might be near.

Warneshi felt cold and dank, a cave perhaps, he could feel the
presence of life and unlife. The stench of life was weak, but the
emenations of those who lived on after death, far from it. The
undercity it was then, perhaps the little corpse had some home
here. Warneshi did not care, he only wanted to find her mind
again, to twist her and use her, to help him bring about her
glorious return.

Warneshi slowly spread his will farther and farther until he came
across a familiar force, he had found her again, but she was not
alone. He had been correct in assuming she wanted to hide the
blade, wise of her indeed. Warneshi felt another with her as
well, her knew this one, ohh yes did he know it well. Warneshi
could feel his hunger call out through the blade, he could feel
his will give way only slightly, he wanted Lupens soul, and he
wanted it now. Warneshi pushed down his hunger for now, Lupen
would be usefull, and no need to destroy that which is needed.

Warneshi looked back to Syreena, speaking like a whisper into her
mind again.

"Little corpsse your worry iss unneeded, Lupen will not wissh to
keep Warneshi here, he will wissh Warneshi set free; for thiss
iss jusst what he owess Warneshi. Bring him back to here, let him
touch the blade, he will help uss, many can not be trussted, but
Lupen...he iss key to Warneshi'ss return."

Warneshi smiled to himself, none would suspect his true goals,
his deceptions had been well placed.


Regna-N'Etah puzzled over the journal he had found in the embassy
during his search. Though the journal did not give him much
information, that combined with the ashes found just after...it
was time to assume the worst.

Muttering curses as he hurried out, there was only one thing he
could do. With first the blade missing and now this
information...while it might be too late now, he had to start
setting up warnings and defenses as best he could. He headed back
to the guild hall, and begin to prepare.


"Lulu, wait!" Syreena shouted as loudly as she could. "Come

She was in Brill the night Lupen was pulled into the nether so
many months ago, and she was there when Warneshi organized his
rescue. Warneshi's words made perfect sense. Lupen would help
bring Warneshi back, just like the Tyrant had done for him in the
past. In fact, Warneshi's words made more sense to her than the
words of warning others had spoken to her about him.

The little rogue retrieved the sword from its hiding place, and
removed the cloak wrapping. She held it in the outer room of her
cave, and she waited for Lupen to return.


Lupen stopped cold as he heard Syreena's voice, he precieved it
as a call of despair. In an instant, he turned and dashed back to
the young Rogue's hideout. Lupen's heart did not beat rapidly, as
it was incapable, but he did worry a great deal that something
was terribly wrong.

Jhorantia could no longer stand it, she dispelled her cloak of
invisibility and yelled toward Syreena, "You bitch...!" A look of
both anger and concern encompassed the demon. "Going to kill my
master now," Jhorantia cracked her whip and charged at Syreena,
yelling, "Wench!"


Syreena let out a shrill yelp of surprise at the sudden
appearance and exclamation of the succubus. There was no time to
explain that she wasn't planning to kill anyone, or even wonder
who her master was. The demon was charging at her. Instinctively,
she lifted the sword up to defend herself, the tip of the blade
pointed straight out in front of her.


Warneshi felt happy, very happy indeed. The little rogue was
doing just as he asked. Lupen was going to be key to his plan and
Syreena had understood this with very minimal proding.

Warneshi could feel Lupens presence approaching quickly,
excellent, this was going to prove easier then he had
anticipated. He could feel an anger rising, it was not either of
the forsaken, but a entity of demonic nature. Warneshi expanded
his presence quickly to track down the source of this anger.

Finding Lupens succubus, Warneshi was iritated that it was
wishing to harm his little undead, Syreena. He decided to end her
rage, she would not strike against his minions. Warneshi smirked
and called into her mind.

"Jhorantia, yesss Warneshi knowss you little demonling. You may
not know thiss voice, but you know the power behind it. Your
masster will soon serve Warneshi jusst as you serve Warneshi
now...yesss you serve, do not think to lie to yoursself. Stop
thiss foolissh anger, you are a tool to return a power far
greater then any of uss to thiss world. Now follow your masster,
for he followss Warneshi."

Warneshi cackled to himself, the little demon would listen well,
she could not hope to deny the power of his words. He turned his
attention from the succubus to more important matters; the dread

Reaching out Warneshi entered the undeads mind and spoke in a
tone Lupen would most surely understand...a tone of pure power.

"Lupen...Warneshi iss returned..."
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen stopped at the mouth of the sewer, darkness circling behind
him. He cast his eyes upon Syreena, then to Sul'thraze the
Lasher, finally to his Succubus, who stood near paralyzed before
the sword. Jhorantia's whip had fallen out of her hand, her
hooves quivered at Warneshi's voice. Lupen let the former
Tyrant's words echo in his mind before speaking. Without
speaking, Jhorantia picked up her whip, and returned to the
Nether, this was clearly no place for her, not now.

Lupen refocused his mind, onto the sword. Yes, he had seen it
once before, soon after Warneshi had recreated it out of the two
pieces from the ruins. The blade was horrific, unimaginable,
dark, demonic, evil... The Warlock had to contain himself from
reaching out and touching it. Lupen's tone was a bit shaken by
hearing Warneshi once more, but still strong as Demonology was
his specialty.

"Syreena..." He began quite gravely, "Dear Sister... Do you
realize what you deal with? Slys'Thok herself, Puppeteer of
Kazzak, The Third Dark, the Grip of the Nether... She embodies
that blade." Lupen's voice fell quieter, just barely audible over
a whisper. "Warneshi, the Demon Blood in you is thick, I owe you
my power and the core of my soul, you will be released." The
Dread Mage could not begin to fathom the coming deceit, he
believes his action for the good of The Grim, he had not seen
Regnanetah's warning.

The Dread Mage eyed the Rune of the Nether on his left palm,
though covered by other cuts, it began to glow a bright teal, and
then to a deep purple. "The Blade..." Lupen muttered as he
reached out and touched the shaft of the broadsword, horrific
visions of those he had killed, countless dwarves, gnomes, elves,
and mostly humans circled around. The memories of the torture in
the Nether, thoughts of The Grim standing by the Gate... It all
returned. Lupen staggered back a bit, regained his composure and
held out his hand for the hilt.


The little rogue didn't know what stopped the demon's charge, but
she was relieved when the succubus disappeared. She saw Lupen
then as he began to speak. Although Syreena did not recognize
most of the names he spoke, and didn't know much about the names
she had heard before, the concern in his tone was unmistakable.

"It's Warneshi," she whispered. The great sword was too heavy for
her to hold long, and it wavered under Lupen's touch.

She knew what he wanted when he held his hand out, but she
hesitated, reluctant to give up the link to Warneshi. She still
wanted to talk to him. The thought crossed her mind that if she
gave him the sword, Lupen might leave with it, and she'd never
see it again, or hear Warneshi's voice again. Yet, the Tyrant
said that Lupen was to be trusted; that he would help him return.
She didn't know what else to do.

"Bring him back," she whispered with an urgent look to the Dread
Mage. "Please, Lulu, please bring him back."

She placed the hilt of the sword into Lupen's hand and gazed at
him a moment longer before unwrapping her boney fingers from it.
Although very little air was needed to sustain her body, some
habits from life lingered beyond death, and she let out a deep
breath. She was no longer alone in this. Lupen would know what to
do. He would bring Warneshi back, and then everything would be
fine again.


Krezinak walked down the streets of Ogrimmar towards the embassy
muttering to himself along the way.

"That blasted little corpse!, hide from me will she!" "The next
time I see her I'll ring whats left of her neck." "I am the King
of the Sandfury and that blade belongs to me. I have seen the
power that great sword can create." "I MUST HAVE THAT POWER!"
Krezinak yelled out. Hearing the yell the orphans near the
embassy ran back into the orphanage.

Krezinak entered the embassy and shut the door behind him. As he
walked towards the desk to begin his work a searing pain flooded
his body and he fell to the floor. Krezinak awoke a few hours
later. He felt a certian calm and confidence.

Krezinak spoke but his voice had a evil tinge to it "Yesss little
corpsse it will be mine." Krezinak sat down and calmly started
working on the many papers that were stacked on the desk.It would
take a while to get the embassy back into order with it being
torn apart. He worked into the late hours of the night and
awaited his time to be called.


Lupen gripped the blade tightly, not allowing it to come in
contact with the dank ground, to do so would be to insult the
blade. Even with both hands on the hilt firmly, the blade still
waved a bit as Lupen carried it over his shoulder. The Dread Mage
walked slowly toward the opening and onto Tristfal's dank grass.
He summoned his dreadsteed and locked the sword tight upon the
back of the saddle, enchanted leather straps covering every inch
of the broadsword. Lupen then began to pull out a small blanket
of felcloth to cover the sword so none would see it.

He gruffly mounted the dreadsteed, it gave out a slight grunt as
its weight shifted about. Lupen looked over his shoulder at
Syreena and said, "You are coming, arn't you?" Lupen smirked,
"...Besides, I'll need a sacrifice." Lupen chuckled a bit at
this, it was ment to be a joke... Might not have come off like
that to Syreena...


Syreena followed Lupen and watched him secure the blade to his
saddle. She remained silent, hoping she did the right thing in
giving the sword to him.

When Lupen asked if she was coming, she nodded quickly and called
for Bones. She mounted up, but at the mention of a sacrifice, she
blinked at the Dread Mage, hesitating before putting heel to

"I can sap someone for you along the way," she offered.


Warneshi could not believe his luck, it was all working out just
as he had wished it too. Lupen now held the blade and Syreena was
loyally in tow, not mention yet another bit of luck he had not
counted on...Krezinak.

Slys'Thok spoke into his mind about the corruption of his nephew,
which he had so adamently fought against before. It would make
things far simpler now that Krezinak had found his true

Warneshi cackled and breathed in deeply the power of Lupen. The
Dread Mage was indeed a mighty entity, even for a corpse.
Warneshi wanted so adamently to take what soul was in the undead
the second Lupens hands touched the hilt. He restrained himself
however, Lupen was going to be paramount to his plans.

Warneshi knew however he could only trust those serving him so
far, so to make sure they all remained in their own ways...loyal,
he would need to make sure that trust was something they could
only afford from him. He spoke to Lupen softly in his mind, his
tone that again one of great power so as to make the undead
understand what it was he was truely dealing with.

"Warneshi iss glad to see thiss out of you Lupen. Your power and
intelligence hass grown, and the dessire to repay your...debt,
iss a comforting one indeed. It iss you who Warneshi will assk to
bring him back to Azeroth, only you can undersstand what musst be
done. Be warry however, Slys'Thok watchess thesse eventss and
corruptss many againsst our causse. Even now she listenss and
planss to see that Warneshi iss never allowed free of thiss
prisson. Syreena, she iss ussefull and powerfull, but be
mindfull, she stole the blade once she will steal it again.
Krezinak, he iss mighty and under Warneshi'ss sway, but hiss will
iss weak. He will fall to her power soon and then he will kill
all he can to hunt the blade down and see it desstroyed again.
There will be otherss, alwayss otherss who will seek to desstroy
thiss blade and thosse who wield it, that meanss you Lupen."

Warneshi knew what would bring the undeads full loyalty, he would
remind Lupen of the prison she kept him in. He conjured in Lupens
the mind the horrors the Dread Mage had endured during his
imprisonment within the nether.

"Remember well thesse imagess Lupen, thesse painss, thesse
sightss and soundss. If you fail thisss, Warneshi will not be
able to save you again, thiss time failure will be eternity and
eternity your prisson."

Grining to himself Warneshi reached out and called to Syreena's
mind, taking his kind yet stern tone she was used to hearing from

"You have done well, Warneshi thankss you. The blade iss
safe...for now. Watch Lupen clossely, he hass fallen to the sway
of the nether before, he may do so again. Be prepared for
Slys'Thok may take hiss mind as well as hisss body next time.
Detain him when that time comess, remove the blade from hiss
grassp. Be prepared little one for if he iss to losst to her
will, hiss only chance to be free may be in hiss desstruction.
Warneshi hass faith in you, do not make him think he iss wrong
for putting it with you."

Satisfied that the seeds of mistrust had been sowed, and some
loyalty gained, Warneshi began to think on how to deal with a
rather large thorn in his side. Slys'Thok had warned him that his
own loyal subject had maybe seen through his trick, Regnanetah it
seemed may be working against him. If it was true then the mage
would have to be convinced otherwise or dealt with immediatly.
Warneshi prefered if Regnanetah would stand with him, his intial
plans would reflect as such. Warneshi gave his mind over to
thought, for an eternity within the nether he plotted and planed;
that eternity was but minutes in Azeroth. Warneshi cackled,
Regnanetah had his intelligence, but Warneshi had his time.
Reaching into Lupens mind Warneshi gave a simple instruction,
only one way could he try and coerce Regnanetah into being an

"Take thiss blade to Regnanetah, he fearss Warneshi may be a
slave again. Let him see that he iss wrong, that Warneshi iss but
a prissoner. Be ready however, if he iss still clouded in doubt
then he musst not be allowed to hold thiss blade. Thiss musst
work Lupen, find a way, Warneshi hass faith in your abilitesss."

Letting his voice fall silent, Warneshi imprinted a sense of
urgency within the mind of the Dread Mage. All would fall into
place, Warneshi was sure of it; this time it would all work out.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen twitched and muttered a bit while on his Dreadsteed. Every
word of Warneshi's and every image of the Nether hit the frail
corpse like a brick. His intention had changed immediately from
the Burning Steppes to Orgrimmar. Lupen was fond of Regnanetah,
he found him to be a decent officer and at the very least, a fair
example of a mage. Lupen reared his horse's reins back and
galloped toward the Zepplin tower, next stop: The Grim's halls.

The Blade's taint was still present through the enchanted leather
and the thick felcloth. The Warlock wanted to give himself to the
blade, the Nether commanded it. He had resisted once, it will be
done again. The Dread Mage shot a glance at Syreena, eyeing her
movement, wondering if she was to be trusted with such power.


Syreena smiled faintly as she heard Warneshi's voice in her head.
She nodded her understanding as he spoke. She knew Lupen had some
trouble with the Nether, even aside from when he was taken. She
helped take care of him last time he was sick, and she suspected
that if it wasn't caused by Warneshi that time, then it was
something regarding demons or the Nether.

Then she frowned as Warneshi mentioned that Lupen might need to
be destroyed if he was over taken by the demon. She would try to
subdue him if that happened, and take the sword back from him,
but she doubted she would be able to bring herself to kill him.
Still, she would watch him closely.

Bones flicked his tail and pinned back his ears as Syreena made
him jump over obstacles instead of letting him run around them.
She ignored his annoyance and pushed him hard not to lose too
much ground to the faster Dreadsteed.

"Where are we going?" she asked at the zeppelin tower. While they
waited, she coated her daggers with crippling and mind-numbing
poison, just in case.


The Zepplin arrived, late as usual. Lupen stepped on with The
Blade strapped along his back, motioning for Syreena to follow,
without speaking. The Goblin motor clicked and whirred as the
pylon began to spin. How violently Lupen hated the Goblins...
With a single slice of the cursed blade, he could cover the ship
in shadows and blood. The Warlock resisted such urges, as he had
a demon-given task.

The wind moved the crisp and brittle hair on the corpse's head to
and fro. He looked back on Syreena, he trusted her, he felt many
things toward the fellow Forsaken... Something new, however, told
Lupen to keep eyes on the fellow Forsaken. Was it the madness of
The Blade, or his own Instincts?


The ship was arriving in Orgrimmar, Lupen stepped off and began
to mount his Dreadsteed, waiting for Syreena by the City Gate.


"Where are we going?" Syreena asked again as she reached the
gates of Orgrimmar. "Are we going back to the embassy? Is it

Bones snorted at the dusty air, and Syreena looked over the
people dueling, as well as those coming and going from the city.
She fidgeted in her saddle, ready to dismount and slip into the
shadows in an instant.

Again, she pushed her horse to keep up with the demon horse under
Lupen. As she followed him, her glowing gaze constantly swept the


Lupen growled slightly as the Grim Halls came into sight. The
chill wind encompassing the zone was inviting. He dismounted his
horse and turned toward Syreena and motioned toward the doors.

The Blade was heavy on Lupen's back, but the burden was welcome,
the Dread Mage wished to pay the Tyrant his debt back. Before
pushing open the Hall's doors, he summoned his Felhunter,
Traanum. He looked down toward the hound and motioned inside, to
seek magic and mana. Calling Regnanetah's name throughout the
city would prove useless, they needed to proceed directly to the

Lupen followed his Felhunter inside, stopping a moment to eye the
burned message, but simply disregaurding it as fooli


The little rogue slipped down from Bones' back as Lupen gestured
for her to enter the guild hall. Syreena frowned at the warlock.

"Why did you bring it here?" she whispered as she reluctantly
followed him inside. She moved into the shadows, though she
stayed close to Lupen. "Krezinak and Regnanetah are looking for
it. They may try to take it from us."


Slys'Thok smiled such a simple creature that came before her.
Krezinak stood in the embassy, not realizing that at that moment
he stood before his grandmother, and that she wanted something
from him.

Krezinak searched franticly for the blade, he could not hide his
hearts true desire from the eyes that watched him from the
shadows. Slys'Thok knew the time was right, she reached out to
his mind and kissed it so lightly; such a precious little one she
did not wish to harm. The pain that spread out over Krezinak's
body was unbareable, it cracked his mind in two and sent his body
falling to the ground.

Slys'Thok spoke softly to the young troll that was before her.

"Awake little one, awake and know a true love and your true

Krezinak opened his eyes slowly, it was the most beautiful voice
he had ever heard, so full of love and caring, he knew it was
only for himself.

"You seek the power that iss your uncle, the power your father
wisshed for but could not attain. I see great strength in you, a
strength your father would never of posssesssed. I hold the
secret to this power you so dessperatly desssire."

She watched as Krezinak smiled at her, he was enthralled, he was
hers to command and it had been so easy.

"Return to the world of your people, continue your unclesss work.
When the time iss right free him from hiss prissson, help him to
defeat hiss enemiesss. He will teach you the secretss of the soul
eaterss, the thing your father never had. When he doesss, usse
thosse secretsss to desstroy him and become a power even he could
not comprehend. You are my new chosssen vasssal Krezinak
Sandscalp. Serve me well, or suffer as your uncle hasss."

She watched his eyes grow with hunger for the power she promised.
She sent his soul back to his body and watched with great joy as
he went about his tasks without question. She called out to her
son Warneshi and told him the good news, he was overjoyed.

All the strings were in her hands, and all the marrionettes
danced as she wished.


A murmer is heard near the back wall of the halls. A bear rises
to meet the newcomers. Walking up to lupen he notices the
felhunter, not seeing him too often before, he stands before
Traanum putting his nose a hair's length away staring at him,
intently and curiously. A few moments pass and he smiles and
licks Traanum. Turning to Lupen the crazed bear says, "He hasn't
been here since the message."
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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"Did Syreena come to play?"


Lupen eyed the bear without a word spoken, he shrugged slightly,
and looked back at Traanum. The Felhunter was sniffing the air
for magic and mana arcane, it was not to be found. Lupen became
annoyed and turned toward Syreena, motioning her forth.

The Warlock concentrated his mind to the Nether, he spoke out to
Warneshi, "Brother, Shadowflame is not to be found. Trilok is
here and seemes oblivious to the act. Shall I ignore him, or use
him in this task? Furthermore, are more Grims to come to our


Warneshi listened as Lupen reached out to him.

"Warneshi seekss to return for the good of all The Grim, any that
wissh to help are free to do so. Seek them out, more alliesss

Warneshi was convinced that Lupen could handle the task and
quickly turned his attention back to another being he held great
interest in.

It had come to his attention that Slys'Thok had provided him with
the perfect sacrifice with which to allow Warneshi to enter the
world again. It needed to be someone of his blood, and closely
tied to Warneshi in many ways. He choice had been brilliant.
Given life again (without memory of his previous life) was
Worneshi Sandscalp, who even as Warneshi plotted, was porving
himself worthy to the horde within Durator.

Worneshi would be usefull for latter, but Warneshi required
results now. He let his will seep from the blade out into the
world. He hunted for what was years to him, but minutes to
Azeroth. Finding his target Warneshi focused and called into his

"Regnanetah...why would you doubt Warneshi?"


Guduk sits quietly on the ground, a sigh escaping his lips as he
starts to pull off his Might Helm and remove the braids in his

His mind wanders as he looks out off the cliffs of Thunder Bluff,
seeing the star filled sky meeting the surrounding mountain
ranges that protect his homeland.

Spotting a blade of long grass nearby, his mind focuses again and
he reaches out and pulls it from the ground and sticks it in his
mouth, chewing slowly on one end as he straightens his beard and
begins to work on his braids once more.

Seperating his beard into 4 long strands he starts to move them
into a rythmic pattern and holding them tight. Over, inside,
flip, over, inside, flip... Set in the pattern, Guduk lets his
mind wander once more, thoughts of the day and what is to come.
Frain and Necrosis leaving the guild, the approching Core run, so
many people going their own seperate ways.

People disappearing, others being so secretive. Hektar has not
been seen for days, Warneshi for even longer.

Guduk frowns as his large fingers continue to move "Warneshi..
Hektar.. i wonder if they are related" he sighs and shakes his
head at the possibility.

The Glory that Guduk has been seeking is slow in coming, he may
be a good warrior, a lead Vanguard, but still no slaying of
recognized Dragons, still no crying of his name when he walks the
streets of Orgrimmar.

He glances down at his newly aquired weapon, a bear claw with
razor talons, light and fast, good for a quick and nasty brawl,
it will serve him well. So much like a druids claw, it reminds
him of Trilok in his bear form.

Guduk ties off his braid as he finishes, his eyes fixed on the
claw weapon. he reaches over to pick it up and slide it onto his
hand and his eyes close for a moment as a wave of calw washes
over him. Druid magic? could it still linger on such a weapon?

Something to approch Trilok aboung maybe...


Emmons slowly awoken, the all too-damned familiar *fwap fwap* of
tiny wings beating over his head.


The tiny whelpling did not move. "Shoo.

No dice. Emmons finally got up, batted at the flying nuisance a
few times, and realize he had fallen asleep on the guildhall roof
again. After a few moments, he processed it...the whelps were
coming back to him.

Emmons' eyes grew rather large at this realization, knowing the
blackouts would come back soon as well.

He heard things beneath him though. There was no scheduled
meeting, someone was up to something, and Emmons would be damned
if there was a party going on and he was not invited. Remaining
silent, Emmons shimmied over to where the roof hung over the
wall, secured himself with some rope, and crept over, hanging
like an arachnid just above the window, to see what was going on.

Lupen...Trilok...Syreena was there too, and what was this?
Warneshi's sword! Why that would certainly fetch a grand price on
the market...if only he could trick Syreena into delivering it
into his hands...however there would not be much time to think on
this, as soon Emmons was unconscious dangling from the roof,
surrounded by the three whelplings, with the sound of two giant
bronze wings drawing near.


Ashagga stepped from one of the back rooms, sliding her thrash
blade into its scabbard at her hip. Her good eye panned over the
small gathering, and she smiled at Syreena.

"Anyt'ing I c'n 'elp wi'?"


After many hours of work Krezinak had finally gotten the embassy
back into shape. Papers stacked, drawers organized all seemed to
be in order. With not much left to do Krezinak decide to head to
the Grim hall to see what was planed for the weeks to come.

Many things had wracked Krezinaks mind since he left the nether.
"Although I know Uncle will be releassed from the nether
grandmother forgot to mention as to how or when, But that iss
none of my worry she ssaid I would be informed when it wass
time." "Wait! ahhh...yess the corpsse...hmmm what wass hiss
name?... Lupen, he owess uncle a great debt he will be the one to
help releasse him, he iss tied greatly to the nether as well."
"Sso in order to releasse uncle I musst firsst get a hold of the
blade and then I musst take it to Lupen."

Kreziank arrived at the guild hall and opened the door, to his
suprise both Syreena and Lupen were standing in front of him.
"Yess just who i wass looking for."


Regna-N'Etah looked around at his current surroundings, though
they were not the most accommodating of places, it was probably
the safest for him to be here now. He scowled at the fact of his
research being interrupted due to him going into hiding, but
there was nothing to do about it. With Warneshi returning, he had
begun to plan, but when his message to the Grim disappeared, he
had feared it might be too late for himself, knowing that if
Warneshi already had the allies within the Grim, he had to move
fast to save himself. He had abandoned his normal home and
laboratory, as Warneshi knew where that was, and begun
preparations to go into hiding.

He had originally thought of hiding among the Cenarions, using
their regard for him to his advantage, but everyone knew how he
had curried their favor, it was far too obvious a place for him
to be. Then is struck him...a place he had had one of his
hirelings set up long ago for another purpose. He had kept it
stocked for long term use in case it had been needed again, no
point in wasting a resource, and none would seek him there. He
chuckled as he thought of ways to slip past the guardians of the
place and get deep inside. Once inside, he would be safe,
protected by those same guardians, and if the guardians were
bothered by someone seeking him out under Warneshi's
orders...well, the fighting above would alert him and give him
enough time to escape. If hiding didn't work, living on the run

He had ignored the whispers that claimed to be from Warneshi, he
had no time to be distracted, using all his control to guard his
thoughts, and keep his mind his own. He had warned Zuruzuru about
Warneshi before he left, but the fool still wanted to talk to
him. There goes one possible ally down the drain. He would either
be subverted or killed it seemed.

Setting the past aside, Regna-N'Etah looked to the future. there
was little to do in here, besides work on the few books he was
able to bring. a research project that might aid him in this
task. No one knew where he was besides his lab assistant, and few
Grims had ever met the assistant. Him, and others that Reg kept
employed, would be Reg's eyes and ears for now, keeping an eye
out, passing on messages, and doing the work in the outside world
that needed doing while Reg waited within his hideout preparing
for the coming confrontation.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen looked around at the Grims in the Hall. He began to feel a
bit sick, enclosed, trapped. He reached back for the sword, he
felt twisted, he wanted to cut a path out of his cage. He then
changed his dispostion and slowly withdrew the blade. "This..."
the Forsaken began, "...Is Sul'thraze The Lasher, a paragon of
power of the Sandfury Empire, Warneshi's Empire. As you all
probably know, Warneshi has gone missing, he is trapped in the
Nether. Slys'Thok has taken her son, the Tyrant back. This blade
is but a key, a door, a portal to Warneshi's prison." Lupen
stopped for a moment, eyeing the runes on the blade. He motioned
toward Syreena. "Dear Syreena found the blade, and took it for
safekeeping. It is now time to use it. Grims, Warneshi himself
has spoken to me. We must find Regna-N'Etahm he will be vital in
the summoning."

Lupen closed his eyes and grunted. "Go." the Dread Mage


*Trilok's Fur Begins to rustle.. moving around.. until they are
standing on end.. and stay in such a way for moments longer than
generally noticed*

*The curious bear's look turns serious as smoke begins to engulf
his position. The fur changes color and become finer, smoother,
softer. His front paws lift from the ground as his tail grows in
length. Soon none can be seen through the smoke, but when it
dissipates, Trilok remains. Standing. In his Tauren form... still
with a serious look upon his face*

"LUPEN!" he calls out, his voice echoing through the halls.

"Unhand the sword." pausing briefly...

... "Now." he commands.

"Rest it on the floor, and let no one enter nor leave this room."

His hooves line up one nearly behind the other as his body now no
longer directly faces the dread mage... only partially. Breathing
deeply, the dust in the room is seen being blown about. His
physical training is seen as he bounces ever so slightly in his
stance ready to move at a moment's notice, and his muscles..
being the point of attention one would only make out in a
glance.. A strong, 'hulking' Tauren. He waits for the dread
mage's response.. be it words, actions, or magic.


Growling, Warneshi was prepared for blood. No one would stand in
his way, especially some tauren. Warneshi reached into Lupens

"Thiss one iss selfissh he doess not see with the eyess of an
ally, but with the eyess of one who seekss the power of thiss
blade. He musst not have it, for hisss spirit would be corrupted
and twissted."

Satisfied that his command would be followed, Warneshi then
reached out to Trilok.

"Tauren, why iss it that the one time Warneshi needss you, you
find a way to stand in the way? Lupen seekss to free Warneshi
from hiss prisson, not desstroy the world. Regnanetah for once
doess not undersstand the full implicationss of hiss actionss.
Let Lupen continue hiss work, do not judge Warneshi now, do so
when you can see him again, free of thiss curssed blade."

Warneshi waited for the taurens action.


Still agile.. still standing...

*Trilok snorts like any bull would.. only in this case it was for
a purpose* "BE GONE!" and Trilok forcefully wills the Tyrant out
of spirit and out of mind.

"Spirits of the Unseen, Seek out Reg-N'Etah, Alert him of what I
have found. The blade, The voice, and that Lupen may be following
the actions of a demon for he may not know the way." His eyes
shift to meet Lupen's as he finishes his call.


"If you believe you know the way, then Set... The Sword.... Down.
Rushing will not bring the Tyrant back. You can try and be
stopped by others, or you can stop, release the hold, and figure
things out on your own."


At Lupen's side, Syreena emerged from the shadows. She offered a
distracted smile in greeting to the others there, but she cringed
when she heard Krezinak. Staying very close to the Dread Mage,
she looked at Trilok with suprise and some disappointment.

"Warneshi is trapped. We have to bring him back," she explained.
"He is a Grim, and our friend. He needs our help."


Guduk strolls into the Grim Halls, his new claw weapon in hand.
He had begun to look for Trilok and thought that the guild hall
would be the best place to start.

Luck has it, he walks in and sees Trilok and the rest of the Grim
"Ahhhh, Druid. I have questions for you..." his clawed weapon
being raised to show the druid before he gets a sense of the mood
in the room. His plate armour goes quite as the warrior stops
moving and looks to the others.

"Am i interupting something?" his eyes fall on Lupen and then the
sword and he frowns "Warneshi's Sword? Is there news?"

The Tauren pauses to see what happens next.


Lupen shot a look at Guduk and then back to Trilok. "No, Tauren,
I will not forfit the life of a fellow Grim, my comrade, because
you cannot comprehend such an artifact." He returned his gaze to
Guduk, "Brother, this is Warneshi's blade, his soul, and his
mind. Warneshi is trapped within the twisted steel, I bring it to
find comrades in The Grim, willing to aid such a cause. To free a
brother, and I am met with hostility."

Lupen growled and looked toward Syreena, "Come, dear..." He
muttered, angrily at such defiance. The Warlock sheathed the
massive broadsword upon his back, and walked toward the door.
Lupen paused before he reached for the handle, expecting to feel
the pain of a bear's claw ripping his flesh. Be it Trilok's,
Guduk's, or both.


"A fool you are, You saw the notice, yet you ignored it. It was
posted before, but *someone* took it down, and as such it was
burned into place. Had such a *one* not done that, you would see
where I stand."

"If seconds counted, you would not be here to hear my words, so
you have the time to listen, you have the time to think. Flee
from me, Yes, I said Flee.. from me, and you will have shown me
you do actions that are not your own. Where the tyrant is you may
have an idea, but who he is? May only be wishful thinking... or
voices in your mind."

"Now tell me what you know... and if you try to run? Know this
much, from me... you cannot hide."


Warneshi cooled his rage, if only for a body he would of struck
down Trilok and left him but ashes to spread to his damn winds
and spirits. He reminded himself time, he had more then any of
them could understand. He sat and pondured the situation that was
unfolding in the guild hall, Lupen was strong and loyal. The
blade was safe, but Trilok and Regnanetah would cause problems,
many problems it seemed. Warneshi needed more allies, and more
time for Lupen. Smiling he found another presence in the

Reaching out, Warneshi tocuhed the mind of the Tauren, he had
respected Guduk in life, he did his job well. Now Warneshi needed
to see if how easly he could be proded into helping the Tyrant.

"Guduk, lissten well and reconize thiss voice. Warneshi callss to
you, thiss prisson iss strong and alliesss iss what Warneshi
needss. Lissten well Trilokss wordss for they ring true, Warneshi
iss trapped with demonss, and fightss them at all timess. However
hiss wordss are said without undersstanding, he knowss where
Warneshi iss but not whom he fightss for. Trilok see'ss thiss
situation through the eyess of nature, but now it iss the eyess
of one not bound to such beliefss that Warneshi needss. You Guduk
who have fought strongly and wissely for the Grim, you
undersstand that we are slavess to that which we hate the mosst
at timesss. Warneshi iss a slave and he musst be free, Warneshi
askss you for thiss help. Lupen musst keep the blade, it iss an
heirloom of Warneshi and hiss people. Warneshi askss that you
protect Lupen, protect the blade. Thossse that seek to do it harm
do so out of ignorance, but Warneshi holdss no animossity
towardss them, they do not undersstand. Help Warneshi that iss
all Warneshi askss."

Satisfied with his plea to Guduk, Warneshi sat back and watched
again. He was interested to see how this would turn out. Trilok
could stop them, but the tauren must be aware that touching the
blade would bring him into direct contact with Warneshi,
something Trilok may not want. Watching and waiting, Warneshi
hoped his message was heard.


Ashagga watched the drama unfold slowly, and let herself slip
into the shadows. The message in the guild hall... she still
hadn't made up her mind. She liked Reg, but she liked Warneshi,
too. Lupen scared her, but Syreena was her friend. Trilok... was
a mystery, and she barely knew Guduk.

No, she'd sit and wait, and see what happened. She wasn't willing
to take sides yet, especially if it meant lifting a hand against
a fellow Grim.


The little rogue sent a pleading look to Guduk as Lupen explained
Warneshi's plight. She searched the warrior's face for any sign
to indicate whether he would be willing to help Warneshi.

She walked eagerly to the door with Lupen, still wondering why he
brought the blade here in the first place. When he paused at the
door, Syreena turned back to look at Trilok as he spoke. When he
mentioned the note that was removed, she frowned, lowering her
gaze to her hands as she toyed with a loose thread on her gloves.
Never before had she felt intimidated by the druid, but now she
stammered as she spoke quietly.

"Warneshi is trapped..in the Nether or in the sword....I'm not
sure exactly where. But we have to save him. Who he is?" she
said, looking back up at Trilok. "He is a Grim. And he is my
friend. And Lupen and I are going to bring him back, just like he
brought Lupen back before."
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen became furious, with both Warneshi's furor and his own
disposition. He turned back toward Trilok, his cloak shifted as
his hunched back moved. His eyes scanned the Tauren, the Warlock
imagined each single hair of the Druid's fur aflame. Lupen's left
hand became enveloped in shadows, his right sparking with flame.
His mood quickly changed, his rage dissipated, his will to kill
was dropping. The Dread Mage walked toward Trilok, "Brother,
Regnanetah is misinformed. Shadowflame only understands the
deception in Warneshi's Demon Side. Be that as it may, Warneshi
comes to us not as the spawn of a Demon, but that of a Grim,
sentient. A claw raised against me would be a claw raised against
the entirity of The Grim. Consider this."

Lupen stood up straight, a quite rare stance for any Forsaken,
especially Lupen. Upright, his eyes were just below the Tauren's
jaw. "Make your choice..." The Warlock muttered.


A Goblin with glazed over eyes and movements that are jerky as if
he was not the one in control of his movements enters the halls
carrying a book. Ignoring all the otheres, it begins walking
towards Trilok. It stops before him, offering up the book, before
speaking in a hollow voice that speaks in a broken fashion.

"My master ... Patron of Shadow...flame. Bid me watch. You have
paid attention to the notice. Here...a book...Warneshi's Journal.
Proof in his own words....that he serves...his Mother...and seeks
destruction...for all of us. Keep it safe for now, as one
day....it may again be useful as more then...proof. When my
master is ready, he shall come forth...untill then....I shall be
used to contact you."

The goblin then sets down the book, and stands up and begins to
walk out. about halfway out,l the glazed look in his eyes fades,
and his movements becoem natural, he looks around wildly as if he
doesn't know where he is, before seeing the well armed and
armoured Grim around him, and running out as fast as he can.

Book IS written in Warneshi's hand, and doesn't contain much per
page, mailny ramblings, but here's the Journal if anyone reads

page 2: Born of shadows and of hate...
page 3: must feed
page 4 AGONY!
page 5: your power now I do create...
page 6: hunger hunger hunger hunger
page 7: always watching
page 8: serve me now it is your fate...
page 9: power must feed!
page 11: she follows me
page 12: she devours me
page 13: darkness hunger SOULS!
page 14: eternal hunger you must satiate...
page 15: power, at last
page 16: rest
page 17: HUNGER!
page 18: her avatar...
page 19: her hate, her hand, her power...
page 20: her vassal, the world will burn for its mistakes...


"My claw? You are the one that have now invoked the rites of
magic, where I have merely spoken words...." *as he watches the
goblin speak to him*

*Trilok moves Lupen aside, an easy task for a Tauren at the
pinnacle of his prowess, and picks up the journal with a firm


"You seem so positive in your thoughts, Lupen. He is free, he is
safe, he is imprisoned. Yet he can freely enter one's mind to
speak to them. You know of his demon side, you know of his
deceptions, yet you doubt entirely that he is not using one of
them... trapped.. yet able to communicate with everyone in this
room? Certainly you, or how else would you know so much? Or think
you do. Knowledge is power lupen, force comes second.

You think you know something so now you are going to react, yet
do you know what will come of it? The Tyrant.. some say he was
taken, others such as yoruself say he is imprisoned, even though
we all know nothing holds the tyrant. Say you free him, then
what? If you are wrong, you free a horror onto the world,
yourself being completely defenseless against it.

OR! Say you are correct, and he is imprisoned against his will
and wants to be free, he wishes it. So much that he would
actually beg for it....

Slys'Thok still has control. By releasing Warneshi you bring out
even greater evils. Praise Lupen, he has freed Warneshi! Just as
the demons from the nether begin praising you too. 'Praise Lupen,
for he has given portal to Slys'Thok, now she can walk the

THINK of your actions, Young One! There is more at stake here
than a moment of Warneshi's life. Have you seen him fall in
battle only to rise up again and fight some more? I have... more
times than stars fill the night skies. If he is safe, then the
time for you to think this through is available, so do so before
you make errors in ways you cannot fathom, in ways you are unable
to control.

*Trilok inspects the book, Cautiously he opens it, and begins to
look at the pages*

"Page 1: Why Why Why Why Why"

"Page 3: Must Feed"

"Page 5: Your Power Now I Do Create"

"Whose power, Lupen?"

"Page 8: serve me now it is your fate..."

"Page 9: power must feed!"

"Shall I go on? Keep Listening"

"Page 11: She Follows Me"

"Page 12: She Devours Me"

"Page 14: eternal hunger you must satiate..."

"Page 15: power, at last"

"Power Lupen? In Prison?"

"Page 19: her hate, her hand, her power..."

"Page 20: her vassal, the world will burn for its mistakes..."

"Yes Lupen, he sounds alone."
"Think again of what I have spoken, Are you sure releasing him
now is the right thing to do?"


Emmons finally came to, in a familiar, dark place. He felt a sand
beneath him, and heard the 'drip....drip', of some far off water
source, and a periodic warm breeze flow over his body. He stirred
a little, finding he was not coherent enough to fully stand up.

"Arise, my son." The voice was deep, spoken in the soothing, odd
tongue that Emmons could not place, but fully understood. "Arise,
and be renewed". He felt compelled to obey, despite his
dizziness, he stood and felt that he was disoriented no longer.

"Wha...what'm I doin' here?"

The deep, aged voice responded, "You failed me once, son, the
gate of the Qiraji were opened, the world is in danger once
again, but I have given you a chance to redeem yourself." Emmons
did not understand what the voice meant, but again, he felt
compelled to agree. "Your friend, Warneshi, is missing, is he

"Yes, I have not seen him in some time."

"You must ensure he stays missing. He is a powerful being, and
your friend, and he will bring great destruction."

Emmons nodded, and in his agreement, became drowsy and his vision
faded to black, and awoke some time later back on the roof of the
guild hall.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Lupen narrowed his eyes at Trilok's words, they seemed genuine,
they seemed true. Part of him wanted to agree with Trilok, for
his argument was quite convincing. The Sword bound him, twisted
his will and knowledge. "Trilok," he began, his voice noticeably
softer than before, but still full of scorn. "Brother, Slys'Thok
is a bane upon the Nether, she endagers myself, the Horde, the
Alliance, life on Azeroth. The Third Dark grips us, clutches us
as playthings. Only the closed portals keep us safe. Warneshi has
attempted to commune with his mother, to defeat her, end her
reign. Warneshi, seemes to have failed... We are a dark people,
that journal proves nothing, but that he wishes to end her, and
she wishes to end life. If I cannot rescue Warneshi, we will have
failed, not as the Individuals, not as The Grim, not as The
Horde, but as dezens of this plane of existance."

The Warlock breathed heavily, odd for anything with failed lungs.
He finally spoke once more, "For once, in my existance, I wish
well upon this land. To control fate alongside a brother... It is
impossible to comprehend such power we feel... Join us, brothers,
sisters, join us against the Legion."

Lupen turned away once more and remained silent, those words
scarred his throat. Yes, it is true, he wished to overthrow
Slys'Thok, as she had gripped him before, he knew of her sinister
clutch... But to join one with the Nether again... The Dread Mage
would be a god among mortals. He wispered completely under his
breath, in the thickest of Demonic, "Forgive me, Dark Ones. These
infidels know only deception."


Warneshi closed his eyes and breathed in the power. The room of
The Grim hall was awash with it, so many tempers on edge, so many
emotions flowing. It was a feast and he wished to partake in it,
to remind them all what their fate was.

He heard a familiar sound, a slight breeze that carried whispers
of destruction, his mother called.

They doubt you, even your serventss doubt you. They have only
heard you, and so the words of your enemies carry the same weight
as yours. They have seen your enemies, but they have not seen
you. Make yoursself known my child. Let them quiver at your
pressence. Worry not they will know you for ass I wissh you to be

Warneshi let his lip curl into a sneer, he knew what this meant.
Closing his eyes he let her power take him.

As The Grim quarreled and Lupen made ready for the door. The Grim
halls feel dark and cold, even the undead shivered in deathless
bodies. Something was wrong, and aura of unease, and aura of
malice and hate consumed the room. Within the darkness and space
of nothing appeared, shadows so dark they could not even exist.
This nothingness took a shape, a familiar form to many of The
Grim. The shadows resided, the hall remained darkened and cold,
and before them stood the form of Warneshi, a shade, barely
existent, but very much there.

The shade spoke softly, but with a tone that sent shivers down
the spines of all gathered.

"Yesss Trilok, Warneshi iss dangerouss, you are correct to
conssole fear, for you only undersstand the tip of the iceberg.
The nether shiverss and quakess at the little game you are
playing, and she thankss you Trilok for you do her bidding more
then any here. You think you are free of her eyess? That what you
might say could esscape her earss? Warneshi hass been taken, and
he iss a slave of her, but Warneshi'ss will iss not. She knowss
Warneshi seekss freedom, she knowss who servess Warneshi and who
doess not. Fool, you walk into her trap, Warneshi iss powerful
far more then you will ever undersstand. She wantss that power
back. What do you think hass held her back thiss entire time? She
gave part of her power to Warneshi when he wass born, and when he
swore hiss oath. She wantss it back, for with it no barrier will
stop her and she will rain death upon Azeroth."

Warneshi narrowed his eyes and Trilok and strode forward, his
malice falling off of him in waves, his power causing the world
to twist and bend.

"Two evilss, which will you serve? It iss not long before what
power Warneshi hass left iss gone, before he becomess nothing,
not even a memory. Warneshi'ss will iss all that keepss her
probing at bay. So Warneshi askss again Trilok: Two evilss, which
will you serve? Warneshi will bring death with hiss coming, many
many deathss, but with Slyss'Thok, with her comess

The shade smirked and watched Trilok closely.


Guduk turns his head as he watches the scene unfold, his eyes
narrow on the Shadow form of Warneshi "I would choose the lesser
of evils to be walking the land, Brother Warneshi, but which are
you? Are you a lesser evil? or are you just one with the greater

Guduk tilts his head and reaches his other hand over to fix the
new claw into a more comfortable position on his hand "How can we
free you of her chains? enough to the point you are not her
gateway into this world?"

He glances at Trilok, and then turns to Lupen "You must know
something of how demons work to get into this world on their


Seeing that no one noticed his presence Krezinak walked past the
three standing by the door, the mage and the blade could wait,
and approached the shade of Warneshi. "Greetingss Uncle...*clears
throat*...it is good to see you again, do not mind the others i
know what must be done to see that Slys'Thok is destroyed. You
musst...ahekm*clears throat again*...must and will be freed from
this prison. Nothing shall stop me or the dread mage from freeing
you and ending her reign of terror."

Krezinak lowers to one knee as in a bow but does not lower his
eyes form the shade. "You have my complete allegiance Uncle, as
you have had since i wass young. You taught me everything I know
and have never steered me wrong in the passt. Why would i have a
reason to not believe you now?"


Lupen turned and did not seem suprised at Warneshi's shade. He
then smirked and contemplated Guduk's words. "Yes, of course,
brother." He spoke slowly, eyeing a series of runes on his left
arm. "It is difficult, in any respect. To create a secure portal
requires not only souls and blood of the Demon's true foe... But
also a living sacrifice." Lupen grinned madly as he contemplated
those he could give to the Nether. The Warlock's tone became much
more serious as he uttered, "Be forewarned, this is a dangerous
task, and could injure or kill many of us."


*Trilok fills with laughter, filling the room. Though still stern
and serious, he laughed.. impervious to the unnatural darkness.*

"You think I am trapped? Huh Hah ha!! A fool you are Tyrant. I am
more free than you could ever imagine!"

*energy begins to eminate from Trilok, the darkness begins to
fight to shroud him*

"You use darkness and fear to try to intimidate me? You say you
are still the same Tyrant as before, yet you use fear tactics?
Games you cannot play unless you are working WITH Slys'Thok? Do
not play me, Weakling. I see through your games."

"You speak of Slys'Thok watching me, but you act as if I *care*
that I am watched. I am here on this world to do my purpose, if
some demon wishes to watch me undo everything it wishes to
accomplish, so be it. It can shiver and quake knowing I am here,
Doing what I came here to do. But even more so. Only a fool would
state to everyone here.. To LUPEN, to Syreena.. To your Nephew...
that you are with Slys'Thok. Slave or not, you are not 'free' to
speak to us, you are working with her, your will or not. I may be
talking to Slys'Thok, or Warneshi, but listen closely. You have
just told your alliances here in this room that you are dangerous
and that you are not in your own control, nor have you shown that
you are imprisoned. But you have shown to everyone here that
bringing you from the nether is a mistake. Call me a fool, See if
you can find a reflection in the nether. I hear they are scarce,
who would want to gaze upon something hideous and ugly?"

*as the energy continues... Warneshi's malice falls short of
Trilok, unable to connect*

"As for your two evils? While there may be two evils, there are
also a few greaters. Namely me, Trilok, The Protector. I continue
to serve the earth and all of its being. More stands before you
than you think. You see bodies of flesh and bone, and you *think*
that is all you have to conquer. Try adding in the force of
nature, my wrath.. as well countless spirits that still reside
here. Both evils are 'lesser' in my eyes, for I work for the

"Remember me Warneshi, Tyrant of your 'servants'.. for I am
Nature. I am the Predator, I am the Storm. I am the Forces that
block your path. Attempt to waste the earth.. Then Prepare
yourself before me, As I unleash my Wrath!"

*Trilok continues to stare directly at the shade of the former
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Never more than an arm's length from Lupen's side, Syreena
continued to listen to the argument, shocked at what she was
hearing, especially from Trilok.

"Warneshi is a Grim. Why won't you help him? We all helped bring
Lupen back last spring. But we're to leave Warneshi to the demons
and...forget about him?" she questioned the druid and the others,
genuinely confused. "What if there was something wrong with me?
Would you refuse to help me too?"

Suddenly she stopped, coming to a bitter realization. She frowned
as she ran her hand down her right side, and she turned away from
the other Grims. She reached for Lupen, pulling his arm lightly
in the direction of the door.

"I will help you," she muttered quietly, still tugging on his
arm. "Can we go now? Let's go. Please?"


Well, this was foolish, but Syreena made a point that stung
Ashagga. Grims help Grims. Ashagga stepped out of the shadows,
abandoning stealth in favor of taking a stand. She moved to stand
beside Syreena, her friend, the woman who helped her when she
needed it, and nodded at Trilok.

"Aye, Grims 'elp Grims. Maybe Warneshi is possessed by 'is
mother, an' maybe not, but either way, we ain't gonna abandon
'im. We'll bring 'im back, an' then we'll go from there."

She smiled at Syreena and nodded at Lupen. "If me blades c'n
'elp, then I's yours."

Besides, maybe Warneshi could help her in return...


*retorts* "Because he is a Grim? So was Licidion."





"He killed Snowfeather."

"Ask Yichimet."


Lupen's eyes met those of Syreena's, he nodded at her request to
leave. In honesty, he had wished that fewer Grims had noticed
their presence. All was not lost, though Warneshi may have made a
powerful Enemy in Trilok, Lupen had gained an Ally, Ashagga. He
turned toward Ashagga and nodded, motioning her toward the door.
In a desperate attempt to disengage the conversation he simply
said, "We have no time for such foolishness, brother." His tone
consumed with spite. "Warneshi is a Grim, he will always remain
as such. Our goal is Peace Through Annihilation, Warneshi is
aiding in our ideals." He stopped and announced to the Grim
Halls, "We are your comrades, I, Dread Mage Lupen am to free our
Brother, Warneshi Sandscalp, from his Nether Prison. Come if you
wish to aid... Begone if you wish to interfere."

He sighed a bit, and opened the door, the first to walk out and
prepare himself for a long trek over Azeroth.


There wasn't much more to say, if Trilok was so willing to
abandon one of the Grim. She'd personally bring that up later.
Ashagga squared her shoulders and glared at Trilok with her good
eye before following Lupen and Syreena out.


The Shade smiled and noded at Trilok.

"Your ressolve iss ass strong ass ever tauren. Stand againsst
thiss if you wissh, Warneshi will not hold that againsst you. You
care for the nature of thiss world, and that iss wisse, for ass
Warneshi said, he would do much to dissrupt it. Slyss'Thok
however will desstroy it. Your choice Trilok, but in your
inaction thiss world will be unmade. Slay well brother."

The Shade turned and faced the remainder of The Grim assembled.

"The wordss of Trilok and Regnanetah are spoken out of caution,
they undersstand much, but choosse to ignore a simple fact. Thiss
world will suffer ass it alwayss hass, either at the handss of
Warneshi, or at the handss of Slyss'Thok. The choice iss yourss
jusst ass much ass it iss Trilokss and Regnanetahss. Do ass you
will Grimss."

The Shade waxed and waned and Warneshi left all assembled with
one final line...

"She iss coming Grimss...be ready..."

Warneshi smiled as he felt himself settle back into the Nether.
All was working as it should, distrust and discent were filtering
throughout his old comrades. The ones that did his bidding now
had the motivation he wished them to have, the motivation of
loyalty. They would help him, if just to prove their own power,
worth, and loyalty. Sighing, Warneshi turned his attention back
to the scene left in his wake. He waited eagerly the moment it
all blew up.



"You and others say it would be wrong to risk the death of
Warneshi, yet in order to bring him back without Slys'Thok, you
say we must band together, which in turn will risk MULTIPLE Grim
Deaths. My option is to find another way, yours is to slay grims,
aside from needing a sacrifice. Ashagga are you willing to
Sacrifice your life along with Syreena's and other grim's to
bring him back? Or would you rather look for an alternative? Your
choice puts her life and other grim's lives in danger."

"Guduk, which do you sway? Go with lupen and risk a powerful
demon escaping? or Grim deaths?.. or with me to find a way
through this mess?"

*so anyone may hear him* "Warneshi himself just presented to you
all, He *Will* attempt to destroy this world, you are apart of
this world, which means you are included in his destruction. As
for his mother coming? If she had the means to come, she would be
here by now, instead Warneshi is tricking you. By bringing the
Tyrant back right now.. he is her Gateway to this world. Bring
him back and THEN Slys'Thok will be with us. Find another way
Grims, Or you will be responsible for the death of this world."


Regna-N'Etah closed the book he had been reading. A plan had
begun to form...it would be risky..and for much of it would
require the aid of others. He begin to pack quickly. There wasn't
any time to be wasted, he would need to contact those that could
aid him. If the voices that had come to him through the air were
correct, Lupen and Syreena were not to be trusted...yet. He would
make his way out and find Lord Dorian. If any of the fel
summoners could help him, he could.

Regna-N'Etah opened up a portal into the undercity, stepped
through, and headed for a place known only to him, he carefully
took out the blade he had hidden there. He hadn't used the blade
since the days of snowfeather and Licidion, as there had been
little use for a blade built and ensorcelled to destoy demons.
With his old blade at his side, he begin to head to the Royal
Apothecary Society. Lord Dorian was an Alchemist, and they might
know where he was. Until he knew more, he couldn't yet walk the
grim halls safely.


Time...always Warneshi had time, it seemed it was begining to run
thine, just like the Tyrants patience. His attempts to gather
more allies had failed, but had given him perhaps something more
valuable; the knowledge of who stood against him. Within that
knowledge in hand Warneshi knew it was time to out step his
enemies and return. Calling into Lupens mind, Warneshi took a
calm tone, as if to remind Lupen all of this was just as he

"Lupen it iss time, we know thosse who stand againsst uss, thosse
that would blind themselvess to truth and bring the desstruction
of your world. Now it iss time for uss to take that power away
from them. You know much in the wayss of summoning, and Warneshi
will teach you a bit more. Firsst however we will need a
proper...hosst. Search the areass of the new bloodss, find a
troll he will not know you, but you will know him. When you look
upon him you will know. Take him and hold him, he will be the
meanss with which Warneshi enterss thiss world."

Warneshi smiled, no matter how much time he lost, he still had
far more then his advisaries.

Worneshi breathed a sigh of relief, the last razormane that
jumped him was dead. He thanked the spirits for his shield spell.
Blessing his companion one last time, the troll priest made his
way back to Razorhill. He was tired and a nice hammock in the inn
would do him just right. He could not help but keep looking over
his shoulder from time to time, always it felt like someone was
watching him.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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The sun beat down over The Barrens, making the plains more
inhospitable for the Forsaken riding eastward from The

It had been a while since he has visited his human counterparts
in Ratchet. However, a very frightened goblin convinced him to

"It has been a while, Strahad." The Forsaken said with grace.
"What news do you have for me?"

"It appears that one of your compatriots is consumed by power,
and is becoming reckless. He must be delt with."

"I know. I do not know if his lust for power, his faciniation for
a Return, him ignoring the dangers of his demons, or the Plague
taking hold again, but it is posing a danger to us all. I will
find a way to deal with him." The Forsaken said in a cool tone.

"He seems to be completely lost. He is trying to deal with that
fel troll in your midst. Trying to control the demon that he is.
He must be delt with, if not by you, I will ensure a human will."

"Interesting." The Forsaken noted, "His will was always weak.
However, this gives me an opportunity, if I can strike at the
right time."

"Yes, the fel troll would be a powerful ally Lord Dorian. I have
something that may help. It was always a shame that your library
was burned. However, fires need to be started by someone, and
everyone has a price."

Strahan produced a worn, leatherbound book from under his robes.
A cold wind swept over Ratchet from the sea, and the sun became
less bright. The eyes of the old Forsaken widened a bit.

"Hmm. It seems that the Armies of Stormwind made a fatal mistake.
An act that will cost them dearly. Does the Burning Legion know
of its existance? The mages of Dalaran?"

"No. It has been kept by me all these years. Noone expected your
return after your self-imposed exile. Your work lives on, and it
is only fair you are reconnected with it."

"Thank you, brother. I am indebted to you for the return of this
book. It will assist greatly in what must be done next."

With a quick muttering of words, Lord Dorian was mounted and
riding towards The Crossroads.


Guduk stands quietly and watches on, he grumbles his displeasure
of the situation once Warneshi fades from view, He looks to
Trilok "I am unsure where to stand. But caution is always a good
way to go. And Grim sacrifice is just a step back to where we
begin, a member returned, but a member lost."

Guduk shakes his head "I do not think i will help Lupen in what
he does." he then turns to look at the departing group "But i
will look over them and if things get out of control, i'll step
in the way, as i always do for the Grim."

Guduk grunts and looks to Trilok "You may be a force of nature to
barrier the way... But I am a barrier of metal which may be just
as hard to bite through" he grims slightly and moves to follow
Lupen's group.

"And i have this claw to bite back with too"


Skash was bored, and that was never a good thing. His boredom had
brought him back to the Barrens, back to his old stomping
grounds. He went about patrolling the lands on Simba, always on
alert for young heros in trouble or for a gnome to boot. The
pigmen, an enemy of the horde ever since the orcs landed in the
barrens years ago, were a favorite place for Skash to "relax".

He approached Razorhill with a rather wicked grin on his face.
Skash looked around, seeing how the battles fared for the young
ones battling the pigmen. Skash spied a troll priest, apparently
quite exhausted from a current struggle. His keen eyes then
spotted a lone hunter lying in wait behing some nearby bushes,
his bow lined up on the priest. Skash immediately dismounted
Simba and pulled his axe and shield. Letting loose a vicious
battle cry, Skash charged in. "Yous sissy! If'n yous gonna fight
da horde fight'em face ta face! Skash show yous a ting or six!"
The battle was brutal and short. The markings on Skash's shield
were indented on pigman hunter's face. Skash looked up at the
priest and cackled gleefully. "Yous got ta look to da shadows an
bushes sometimes troll! Dese piggies likes ta hide dere! Dis one
was aimin ta take yas head clean off!"


Worneshi eyed the orc with joy, he did afterall just save his
life. Dusting himself off and standing, the troll made as
elequent a bow as he could manage; Worneshi could not help but
smile again realizing he towered over the orc. Standing up
straight yet again and picking up his club, Worneshi spoke
happily to Skash.

"I thank you orc, it seems you have come upon me in just the
right moment. My name is Worneshi, and well as you can imagine I
am new to these lands. However I know that the inn nearby serves
very nice drinks if you would allow me to buy you one for saving
my life."

Worneshi smiled at the Orc some more and was releaved that
perhaps he would make some friends in this land. He could not
help to shake the feeling that there was something very sinister
about it all...


"Can Skash have pie too mebbe?" Skash grinned as he walked with
the troll, knowing one who had little experience would not own a
mount nor one as swift as Simba. Worneshi... hmmmmmmm... was this
name a coincidence?

As they walked, Skash kept potential threats at bay merely with a
sharp glare. To pass the time, Skash tried small talk "Worneshi
eh? Skash knows a troll by da name a Warneshi. Yous know him? Him
a Sandfury. Him an Skash be members of da Grim. Yous heard of da
Grim? Skash no seen Warneshi for awile... Skash wonder where he
be. Bah, Skash bablin! Tell Skash about yous!"


Worneshi laughed at the orc, he found his presence to be plesent.
At the mention of the name Warneshi however he could not help but
wonder why the name sounded so familiar, besides the fact that it
shared a close resemblence to his own. Thinking it perhaps just a
coincidense Worneshi continued his conversation with his new
friend Skash.

"I am sure plenty of pies would be available for your eating good
orc. That name you mention what was it? Warneshi? I can not help
but think I have heard of it, but I am not sure I know anyone by
that name. The Grim however, I have heard of them, many of the
other new ones mention them with great reverance, almost fear;
however if they are all as kind as you perhaps those rumors are
wrong. Myself? Not much to me actually, I simply try my best to
be what life has presented me with."

They drew closer to Razorhill, Worneshi slouching so as not to
stand too much higher then Skash. Worneshi laughed and joked with
the orc, he was enjoying this new friend.


It didn't seem to bother Skash that the troll towered over him.
Most of the races of the horde were much taller then the orcs.
The Tauren were nearly as tall as the trolls, and the spells that
shaped the forsaken gave them height near if not greater then
some of the orcs. Skash was strong, and so were his fellow orcs,
and that is all that mattered to Skash.

Skash let off one of his hearty cackles at the mention of the
Grim not being frightening. "HA!!! Da Grim be plenty scary! But
not to da horde. Da horde respect da Grim for wut dey do! An dat
be bashin da alliance! One time, Skash found dis gnome an..."
Skash went on to a long winded story, followed by many other
stories of Grim doings throughout the world. Skash was finding
this troll to be most pleasent company. The fact that he didn't
seem to shun or mock Skash for his simpleness brought a smile to
his face. This one would be one to keep an eye on.


He towered over the orcs in Razor Hill on his demon mount. The
orcs sood their ground, but the fear was palatable.

The Forsaken was speaking to one of the grunts. He knew the troll
was here. Or was.

After a brief interrogation, the guard mentioned a tough orc, and

"Skash," the Forsaken muttered, "does not know what he is about
to be involved in. Worse, he will fall for whatever words Lupen
tell him."

He whispered in the ears of his steed and rode off post haste
into the distance.


Worneshi and Skash wandered north towards Orgrimmar, always their
conversations jovial and exciting. Skash had taken time to
explain to Worneshi the intricies of pies; the differant types,
flavors, and crusts. Worneshi had never been aware that pies were
such a science. Worneshi spent much of the time listening, the
orc always ahd something to say it seemed and Worneshi always ahd
time to listen. It was a day walk, Worneshi had no mount and they
decided it wasn't worth being in a hurry.

They decided to take to camp a few hours from Orgrimmar, Skash
had gone on in nauseum about the smells of the pies in the
morning at the orphanage, and Worneshi decided he wanted a good
wiff of them. So they would rest for the evening and make for the
walls early the next day.

The campfire was built quickly and Worneshi decided he would show
off some of his culinary skills, preparing a decent amount of
boar ribs that Skash had gathered. The meal was warm and the talk
about greater things. Skash was an ambitious orc it seemed, he
did not show it often but Worneshi could see he was destined for
great things, and he had the will to achieve them. Speaking of
dragons he had faught and slain, and of more terrible things that
Worneshi could not even comprehend. The orc had seen many things,
and Worneshi was eager to learn as much as he could.

The hour grew late and the waking the next day would be early, so
the two travelers took to their bed rolls. No watch, it was the
lands of Durator after all. As Worneshi drifted to sleep he could
not help but feel somewhat terrified, comething was not right. He
watched the road behind them; something was coming, and he could
not explain why, but he knew it came for him.
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Re: Ending or Beginnings by Warneshi

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Guduk trails behind Lupen, Syreena and company, checking over his
claw once in a while and still wondering about its use, he
glances at the others and sighs heavely, To have Warneshi back
would be good for The Grim, but at what cost?

Would he need to be struck down?

Guduk shakes his large head, the might helm making him look even
more like a dog with a collar.

Time will tell.


Warneshi listened carefully to his mothers console, it was rare
she spoke directly to him these days and so something important
must of been going on, or something important was going to be
disturbed. Warneshi hid a sneer, he still did not like his
mother, she had given him power and magics, but Warneshi was
smart enough to know it was only so he could serve her better,
not because she cared for him in any way. What she did bring
before him this caused Warneshi to lose his temper, what she came
to warn him about could certainly ruin his plans. It seemed that
Worneshi was not safe, his identity had been comprimised, most
surely by spys in the Nether. No matter who it was it seemed
Pincus Dorian himself was hunting Worneshi now. Warneshi knew
that if that one was trying to find Worneshi, then he most
certainly must know who that troll was, and why he was so

Warneshi's anger broke free of its bonds, he had not tasted rage
this powerfull since his living days; Warneshi wanted to see
Dorian hunted down and brought before Warneshi so that he could
visit pains upon him the undead could of never imagined. That
however was not an option, the demon taimer was powerful and
could hold Warneshi at bay, if not send him back to the Nether.
Pincus would not fall for temptings of power, or favors called
in. No Warneshi could not beat him yet, but Warneshi could slow
him down.

Lupen felt his back heat up and part of his robes start to burn
away, Sul'Thraze was glowing in black flame. The searing pain
stung right to his core, Lupen could feel his inner spirit
calling in agony as the black flames tryed to devour it, this was
a deadly blade indeed. The flames soon subsided only to be
followed by a pain far worse, Warneshi's anger. Lupen heard the
Tyrants voice and along with them came the darkest of his
nightmares. In a tone that screamed hate, and rage Warneshi spoke
to the dreadmage.

"Lissten well Lupen, you musst make hasste out of Orgrimmar, the
key to thiss endevour of ourss iss in trouble. Go south at all
your speed, take thosse who you trusst, you will come acrossss a
troll that looksss to be Warneshi but he iss not. He iss vital to
our ritual, you musst take him before he iss found, and he iss
hunted even ass we speak. Go now Lupen or the imagess Warneshi
conjuress will be paradisse compared to the cosst of your
failure. Beware...you may encounter one who huntss you ass well,
be ready."

Warneshi was confident that his intentions were made clear, and
that Lupen understood. Now it was time to slow down Dorian, the
Warlock had a head start on Lupen so Warneshi needed to buy
sometime. Concentrating his energies Warneshi called upon ancient
allies of old...

Pincus rode swiftly and with purpose, he knew he must be close to
his prey. It was night, but Pincus could feel the world around
him grow darker, he smelled the nether, something was coming.
Pincus was forced to slow his mount, he could see shapes
materializing in the shadows before him, as if they were born
from the darkness. Four shadowy forms of giant serpents sat
coiled in the road. Pincus could tell these were no normal
beasts, they stunk of the nether. With firey red eyes and bodies
that looked to almost be transparant the serpents brought their
heads up and almost seemed to smile at the undead, they waited
and Pincus knew it was his move...


Lupen's eyes twitched madly, he opened and closed them with
haste, viewing the Dreadlords and other horrors of the Nether.
Memories enveloped the Forsaken like a cloak. A minute passed of
silent rememberance. Suddenly, Lupen turned to his comrades who
followed him on mounts. "South..." He muttered in an almost
otherworldly tone. "...South." Lupen repeated as he spurred the
sides of his Dreadsteed.

As the gates of Orgrimmar faded from view, he felt something
quite familiar. The scent of another Hellcaller, a powerful one
indeed. Pincus. Lupen slowed his nightmare and motioned for his
comrades to halt. "Up ahead... Grims... A familar force. Do not
draw weapons or magicks until we are sure he is hostile." Lupen
could truely not believe the words he was uttering, he viewed
Lord Dorian as a mentor, he had taught Lupen near everything he
knew about Demonology and the Nether. The thought of betrayal
would never have crossed Lupen's mind sane, and even with The
Blade's taint, the Dread Mage tried to resist any urge to draw
assault on his comrade.


Skash slept peacefully. There was little to fear this near
Orgrimmar. What wild creatures there were knew better then
approach the orc even as he slept. He dreamt of past victories,
of his friends in the Grim, and of course, pie. His bliss was
soon to be disturbed, for Skash had no idea what torrents he was
about to be caught in the middle of.


Ashagga rode behind Lupen, keeping her eye open for potential
dangers. When Lupen warned them, she prepared to slip into the
shadows if necessary. What could endanger this party? She watched
Lupen cautiously. This would be very delicate indeed.


Regnanetah rode south from orgrimar, following the trail of the
one he sought. His informants had said the target had headed
south out of orgrimmar towards Razor hill. It had taken him far
too long to entice the secrets he had wanted from the Cenarions,
allowing him to forge his new blade, but it along with his old
demon hunting blade may be needed in the days ahead. Time had
been wasted, first with hiding, and then with preparing...and now
he had to contact his target and speak with him, to put his plan
into motion. As he rode hard to the south, He say a group on the
road ahead in the distance. Pulling out his spy glass, he used it
to identify Lupen and those with him. Cursing under his breath at
all the luck that made him run into them, he dismounted, and
headed off the road, keeping a low profile, ad hoping whatever
they were focusing on would keep them from noticing his approach
before he could get a good idea of what they were doing. If they
were a hinderence to his current goals..they'd have to be dealt
with, otherwise he'd rather bypass them without them knowing.
they were Grim after all.


Falling behind, Guduk gathered up his mount and followed Lupens
party towards the Barrens, not putting forth any assistance,
being the observer for now and unsure which side to follow, for
now he will guard the Grim even if it is from themselves.


The guild halls grew quiet.. Lupen had run off, along with his
servants. Warneshi had faded, and it seems everyone else
disappeared from view when the candles in the room could offer
light once more. Trilok stood boldly, as if staring into nothing.

"Reg.." The spirits have alerted him that he was near-by. Though
it was growing dark, the streets of Orgrimmar were still bustling
with business and children running freely in a race to the pond
and back. The city seemed to still be well, what stood outside
the walls... would best be known to see with his own eyes.

Stepping out of the city, he took a deep breath, inhaling the
cool midnight air, letting it envelop his senses. It was a great
night for a run. No kodo would be needed tonight. Excercise was
daily, and often when all else would sleep. The towering Tauren
began running into the darkness of night. His dark fur condensed
into dots leaving a yellow-orange in-between. Jumping into the
air, all his materials melded to him, all becoming one. He shrunk
in size and cowered forward... no longer did it seem it would be
falling on his face. When he landed, he no longer was that of a
mighty tauren, but that of the fastest Cheetah, Azeroth would
ever know... and into the darkness he ran.


Krezinak followed Lupen and the others south towards Razor Hill.
He kept to himself as he always did only speaking when he was
spoken to. Since his trip in to the nether many... many things
had gone though his mind. Power, knowledge and an unexplainable
thrist that seemed to get harder to quench as the days passed.
But one thing had crossed his mind, and has not done so in a long

Krezinak caught himself thinking about his father. Gone since the
day of his birth Krezinak never knew who his father was until
Warneshi had found him, and told Krezinak of his heritage and his
fathers fate. There was the one time though when Uncle was in
conflict with the spirit of Krezinak's father. A troll had come
to Krezinak claiming to be his father, but faded away and emerged
back as Warneshi.

"Hmmm... when Uncless spirit wass pushed back in to the nether
thiss troll claiming to be my father emerged. And when Uncle
regained control of hiss body he dissappeared. Maybe that troll
wass my father? I had a strong pull towardss him and he sseemed
to know who I wass ass if he had been watching through the eyess
of Warneshi. If uncle hass again been ssent to the nether hass
thiss troll emerged again? Will I meet him again, and if I do
will he sstill think I'm hiss son?"

Slys'Thok had not spoken to Krezinak in some time and now he
wonders what he has given up for this promise of power. Did he
make the right choice to follow her? What must he sacrifice for
his personal gain? And is that sacrifice worth the power?


"They are early," the Forsaken thought to himself. "No matter,
they will be dealt with." He reached quickly into his bags,
pulling out the stored soul of an elf, and the Book returned.

He quickly muttered some words, and the shard disengrated into
dust. The Book wailed in delight.

"Lupen Vakov, for your foolish choice of allies, you are hereby
sentenced to... uncomfortable punishment for failure to follow
the will of the Steward.

But that sentence is pittance compared to your real fate if you
do not yield. The... cabal has ordered the utter destruction of
you and your allies for failure to follow the tenets of our
practice. We overlooked your transgressions at the Dark Portal.
We will not overlook these."

The Forsaken opened the Book and chanted some words written
within. A cold wind ripped over the red dirt. The outlines of
something large and not of this world appeared behind the
Forsaken. The shrill roars drowned out the sounds of Common in
the wind.

"Hmm. They, too, seem to be early as well."


Lupen spurred his Nightmare forward at a speed no faster than a
walk and motioned for his comrades to do so as well. He was
certain it was Pincus, and was none too pleased to see him here.
Lupen did indeed admire Pincus for his skill and cunning in
battle, envied him for his experience, and... Even slightly
feared him for his power. Lupen would almost certainly lose
against Pincus if a fight arose, that was not the concern. The
concern was his unwillingness to follow Reg's warning. Pincus was
an Irredeemable, and Lupen was not. Therefore, Pincus had control
of him just as far as the arm of the Guild would extend to.

Finally coming into an appropriate distance, Lupen hailed Pincus,
attempting to hide his worry from the overwhelming presence of
the Nether coming from behind. "Sir," the Dread Mage began while
placing both arms across his breast, the Forsaken's salute. "it
is good to see you..." He paused, not knowing if to wait for a
response and to jump on the matter, or to cover his words in
lies. No, no, Pincus was far too intellegent to be blinded by a
few bluffs.

Lupen quickly removed the Felcloth cover of the sword upon his
Dreadsteed's back. "As you have no doubt felt, this is "The
Blade" we have all heard so very much about." He sighed. "I won't
lie to you, I know the severity of bringing this out in the open,
and ignoring Reg's wishes to keep away from Sandscalp... The
Blade would have been found sooner or later, and better to be
found in the hands of a fellow Grim." Lupen glanced back toward
his comrades and continued. "Yes, I realize I am at your mercy,
in a way. These actions could lead to my execution, that I am

Lupen sighed, finding such courage he had not seen in quite some
time. "If this shell is not treated properly, and taken by one
unable to handle its power, it could spell disaster for this
world." He closed his eyes. "Sir, I ask you, allow me to finish
my task with the Nether once more, and then I will be at your
mercy." The words were like poison, a vile sting. "Mercy" was a
terrible word, one Lupen never used in such a way. To put himself
at the "Mercy" of another was foolish, but he did not wish to
fight or kill his comrade, merely to aid a fellow Grim.


And as all this occured... Skash and his new friend, oblivious to
it all, slept peacefully.


The scene that unfolded was set to be one of fire, shadow and
most certainly death. Warneshi cocked his head as the events
continued to be laid out before him. Pincus was mighty indeed,
but Lupen was loyal at this point; the Dreadmage was to terrified
of the cost of his failure. Warneshi let lose a sigh, his plans
were to far along to be changed, and it seemed Pincus was going
to cause some problems. Focusing himself, Warneshi called to his

"Mother, Warneshi iss in need of you. Dorian musst not aquire
Worneshi or all that we have planed will be torn down and we will
start from the begining again. Stop thiss nonsenssse that
unfoldss in the landsss of Durator. Warneshi will be your
passsageway, teach Dorian and hiss alliess that no matter what
they, they are alwayss the slavess, never the mastersss..."

The standoff continued, one power set against the next, it was in
this silence that an even greater darkness took the field. Lupen
and his allies had seen it before, the perpetual darkness, the
shadows taking form; Warneshi was materialzing himself again.
Lupen prayed the Tyrant was prepared, Dorian did not mess around
when it came to controlling the nether spawns.

The Dreadmage and his allies winced, something was differant.
Truely the form of shadows was Warneshi, but something was
differant. The darkness was painful to look at, like it was
trying burning their eyes from their skull and calling to their
souls. Even Dorain and his own allies were caught off guard, what
they sensed was not Warneshi, but something far darker.

The shade of Warneshi smiled at the gathered forces and spoke
softly, but even his words spoken quietly; burned to the depths
of the souls of those present.

"Greetingss again Lord Dorian, it iss nice to see you wissh to be
involved in thessse precedingss. Warneshi iss sorry to tell you
however, that what it iss you seek, doess not belong to you. The
troll iss Warneshi'ss to usse, and you will not have him."

The shade turned to Lupen and took a far harsher tone with the

"Yess Lupen, draw power from the blade. It will give you strength
to do what you musst. Do not lissten to Dorian or hiss friendss,
they seek the blade for their own purpossesss. Now lissten well,
take that troll and Skassh and be gone from thiss place. You have
been granted more time and you will usse it wissely. Hide the
troll from all eyesss, and when Warneshi callss be ready, it will
be time then."

The shade turned back to Pincus and cocked his head, allowing a
smirk to spread across his lips.

"Now for you Dorian, someone wisshesss to speak with you, and you
will do well to lissten to...her...wordss."

Warneshi's shade smiled deeply and kneeled down. All that watched
could not turn their eyes away. It was as if the darkness that
poured forth from the dirt of Durator devoured all semblence of
existance, as if all that was there was just washed away. It was
when this darkness ceased that the parties assembled felt their
hopes drop, their courage whither, and their existance die. The
shade had become something wholly differant, it was flesh and
blood, but it was not Warneshi.

The female form stood slowly and surveyed the scene around her,
she drank in the fear and despair she could feel it giving her
strength. She smiled at the two parties, like a mother watching
her children play.She turned her head towards Pincus, and began
to walk slowly toawrds the corpse. He troll form was radiant,
beautiful, the males that watched her could not help but want

She strode up to the mount of Pincus Dorian, the nightmare bowed
its head and allowed this strange female troll to pet its neck.
Looking up into Pincus's eye the troll smiled and caressed his
check, speaking softly.

"Why my Lord Dorian, it has been to long since I have felt your
power. Do you remember that day, so long ago when you tryed to
chain my son, to keep me from this world. I have heard that you
wish to interfere in my sons plans yet again. Now Lord Dorian,
why would you wish to do such a thing?"

She watched the undead intently, her eyes seemed full of love for
Pincus. However Pincus knew differantly, he felt her taint, he
knew her power, and he most certainly knew what it was that now
stood before him; Slys'Thok had come to this plane, and she did
so for him...
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