These are the biographies of The Grim members.
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Full Name:  Syreena Shadowblade
Titles or Nicknames: Sy, Shadowblade, Little Sister, Reena, Viper

"I was calling myself Shadowblade years before every pickpocket in leathers started taking the title for themselves."

Age:  Died of the plague at age 18
Race:  Forsaken
Gender:  Female
Hair:  Red
Eyes:  Yellow
Height:  5'0"
Weight:  60 lbs
Notable Physical Features: Her flesh is a patchwork of mismatched skin. Her teeth have all been filed into jagged points. There is a purple voidscar on her neck. Identical twin to Anaie, though she appears a bit younger and thinner.

Place of residence:  Grim guildhall in Alterac Mountains
Place of Birth:  A farm near Andorhal
Known Relatives:  Derrick Breen, Father (dead); Melinda Breen, Mother (dead); Laurel Breen, youngest Sister (dead); Anaie Breen, Twin sister (Forsaken).

Religion/Philosophy:  Peace through annihilation

Occupation:  Rogue, Alchemist
Guild Rank:  Irredeemable

Known Associates:  Grims.  Very rarely seen in the company of any who do not serve the Mandate, with the exception of Baal'themar Dawnsorrow and Tahzani Tallfisher
Known Nemesis:  All Alliance, especially Eternal Aegis and Twilight Empire, blood elves, Sanctuary especially Kex'ti Dalendala and Cerryan Vrel

Special Skills:  Sneakiness, lockpicking, assassination, perfect aim with snowballs
Positive Personality Traits:  Extremely loyal to friends and guild mates. Very protective of them as well, having been known, on several occasions, to put herself in danger to protect them.
Negative Personality Traits:  Can be sneaky, dishonest, manipulative if it's for a good cause (according to her), racist against elves. Very vengeful against those who are perceived to have wronged her or someone she cares about. Usually believes her crimes and cruelties are justified and deserved.

Interesting Possessions: An elekk plushie from Cen, Geodorik Deepwater's mechanical hand, a bagful of personal effects from Symorick Tyrrell's coffin, a carved wooden horse from Draquesha, a magical vase from Qabian.

During life, she was raised by a drunken old alchemist. He taught her to steal to fund his gambling addiction. He also taught her to find herbs and create potions to help with his livelihood. She learned to sneak and kill out of necessity.

She died in an Andorhal prison from the plague, and later rose as a servant of the Lich King before being freed by the Dark Lady's call.

History In The Grim: Syreena joined The Grim four months after it was founded. Since then, she has improved her killing skills. She's become a competent killer for the Mandate, and has helped train the other Grim rogues. During her time in The Grim, she was reunited with her twin sister, Anaie. The greatest compliment she's ever received was from someone who proposed marriage to her, and she turned him down only because he was not Grim. He laughed and said, "You are Grim through and through."

Shortly after the Dark Portal opened, Syreena became the Dreadweaver in charge of all Grim rogues. She excelled at killing, and she taught the other rogues her techniques or helped them perfect their own. She spent much time helping The Grim kill things in old magic towers and underwater caverns. She also spent a great deal in the goblin arenas with Duranor's Irregulars and smaller teams. Around this time she also ran into the old gambler who raised her in life. He was also undead by now, and Syreena spent some time playing mind games with him, intending to kill him when she was finished toying with him. Unfortunately, he slipped away, and she still has plans to find him again some day to make him pay for the way he treated her.

Around the time the Horde sailed for Northrend, Syreena became the guild master of The Grim. During this time, Grims bestowed upon her the title of Shadowblade, which she later adopted as her last name. She was in charge for one year, while also killing in Ulduar and the Lich King's Citadel with a team of Grims that called themselves the Puppies. The two roles ended up at odds with each other, preventing the little rogue from being effective or comfortable with either. Eventually, feeling like she was constantly being torn in two, she quit both positions, returning the guild to Abric. She stepped back into the shadows for a while.

After the Cataclysm, for a short time, Syreena was the overseer of the teams fighting threats to the Horde other than the Alliance, though she rarely participated herself. Then, when someone else finally stepped up to take over that job, she returned to the relatively responsibility free rank of Harbinger for the remainder of that period.

In Pandaria, Syreena enjoyed her time as Harbinger. She started training some of her many pets for combat, she learned to tend to plants, and she again participated in large scale battle with The Grim in places like the Throne of Thunder and when Orgrimmar was under siege.

Then came the day she was called to duty once again. The High Inquisitor was in need of an assistant and had chosen her. After some thought, she decided that becoming an Inquisitor may be the best way she could shape the future of The Grim, and she accepted. Not too long after that, the High Inquisitor retired, and Syreena stepped into that role. She enjoyed testing the new Grims in various ways, sometimes without them even knowing they were being tested Her purpose was to train the new Grims in the ways of the old Grims, to preserve the ways of the Mandate, and to instill in them the desire to achieve peace through annihilation.

A few months after the portal to Draenor opened, conflict arose between Sanctuary and The Grim. A rogue Sanctuary member nearly killed a Grim in an unprovoked attack. In anger and revenge, Syreena attacked another Sanctuary member. She failed to kill him, however, and worse, was identified. As punishment for her failure, she was demoted back down to Harbinger, and assigned the task of destroying any traitors to the Horde. She did manage to kill a few other Sanctuary members, but her original Sanctuary target bested her when she faced him again, and he cut off her left ear. Under Grim orders, she captured and helped torture a prominent member of the Alliance; in turn, she herself was taken prisoner by the Alliance and scheduled for execution after her memory had been partially erased. A small team of Horde broke her out of the Stockade in Stormwind and helped her escape. For the remainder of the Draenor campaign, the Shadowblade spent most of her time hunting Alliance in Tanaan Jungle, promoting the conflict between The Grim and Sanctuary, and violently retaliating against anyone she perceived to have wronged a Grim. She also spent some time working on a new Plague of Undeath, and testing it on unsuspecting subjects, mostly without success.

After a spree of attacks against Sanctuary members, Syreena suffered the consequences at the hands of Cerryan, who pinned her to a wall with a sword infused with Holy Light. Burning inside and out, she was left there until Julilee and Lilliana came for her. Julilee wanted to execute her, but Liliana fought her off and returned the burned rogue to the Grim halls. Baal'themar took her to his secret cabin for Nathandiel to tend to her. Over the next several months, Nathandiel was able to mostly patch her up, with a few modifications, such as some synthetic parts and her teeth filed into jagged points.

During most of the Legion campaign, Syreena tried to steer clear of Sanctuary, spending time fighting the Legion alongside The Grim. She bought a farm near Andorhal. She employed Borrowed Time to search for an old friend, but the search was unsuccessful. She did find success, however, in attaining some long overdue vengeance on members of Eternal Aegis. She acquired the girl known as 'The Shard', killed Geodorik Deepwater, and raised a dead Dr. Symorick Tyrrell as her undead slave. An Eclipse happened during this period, and Syreena swayed back and forth between helping the "good guys" and helping Karthok, who was the prime force trying to summon Accalia. The resulting Nightmare was a frustrating scenario where Syreena questioned her own identity and that of members of The Grim and Sanctuary, leaving her confused for weeks after.
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Re: Syreena

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Syreena's Stories

A Rogue's Diary - Ongoing journal.

Profile - Another copy of Syreena's profile, followed by comments from those who know her.

Mar 2012 Welcome Package for Svetlaena Syreena and her twin welcome a new Grim they see as a traitor.

Dec 2014 Something Unexpected - Events that started the war between The Grim and Sanctuary

Feb 2015 Sweets for Sanctuary - Syreena sent a package of holiday sweets to the Sanctuary garrison.

Feb-June 2015 Assassin for Peace - An overview of Syreena's conflict with Sanctuary.

Mar 2015 A Fallen Grim - Grim reactions to the death of a notable Supplicant.

Mar 2015 Broken - Syreena's mental breakdown.

May 2015 Nightmare: Reunions - Syreena faces her worst fears in the end of the Eclipse conflict.

May 2015 The Hunt for Hollowrot - The Grim hunts Morinth, a new threat.

Jul 2015 Cerryan's Ear Reduction - Kex'ti doesn't like Lilliana's modifications to Syreena's appearance.

Jul 2015 Finding Trouble - Syreena finds herself playing cat and mouse, only to be bitten by the dog.

Aug 2015 Standoff at the Darkmoon Faire - Grim and Sanctuary run into each other at the Faire.

Aug 2015 Revenge Overdue - Syreena tracks down her tormentor from Life.

Nov 2015 The Prisoner - The Grim captures and tortures a prominent Alliance member.

Nov 2015 Message for Jade Lion and Eternal Aegis - The Grim send a message to the Alliance who've been attacking Vol'mar.

Nov 2015 Chats with a Cockroach - Syreena is taken prisoner by the Alliance.

Dec 2015 The Shard - Syreena is still a prisoner of the Alliance and eventually scheduled for execution.

Jan 2016 Quorum: The Devil in the Woods Very strange behavior from Syreena and Xek.

Feb 2016 - Sweets for Sanctuary II - Syreena sends a special holiday treat to several guilds.

Feb 2016 The Crying Game - Nathandiel's antics at Cantina threaten the stability of Syreena's already fragile mind.

Mar 2016 Remembering Beyond Memory - Awatu questions Syreena about the effects of her capture, and suggests a solution.

May 2016 Cupcakes for Children's Week - Syreena's plans for a special Children's Week treat are interrupted by Cobrak.

May 2016 A Knee for a Knee - Syreena retaliates for her injury.

Aug 2016 Extreme Justice - Syreena attacks Sanctuary and suffers the consequences.

May 2017 In Search of a Ghost - Syreena seeks out help from Borrowed Time to track down a long lost love.

Dec 2017 Revenge on a Halfling - Syreena is attacked by one of the Eternal Aegis members who was involved in her capture.

Dec 2017 Peace No Longer Syreena gets revenge on another Eternal Aegis member.

Aug 2018 Battle at the Gallow's End During the Battle at Lordaeron, the Twilight Empire and The Grim break off for their own battle that leads to the Grim's guild hall.
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Syreena Breen, aka, Syreena Shadowblade of The Grim has allegedly committed the following crimes:
  • Y13-20, Andorhal – Various trespassing, breaking and entering, and theft charges.
  • Y18-20, Andorhal, Lucky Mug Tavern – Drugging the drinks of unsuspecting patrons in order to rob them after they passed out from the effects of the drug.
  • Y20 – Andorhal outskirts – Murder of 16 year old Emily Jameson in her rural home.
  • Y20 – Andorhal prison – Unauthorized reanimation as a Scourge after dying to the Plague. Unauthorized departure from the prison.
  • Y20-23, Lordaeron – Various warmongering and murder charges, as a Scourge.
  • Y24 – Scarlet Monastery – Brutal murder of a Scarlet Crusade canine member. Unauthorized departure and escape from the dungeon. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie)
  • Y25 – Felwood – Involved in brutal murders of several mages in Satyr camps known to be rich in felcloth. (Suspected accomplice: Lucion)
  • Y26 – Stranglethorn – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei, Cessily Suntouch (Suspected accomplice: Anaie)
  • Y26 – Stranglethorn – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei, Lovely Bloodstorm (Suspected accomplice: Anaie)
  • Y26 – Shattrath, outside Lower City – Murder and mutilation of unidentified female adolescent troll.
  • Y26 – Shattrath, Scryer’s Bank – Involved in impersonating bank tellers to steal deposits from patrons. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie)
  • Y27 – Dalaran – Involved in the attempted murder of Grim Sin’dorei couple, Svetlaena and Duroxas Quel’Ivan, by sending them a poisoned pie. Attempted to frame Elder Ashenfury, The Grim’s High Inquisitor at the time. (Suspected accomplice: Anaie)
There are no entries for the next few years.
  • Y31 – Nagrand (Draenor) – Assault on Sanctuary Sin’dorei, Kex’ti Dalendala with intent to kill.
  • Y31 – Sanctuary garrison – Attempted assault on Sanctuary by delivering poisoned candy during the Love is in the Air holiday season.
  • Y31 – Grim garrison – Murder of goblin messenger who delivered poisoned candy to Sanctuary garrison.
  • Y31 – Spires of Arak – Attempted murder of Sanctuary Tauren lawyer by antagonizing Alliance death knights to attack him.
  • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Attempted murder of Sanctuary orc, Nazshakul. (Suspected accomplices: Konro Stormreaver, Lilliana Bloodshine, Lupinum—because they were bored)
  • Y31 – Talador – Brutal slaying and dismemberment of a Draenei female. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service.
  • Y31 – Talador – Brutal slaying and dismemberment of several Draenei females. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service.
  • Y31 – Warspear – Murder and dismemberment of an unidentified black-haired Sin’dorei male. Sending severed body parts and addictive herbs through the goblin postal and delivery service.
  • Y31 – Icecrown – Interfering at a Mok’gara, attempted assault on Breygrah Ragetotem, assault on Kex’ti Dalendala with intent to kill.
  • Y31 – Orgrimmar – Assault on Darethy Voidblade.
  • Y31 – Warspear – Assault on Breygrah Ragetotem with intent to kill.
  • Y31 – Warspear – Assault on Siane Dawnlight with intent to kill.
  • Y31 – Home of Darethy Voidblade – Stabbing of Darethy’s wife, Alfirin.
  • Y31 – Vol’mar – Involved in the assault and mutilation of Cerryan Vyel. (Suspected accomplice: Lilliana Bloodshine)
  • Y31 – Desolace – Assault on Grim, Kerala Windchaser. (Suspected accomplices: Malhavik Undercroft, Orphyn)
  • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Capture of Siane Dawnlight. (Suspected accomplice: Orphyn)
  • Y31 – Darkmoon Faire – Involved in the assault on Sanctuary members Commander Julilee Liene, Cerryan Vyel, and Taozhu. (Suspected accomplices: Ley’ujin Zeygosa, Orphyn)
  • Y31 – Frostfire Ridge – Attempted murder of Siane Dawnlight and her bodyguard, Ny’shra.
  • Y31 August – Tanaris – Suspected in the disappearance of Forsaken alchemist Aleister Hornsby.
  • Y31 November – Northern Barrens – Abduction and torture of Chancellor Skylah Mackinzie of the Twilight Empire. (Suspected accomplices: Shaelie Brightwing, Filora Livlet, Lilliana Bloodshine, Tesonii Inbetween, Khorvis Bloodstar)
  • Y31 December –Stormwind – Escape from the Stormwind Stockade. (Suspected accomplices: Kex’ti Dalendala, Lilliana Bloodshine, Zanas Autumnvale, Gnarrdog)
  • Y32 January -- Manufacture and delivery, with intent ot harm, contaminated sweets to various guilds and establishments around Azeroth.
  • Y32 February – Warspear – Assault on Thaldis Dawnstrike, stabbing of Shokkra Deathrage. (Suspected accomplices: Shaelie Brightwing, Baalthemar)
  • Y32 May -- Manufacture and delivery, with intent to harm, contaminated baked goods to orphanages around Azeroth.
  • Y32 May -- Warspear -- Assault on Isadora Arath'dorei (Suspected accomplice: Baal'themar Dawnsorrow)
  • Y32 July -- Warspear -- Assault and mutilation of Sen'ahri of Sanctuary.
  • Y32 August -- The Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar -- Attempted murder of Kanda of Sanctuary.
  • Y33? December -- Scarlet Monestary Graveyard -- Participated in a necromancy ritual to raise and enslave a former paladin. (Suspected accomplice: Malkaris Darkfire, Khorvis Bloodstar, Qabian Grimfire)

Timeline Key: Y20 – Plague of Undeath, Y22 – Forsaken rise, Y26 – Outland, Y27 – Northrend, Y28 – Cataclysm, Y30 – Pandaria, Y31 – Draenor, Y32 August -- Broken Isles
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