Bor'ghul Flamespeaker

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Bor'ghul Flamespeaker

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Full Name: Bor'ghul Flamespeaker
Titles or Nicknames: The name "Flamespeaker" was given to him as he displayed a fondness for using fire-based magics during his training.
Age: Very old, by Orcish standards. Around 65 years.
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Hair: Grey
Eyes: A dark reddish-brown, effects of the Demon Haze still lingering. His eyesight is poor.
Height: Just under seven feet, though he appears much shorter due to his slouching posture.
Weight: Approximately 200 pounds.
Notable Physical Features: His hair and beard are both long and scraggly, though the two long braids falling down either side of his head appear to receive some amount of care. He walks with a slight limp and uses a cane to support himself, especially after standing for a while. His age shows, with his skin being a deep olive green color and covered in many old scars.

Place of residence: Orgrimmar
Place of Birth: Draenor
Known Relatives: None

Religion/Philosophy: He has begun to return to his roots, venerating the spirits of the elements once more, but has long since lost his contact with them. He continues to seek guidance from his ancestral spirits, though they are disturbingly quiet. "Don't take things for granted. Appreciate what you have now."

Occupation: Warlock
Guild Rank: Warbringer
Known Associates: TBD
Known Nemesis: Mostly Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and the occasional kid on his property.

Special Skills: None that are unusual for an Orc or a Warlock.
Positive Personality Traits: Respectful to superiors, equals, and those that show him respect. Will do his job and usually do it right, even if it is something that is completely unfamiliar to him. Loyal and 'friendly' to those that treat him the same way.
Negative Personality Traits: 'Grumpy old man' describes him best. Can easily come off as mean, uncaring, and overall abrasive. Often rude and inconsiderate. Will not hesitate to smack people with his cane.

History Before The Grim: Born on Draenor as a member of the Lightning's Blade Clan around the time of the corruption of the Orcs, he slowly developed an affinity for hearing and communicating with the elemental spirits. He jumped at the opportunity for untold power by drinking the Blood of Mannoroth and reveled in the Bloodlust. Enlisted as an Acolyte within the Shadow Council, he began the studies of the fel magics that would doom the world and plague his people.

When Doomhammer began his destruction of the Shadow Council, Bor'ghul was able to avoid death by claiming to be a shaman, still holding control over the spirits of Fire. His ruse worked, and he was assimilated into the ranks of the Horde. The Second War began, with Bor'ghul's skill with fire becoming the only reason he managed to stay within the Horde. He hid himself away, acting only as a ranged combatant, oftentimes earning him scorn from the front line warriors. Over time, he became submissive, quiet, and uncaring of what occurred within the ranks. The Horde moved, and he went with it. North, then South when the tides began to turn. Doomhammer was defeated, the Horde broken, rounded up, captured. He no longer cared, not even putting up a resistance. He was placed in an internment camp, hoping that the final day would soon come.

He succumbed to the lethargy that overcame his kin. He spent years in several internment camps, being moved between them on a regular basis. His old age began to catch up to him as the fel energies from the blood began to wear off. It was not until Thrall came to free his people that he became inspired to follow this young Shaman to a new life. It was during this time that he thought the spirits were speaking with him once more. During the battle in which the Orcs fought the Human wardens, he did little more than aid in the escape by guiding some to safety beyond the walls of the keep. One of the Human wardens had followed them, a short fight ensuing which resulted in the Human being burned by the powerful fire magics that Bor'ghul unleashed. However, it was not the elemental fire that he had hoped for, but the twisted fel fires that won the fight.

He traveled with this New Horde to Kalimdor, finding the Darkspear Trolls and the nomadic Tauren. He followed the new Warchief, fighting at Mount Hyjal, and continued his service to the Horde. In recent years he has found renewed energy and a new appreciation of the fel magics that he so easily controls. He has delved into his studies of the nature of the fel and of with the hope that it will prove useful one day, either to the Horde or to himself.

History In The Grim: This history is being written.

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