Tahsari (copied from Discord)

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Tahsari (copied from Discord)

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Tahsari, Sandfury Shaman

1. Application is for Retail
2. I've heard good things talking to Feyde/Riana and think the guild culture would be a good fit.
3. I've been roleplaying for about 20 years, and GM-ing for almost as long - mostly pen and paper, but some online stuff as well. It's been a while since I've been in some good online storylines and would like to get back into that.
4. I enjoy most aspects of the game: World PvP and Battlegrounds, Raids and Mythic Dungeons, and both spontaneous/planned RP
5. I usually play this character in the evenings, scattered along all days of the week.

<The following is written on a bone dry scroll, wrapped loosely and dusted with sand. It crackles as you open it. It is delivered by a small air elemental>

"We Sandfury aren't much for formal introducing, but I guess when you're looking to join a crew you follow their lead. So, here goes."

<The script is written in a scratchy and inexpert hand, the ink blending in and out of contrast>

"So I've been searching round these deadlands for a while now - looking for something but I don't know what. Thought it could be the elements, but their voice is quiet here. Thought it might be my old loa but havn't seen any sign of that old snake anywhere around. I find myself in a land of bones and ichor, fighting wars that are not my own. Someone telling me to go fight, go kill, break this, fix that. I can do these things, just I like to do them on my own terms. I like to know what I'm fighting for, and WHO I'm fighting for. Heard you were a crew that treated their people right, that stands by their folk, and that gives great strength to those who can reach for it. You need something blasted or shattered, something fixed, hurt folk patched up or elements coerced: I can do these things. It's not that my talents are wasted where they are - far from it, I just want more."

Alts: Lirsha Deathwhistle & Ayidda