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Malcorick Blightmoor

Unread post by Malcorick » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:59 pm

Grim Application For Malcorick Blightmoor

How did you hear about The Grim? Do you know anyone in The Grim?

- I found the Grim on the WRA horde guild forum.

Tell us about your roleplaying experience. In WoW? Elsewhere? Do you consider yourself a heavy RPer? What does that mean to you?

- I have been never Roleplayed on wow but I used to play DnD and I have always written short stories for myself.

What is your history in World of Warcraft? Have you been part of any other guilds? If so, tell us about your experiences with them.

-I have played Wow since I was young but always as a casual player,
I am originally from Lightning Blade where I played since vanilla in many different guilds. Due to my friends all leaving and my old guilds ending I decided I would love to give the RP side of wow a try since I’ve always wanted too.

Are you applying on an alt (non-main) character? If so, what are you looking for here that you are not getting from your main character? If you are feeling honest or adventurous, please let us know who your main is.

- This is now my main (created a few weeks back) , I left my other 120’s on the old realm.

What are your expectations for your character after joining The Grim? What aspect of the game do you wish to focus on (raiding, mythic plus, organized PvP, achievements)?

- I would like to experience world RP, I enjoy mid level raiding and would like to get better at M+.

What is your PvE (player-versus-environment) experience in World of Warcraft? What classes and roles do you enjoy the most in a raid environment?

- I began raiding with a hunter and liked it, then on a rogue and hated it, but now with my Mage I really enjoy it, the mage just seems to fit my playstyle best and is so versatile.

What is your PvP (player-versus-player) experience in World of Warcraft? What classes and roles do you enjoy the most in a PvP environment?

- I have not done any pvp with this character but I do pvp with my rogue and I really enjoy it
Provide an armory link to your character.

- ... /Malcorick

What days/times do you typically play this character?

- After work (630-9), weekends.

Are you prepared to check these forums at least a few times a week? (It is The Grim's primary means of communication.)

- of course

What race and class is this character? Why did you choose this race and class?

- Undead Mage, Since watching Arthas turn Sylvanas into the dark ranger I have enjoyed the fantasy of the forsaken, they are willing to do what is necessary for their survival even if its viewed as evil or wrong.
I chose mage because I wanted to play an undead explorer and in my mind nothing fits better. Once I started playing the class I realized that I really do enjoy the playstyle and won’t be going back.

Have you read the Mandate? Can your character live by it?

- Yes I have and yes he can.

The Grim are considered a Lawful Evil guild. Do you have any experience playing a character of this alignment or a character archetype that believes in structure with evil intent?

- In DnD I would generally play a chaotic evil character

Does your character's name fall within the guidelines listed at the beginning of this application? (Please note, if your name does not fall within our guidelines and you do not want to do a name change, you are more than welcome to apply under a different character.)

- I believe it does

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Re: Malcorick Blightmoor

Unread post by Qabian » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:41 am

"While our enemies remain, peace is not victory." ~Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner