Death must come to all by Lucrena

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Death must come to all by Lucrena

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Death must come to all

Lucrena, October 27, 2006

Endless rambles of a old man, searching endless search. The truth
what is the truth. Wondering among faces I do not know. Do they
know me, though the ashes I have come, forever bound.

Let go! let go of a life that once was! Wrestling with the fact
that I am a slave and that has been what I am. Slave to my master
in my past life. Now slave to my husband and to the grim! Where
is my voice they have stolen my voice. For what !!! Why.??
Endless aggony sorrrow fills my heart.

My love my world need to have peace! I hope that Zxon is happy
with what has happen.... He is free now! able to break the bonds
that hold him. But My heart will still be with him. Even if I can
not be with him.

Silence endless silence I have kept! WHO AM I what AM I. I will
not be silent anymore. I will not be this quiet and meek woman!
Doing everything for everyone and nothing for my self! I must
come back changed. If I should ever hope to prove my love to Zxon
and My Place in the Grim.

*Posted letter to the grim*

My Dearest Grim,

It has been a pleasure know you! But the Lucrena you know is no
more. I must leave! endless voices in my head need to stop them!
Lost, I am Lost. I must find my place in this world again.



Lupen grabs the note violently off the board and frowns. "The
Nether claims yet another Grim... It is time once more." the
Dreadmage mutters before re-tacking the note and running to his
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