Ashagga Wolfskin: Dreams and Preparations

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Ashagga Wolfskin: Dreams and Preparations

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Ashagga Wolfskin: Dreams and Preparations

Ashagga, September 7, 2006

As Sylvanus' lips parted from hers, Ashagga drew in a ragged
breath that felt like razors in a throat raw from screaming. She
looked down and found her wedding dress torn, her stomach
distended with child. Sylvanus took her hand and led her from the
mushroom-laden cavern.

They stepped from natural stone to carved rock, and Ashagga
recognized the laboratories of the Royal Alchemists' Society. A
number of Forsaken stood around an operating table. Sylvanus led
her to the table, and she lay down. Grainger loomed over her, and
she felt a sudden, sharp pain. The Steward tore open her stomach
and reached inside. Ashagga watched impassively as the Forsaken
pulled Ashagga from her own womb.

Suddenly, she stood amidst the Forsaken, looking down at herself
strapped to the operating table. Ashagga noted that the orc on
the table had no face. Glowing green bile lapped at her knees,
flowing into the room from the Undercity's sewers. Sylvanus,
Grainger, Chingaso, Syreena, Corian, and Seveir all stood with
her. There were more, hundreds, all wearing the tabard of the
Grim, but shadows concealed their faces. Behind them all stood an
indistinct figure with a crown of fire and a sword of rage and

Ashagga moved from Grim to Grim, scalpel in hand, choices
flitting before her until she stood before Sylvanus. The orc
lifted the scalpel and began cutting off the flesh of the Banshee
Queen's face. When she was finished, she laid the face on her own
prostrate form. Shadowy Forsaken handed her needle and thread,
and she began sewing the face onto herself.

When she finished, the face of Sylvanus Windrunner opened her
eyes and smiled.

Waking again in Corian's chambers in Orgrimmar, Ashagga shook off
the lingering dream. She was growing used to them by now... they
came every night, always picking up where they left off. She
looked at the empty bed beside her and sighed. Corian had been
gone for so long, only returning for brief glimpses before
vanishing again.

Her plan was growing, but she needed to gather the Grim, as many
as would participate, so she could finish the details. It was
important to her that she not merely defeat Blythe, not merely
even kill him, but humiliate him and make a message of him.

No one assaulted the Grim.

Throwing on her leathers, she began making her way to the Grim
guildhall. She plucked her hearthstone from her bag and spoke
softly into it as the first rays of dawn broke over Orgrimmar.

"Grims, this is Ashagga. I'd like some help teaching a lesson to
someone who tried to kill me. Anyone available and interested,
meet me at the guildhall."


I regret having to vanish so in the early hours of the morning...
but war calls, and I must answer. Much will yet be required
before we vanquish our enemies from all of our lands. Remember in
those hours you are alone, that I go to war for you.


Grolish hears the message over the hearthstone and replies.

"Ashagga, I will gladly lay waste to any that dare to lay a hand
on a fellow Grim. The Earthmother willing, I will meet you in the
guildhall at the appointed time."


Yichimet hears her voice over the heartstone and turns toward the
guildhall. Even over the tinny sound of the stone he knew the
tone of her voice: Vision. She was one of Vision, and he would
talk to her. Perhaps it was time for another sapta to be mixed.


When Ashagga arrives in the Grim guild hall, she sighs softly,
looking at her hearthstone. Two responses. Two. Grolish and
Yichimet... even Chingaso did not reply, and Corian only
mentioned how he wished he were not so far away. So be it.
Grolish and Yichimet would be her weapons against these villains.

She pulled up a chair and waited for their arrival. Plans began
to form in her head. More than simple destruction... humiliation.
Annihilation. Yichimet was knowledgable about the ways of the
spirit, hmm. It was time to ask about the world after this one,
and how best to prevent a soul's transport there.

Blythe had tried to kill her. Ashagga's vengeance would be
vicious and it would last as long as did the Grim, if she had her


Chingaso her call and wake with start. Call Shaggy back. Hope
Shaggy hear...


Syreena walked into the guild hall with Bear at her feet. The pup
was trying to play tug-of-war with her boot while she walked. The
little rogue nudged him, then offered Ashagga a smile as she sat
down across from her.


Grolish enters the guildhall shortly after Syreena, looks around
and spots Ashagga and Syreena sitting at a table. He walks over
and sits with them.

"Hello Syreena, I hope the battles go well in the Gulch, Basin,
and Alterac Valley. You came to help Ashagga too?"

He turns to Ashagga.

"So, what seems to be the trouble Ashagga?"


Ashagga smiled at Syreena and Grolish, relief evident despite her
attempt to hide it. She pulled one of her swords and began idly
sharpening the blade.

"I don' know if yer know, but I been 'avin' some troubles wi' a
pair o' thugs an' extertionists. They tried ter kill me. I gotten
a lot stronger since then, but I ain't forgotten, an' I sure as
Nether ain't forgiven."

She looked at the pair, hearing others murmuring from their
hearthstone. "Chingaso an' Yichimet'll be along soon's they can,
but I'll explain anyway, an' they c'n catch up. I want ter kill
these buggers... an' I want ter humiliate 'em before they die. I
want ter send a message ter anyone what messes wi' the Grim that
they don' jus' mess wi' one member. They mess wi' all o' us."

Ashagga relates her troubles with Blythe and Brog, her violent
encounters, and her trip into the river. By the end, her knuckles
are white on the hilt of her sword.

"Any suggestions as to 'ow we ought ter deal wi' these two?"


Chingaso enter guild hall just in time to catch last of Shaggy
explain for Syreena and Grolish. Chingaso not speak yet, wait see
what other say.


She glanced about and, hearing no suggestions coming forth,

"I 'ave a few ideas. Brog's the easy one... jus' a thug. 'E's got
some skill at sneakin', but I've caught up ter 'im and I c'n
match 'im, no question. I was plannin' ter use Brog as stage one.
It'll be a simple matter fer me ter catch 'im, gut 'im, an' use
'im as a warnin' ter Blythe. I know, the plan lacks some finesse,
but I ain't doin' this fer subtlety.

"Now, Blythe's a different matter. I ain't never seen what 'e c'n
do, but Brog follows 'is orders like a puppy, an' Brog ain't no
pushover. I ain't never seen 'im in nuffin' but robes an' cloth,
so I imagine 'e's a mage o' some sort. 'E's got that arrogant

She looked to Yichimet and Grolish. "This is where the two o' yer
come in. Ter beat a mage, I need ter be wiser. I need ter learn a
t'ing or two, an' I've researched a way." She reached into her
pouch and pulled out a leather eyepatch, tossing it onto the

"I read about a Dalaran mage what gave up 'is eye fer wisdom...
an' after that, 'e hung himself from a tree fer seven days ter
gain more magic. 'E made deals wi' spirits an' combined magic of
the shamans wi' 'is own blood ter gain power. I wanna try that."

She leaned back and waited for a response.
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Re: Ashagga Wolfskin: Dreams and Preparations

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"Aye." She wonders, herself, if she's gone mad, or if she's just
desperate. "Except I can't do it meself. An' that's jus' the
first part. After that... well, we'll see if I live."


Grolish is obviously shocked when Ashagga mentions sacrificing an
eye and hanging from a tree for a week.

"Ashagga, do your really think that Blythe is that powerful? I
haven't met too many mages that I can't beat into
submission...especially if I get the drop on 'em. And with 5 of
us?...That would be a stronger mage than I've ever known."

"I do have some ideas for their long and painful a
lesson to others, of course."


Ashagga peered at Grolish. Damn. She stroked the book again while
she thought.

"There's summat about Blythe what worries me. It's... a darkness.
Summat secretive an' shadowy. It ain't Blythe what makes me want
ter do this. It's whatever's more to 'im than this. There's more
to 'im than there appears, I t'ink... and from what I've been
researchin', this'll 'elp me be prepared fer that."

Grolish was too damned perceptive.


Yichimet walked into the tavern amidst the conversation, much
later than he had anticipated.

"I am late, sisters and brothers. Please, explain to me what I
have missed," he says, looking at the concern on everyone's face.


Ashagga looked up to Yichimet. Maybe he could help finish what
Grolish seemed hesitant to do.

"Yichimet... good ter see yer. I need yer 'elp. I need ter speak
wi' the spirits. I need yer ter 'elp me prepare meself fer a
transition." She glanced back to Grolish and Syreena, smiling
grimly at Chingaso. "Now that yer all 'ere, we might jus' be

She related again the tale of Brog and Blythe, and her plan. "I
wan' ter 'ang meself from a tree an' give up me eye." It sounded
insane the way she said it... a nagging voice in the back of her
mind told her she WAS insane. She shook it off. "I want ter
survive it. I need ter strengthen meself an' me will. I need ter
call the spirits ter me while I 'ang. I need ter transcend."
Fingertips clutched at her bag.

"Please... 'elp me."


"These are troubling things, sister, but if you are set on this
plan I will help you. It is a Spirit's Ear you will gain from
this Vision Hunt.

We must find a place where the Spirits gather on the Earth, yes?
I think I know of such a tree."

Yichimet fumbled for the medallion hanging around his neck, the
crescent moon with the soul of the shu'halo he would have loved.
Again, he would play with things not meant for this world.


Syreena smiled as she saw Yichiment. Surely, he would talk some
sense into Ashagga, and convince her not to go through with this
plan. Instead, he seemed to agree with it. Maybe it wasn't such a
crazy plan afterall, but then, she knew nothing of the spirits
and such.

The little rogue looked at the others gathered here, and she
frowned. She fidgeted in her chair and then turned to Bear to
begin carefully smoothing his thick fur.


Ashagga nodded to Yichimet. Good... she had the Shaman's aid. She
turned to Syreena and smiled.

"That's the easy part taken care of. Syreena, I's glad you'se
'ere. I's an alchemist, but I need someone else... specifically
not me... ter make a potion. If I make it, I'll contaminate it. I
needs a potion what will put me inter a deep an' dreamless sleep.
Can yer make that?"

Ashagga was going over the other ingredients in her mind. This
would be difficult, but not impossible, and when it was done,
vengeance would be so very sweet and last for so very, very long.


"Ah, something beyond our normal sight is controlling this
Blythe, you say? I still have my concerns, Ashagga, but I will
help you as best I can. Yichimet and I working together wield
powerful control over the spirits."

::Turns to Yichimet::

"You have an idea brother?"


Syreena cringed when her name was said, then she looked at
Ashagga with confusion for a moment, until she realized just what
was being asked of her.

"I can make that!" The relief was clearly written on her face.
"I'll go make that right now!"


She smiled at Syreena. "T'ank yer. When it's done, yer'll need
ter add this." Ashagga pulled a vial of what appeared to be blood
from her satchel. "I mixed this meself, purified it wi' me
Philosopher's Stone, an' 'ad it cleansed by a priestess." She
deliberately didn't say which one.

"That's the spirits... t'ank yer Yichimet, Grolish... an' the
potion... t'ank yer, Syreena." She turned to Chingaso, the last,
with a sigh. "An' now, I need yer ter do the hardest part o'

She stood, moving over to Chingaso. "When we find the tree, I'll
need a guard. I'll need someone who can watch over me, an' when
'e sleeps, ter 'ave summat like Huevos ter keep watch anyway. An'
I need someone ter ignore me cries o' pain, ter ensure that I
stay up there fer seven days.

"An' if I die, I need someone ter bring me body back ter


Chingaso look at Shaggy. Hear Shaggy talk, but not understand

Shaggy hang from tree? Chingaso guard but not help? Chingaso
ignore screams of pain? Chingaso bring back if die?

Chingaso feel dizzy. Chingaso sit. Chingaso look at Shaggy again.
Chingaso feel eyes get moist.

Chingaso not lose again...


Ashagga looked at the others in the room and bit her lip. She
moved over to Chingaso and knelt in front of him, whispering
very, very softly.

"Chingaso... I need yer fer this. I trust yer... an' I trust
Yichimet an Grolish an' Syreena. If you can't do this, I'll find
someone else. I unnerstand. Yer me bruvver.

This is either goin' ter be the single most victorious event in
me life, or the last. Either way, I can' t'ink o' anyone I'd
rather 'ave there. An' I know that if there's anyone in the Grim,
anyone in Azeroth what c'n make sure I come t'rough this alive,
it's yer.

I 'ave ter do this. I'll explain ta yer why soon... I promise.
I've done me research. This is the way... an' if I don' do this,
I'll always live the shadow o' the life I should've.

If yer can' 'elp me, et me know... but if yer can, I wan' yer by
me side."


Chingaso sit silent. Listen intent to Shaggy as whisper. Think of
all mean.

Chingaso look up, square to Shaggy eye, and nod
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Re: Ashagga Wolfskin: Dreams and Preparations

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Looking into Chingaso's eyes, Ashagga suddenly felt very, very
frightened. The full impact of what she wanted to do hit her, and
she realized exactly how much she had to lose. She wasn't a
wandering rogue anymore, living from day to day with no one to
care or miss her if she died. She had a family.

She swallowed back tears and impulsively hugged Chingaso. He'd
come to mean so much to her in such a short time. Even with his
new sister, or his old sister come back from the dead, or
whatever... even with her, they were still close.

Pulling back, she dried her eye. "All right. Yichimet an' Grolish
is gonna find me the right tree inna right place and make certain
the spirits c'n see me. Syreena'll make the potion. Chingaso'll
keep me alive an' protected."

Ashagga took a deep breath. "All that remains is ter set a date
an' time. I know Syreena can have the potion anytime... she's
such a good alchemist... so Grolish, Yichimet, let me know when
yer ready."


Having time to prepare the tree would give Yichimet a peace of
mind about the coming plan. He had spoken with Ashagga briefly
about his experience with his teacher and with his own time in
the land of the Spirits, and he hoped that he brought her some
comfort with his experience.

He packed his kodo's bags with mageroyal to cleanse the air
around the tree. On his way he would cut down branches and carve
and shape them, tie them with rawhide netting and feathers and
bless them so they would catch the evil some Spirits wished on
the living. The tree he knew would best serve her was in a land
that would not be happy with the encroachment.
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