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Awatu Stonespire

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Full Name: Awatu Stonespire.
Titles or Nicknames: Named after a mountain in the southern portion of the Barrens. The word literally translates to “stone words”. Despite a relatively young age, recent events have named him an Elder in his tribe.
Age: 49 years.
Race: Shu’halo.
Gender: Male.
Hair: His fur is a dusty grey. Two long mane-braids frame his head.
Eyes: A vibrant brown.
Height: Just over 8 feet.
Weight: Approximately 1200 pounds.
Notable Physical Features: Awatu stands as a fit Tauren in the prime of his years. He has a large golden nose ring etched with some vague designs and a necklace of kodo teeth.

Place of residence: Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore.
Place of Birth: The area currently called Bael Modan in the Southern Barrens.
Known Relatives: Many relatives and friends that were in the Stonespire tribe.

Religion/Philosophy:Awatu venerates the Earth Mother and seeks to heal Her wounds inflicted by the Cataclysm and gain Her blessings. As a Sunwalker, he offers balance to those who venerate Mu’sha and spreads An’she’s Light around the broken world. He also speaks to the spirits of his ancestors for guidance.

The kodo is his totem animal, his lifetime spirit companion and guide.

Occupation: Sunwalker.
Guild Rank: The Commander.
Known Associates: A few fellow Grim here and there.
Known Nemesis: Any who threaten the Earth Mother with their destructive practices, though Dwarves, Gnomes, and Goblins stand high above the rest. He likens them to parasites upon the Earth Mother’s back.

Special Skills: None that would be uncommon for a Sunwalker. His ancestors offer him guidance for some problems that may arise, though this does tend to take some time.
Positive Personality Traits: Strong-willed, he will set himself to a task and persist until it is complete. He is not wasteful and uses every ounce of supplies or every minute of a situation to its fullest. He is patient, thoughtful, and slow to anger, but he does not lounge about.
Negative Personality Traits: It may take a long time for him to reach a final decision, and tends to be headstrong and stubborn once he has begun to act. He may develop tunnel vision and become heedless of perils along the sides of the paths he chooses.

History Before The Grim: The Stonespire tribe roamed the hills and mountains that form the barrier between Dustwallow and the Southern Barrens. Awatu lived a simple and rather uneventful life in his early years. He grew up a strong fighter, aiding his kin in fending off quilboar and centaur attacks. Even after the Orcs and Darkspear arrived and invited the Shu’halo into the Horde, he remained with his tribe. It was not until recent years that he began to take a greater interest in the Horde and what it offered.

A group of Dwarves constructed an excavation site on some Stonespire holy lands and began gouging their way into the earth. The Stonespire pleaded with the League of Explorers, as they were called, but were ultimately driven off. The Dwarves sent out a fighting force that eradicated most of the tribe. Awatu hated the Dwarves for this, letting a deep thirst for vengeance build in his heart.

He joined Gann Stonespire in slaughtering the inhabitants of Bael’dun Keep and several of the Bael Modan dig sites, resulting in the final destruction of the keep. With the Dwarves dead and his people avenged, he offered a prayer to the Earth Mother to wash away the “worms” with Her tears. He then joined the Horde military for a time, lending his aid to numerous battle fronts and other war efforts against the Alliance.

After learning of Cairne’s death by the hand of Magatha Grimtotem and the young Hellscream, he quickly resigned from the Horde’s ranks and returned to his home. The Dwarves had returned to the area and resumed their excavations. Additionally, they had sent some of their Wildhammer riders to firebomb camp Taurajo. With the rage and hatred burning within, he joined Gann once more and, alongside other Horde soldiers, razed the keep and cut down the Dwarves.

He wandered across Horde territories and eventually met an Orc who pointed him in the direction of The Grim. The Mandate appealed to his desire to wipe out the filthy Dwarves just as they had wiped out his tribe, and so he sought an invitation to their ranks.

History In The Grim: A story that will be told at another time.
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